Christmas in July

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa’s little tropical hideaway

Because some parts of the world don’t have snow during their holiday season. This theme kicks off in July, but one gift grab bag is a little early.

Edited to add: Last year’s Summer Solstice freebie lists have a lot of beach-related props and clothing that would be useful for this theme.

Credits: Aged for V4/M4, Stylin M4, All Time Hair, Mitch Hair, top from Shirt Set for V4, Kirwin’s Shorts V4 (no longer available), FB Add-On hat and sandals, Rustic Shack, Palm Trees, Tropicals, Hanging Plants, Lawn Ornaments, DNA Multi Wreath, Santa Hat, Holiday Lights, Holiday Bulbs, Flagstone Paths, Grass One, Picket Fence Kit, Mil Cat, Letters & Numbers, Rocking Chair, and curtains from an old DAZ Christmas PA Freebie, Holiday Room, which is no longer available. Background image from Pixabay.


8 thoughts on “Christmas in July

    • Thanks! Hope they’ll be useful for you. 🙂

      Still have to get that Dusk set in order, though. It’s coming, if slowly.

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