REC Tropical Holiday Materials



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

The materials can also be used as a merchant resource. This means you can make freebies with them to share with others, as well as use them for commercial products.

Edited to add: If you want just the plain fabric tiles — without the texture added — you can download them from this gallery page. If you’re interested in using them with texture template files rather than a shader preset, this is probably the best way to go. There are a couple texture tiles included, or you can use your own resources.

Info: Getting an early start on the Christmas in July theme with a set of tropical Christmas-themed materials for DS3 and DS4. There are corresponding bump maps, and the sand tiles also have displacement maps to add a little more texture. Utility presets to change the tile ratio and/or angle included; some manual adjustment may be required depending on the tile and what it’s being applied to. Some patterns look nicer with a smaller tile ratio, others look better with a larger one, and sometimes it helps to shift the horizontal or vertical offset.

These are mostly clothing tiles, but a few can be used for props or furniture. There is also a preset to turn a skirt into a grass skirt, though it works better on some skirts than others. Skirts that are knee-length or longer appear to work best.

The material presents won’t work in Poser, but the tiles themselves can be applied in the program in the same way any other tiling materials are used.

Tiles were created in Filter Forge, and some also make use of the following resources — Santa Hat Clip Art from; Pack Four/Fabric (hmm, site was there just a few months ago when I wrote the readme file); Public Domain vector art from Pixabay; Hawaiian Brushes by Mystikel; Santa Figure by elleque; Hawaiian lei prop from Hula Dancer V4, and DAZ’s Seahorse.


Notes: On some outfits, the bump map causes poke-thru. When that happens, I adjust the z-scale to about 101% and that takes care of the problem. If you have any questions about the set, please let me know!

Bunch of previews inside…

prev_tropical-dawn-dusk-text prev_tropical-m5-v6-text prev_tropical-star-50s-dress-txt prev_tropical-v4-blouson-txt prev_tropical-cookie-chip-txt prev_tropical-kali-kelm prev_tropical-sadie-grass-skirt prev_tropical-freak4-bandana prev_tropical-v4-70s-head-scarf prev_tropical-garden-bench prev_tropical-little-bag prev_tropical-lounge-chair prev_tropical-pool-ring prev_tropical-potted-palm prev_tropical-tiki-bar

Preset Preview (shown much smaller than actual size):

Credits: 70s Hat2, Snowdrop Dress K4, The Sea 2010 Morphing Sand Props, Bucket List, Zombie Genesis/M4, Shipwreck Board Shorts, DNA Surfboard, KiriTe Hair II, Crazy Locks Male Hair M4, Dawn String Bikini (comes with Dawn), Dawn Skinny Jeans, Summer Fun for Dusk, Dusk Skinny Jeans, Classic Denim textures for Skinny Jeans, Effortless Cool Genesis shirt, Konrad’s board shorts (comes with Konrad), Jaime Hair, Eloiny Hair, Long Greek Style Dress G2F, Creme Brule Hair, 50’s Dress, Dark Angel texture for Star, Tuco Hat, Eternal Kyra Hair, Shirt Set V4, shorts from Aussie Girl, flip-flops from Surfer V4, bikini and board shorts from Cookie and Chip, Toon Afro Hair (not for sale anymore?), Aimee Hair, Kali & Kelm, skirt from Lady Sadie, bikini top from Sadie & Sam Swim, Bandana F4, Brock Expansion F4 (no longer for sale), 70s Head Scarf, top from Surfer V4, Amunet V4, Garden Bench, Small Heart Bag, Beach Lounger from Fun in the Sun, Swim Ring, Potted Palm, Mike’s Tiki Bar, and Simple Sand Prop.

5 thoughts on “REC Tropical Holiday Materials

  1. Wish I had seen this earlier…I could have used one of the weaves, instead of having to hunt down a usable, ‘clear title’ freebie.

    Thanks for making this an MR pack, too.

  2. I needed a new hat texture for this month’s Freebie contest…but now this is safely tucked away waiting for the next retex job.

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