A request for Poser visitors — also, Genesis 3?

It’s come to my attention that some Poser users dislike using the pz2 material files, and it’s easy enough for my converter to make both; it’s just an extra click. BUT the converter does not do partial mat files in mc6 format. Then I realized — after all those years spent converting mc6 files to pz2 so DS3 could read them — that I could try converting in the opposite direction!

I have to edit the files manually, but there aren’t too many of them so I think it’s doable. But first I’d like to make sure the edited files actually work in Poser. Since I don’t have Poser installed, I need a little help please?

If someone would download this file — deleted — and let me know if partial mats for the Tuco Hat bands work, I’d really appreciate it. Links to the needed hat props in the readme file.


And…so I woke up this morning to the Gen3 Female in my email inbox. My first reaction was to roll my eyes. I barely have any Genesis 2 content as it is — I still don’t have the morph sets — and now this. Then again, maybe not having a lot of Gen2 content works to my benefit. It’s not as if I was heavily invested in that figure.

Anyway, I downloaded the free Starter Essentials set (thanks DAZ!) and took Ms. Genesis 3 Female for a test render in Genesis 2 Female clothing, and I’m pleased to see that things converted quite well. I used the Urban Survivors outfit on her and Eloiny Hair. The Eloiny Hat broke a bit, but it’s probably easy enough to work around that next time I use it.


3Delight render; I forgot to switch it to Iray.


21 thoughts on “A request for Poser visitors — also, Genesis 3?

      • Oops, very sorry, I spoke too soon. I had only made the hatband changes using the Materials library, where they work fine. But they also appear in the Poses library, and they’re not working for me there. I’ll get back to you after I try a couple of things.

        • I’m afraid you need someone who knows more than me to figure out why the Pose files don’t work and the Material files do. For what it’s worth, the Material files look great.

          If you think of something else to try, I’ll happily test it for you.

          • Well…crap.

            Are only the partial pose (pz2) files not working? Or ALL of them?

            No one’s every mentioned to me before that the pz2 files didn’t work, which would be odd. I mean, I know people are sometimes reluctant to mention something doesn’t work if it’s a freebie, but that’s pretty major.

            Anyway, thanks for your help, Will. Appreciate it!

            • I hope I’m not further confusing things by making some sort of noob mistake, but I just tried it again. I can apply the materials from the Materials library to the respective hats by dragging and by doubleclicking, but neither technique works when I try to do the same thing in the Pose library.

              I looked at the file structure. The materials library has png and mc6 files; the pose library has png, pz2, and dsa files. My understanding is the dsa files aren’t needed for Poser, but they shouldn’t cause any conflict.

            • I’m using a Mac, but I don’t think that should make a difference either. Still, maybe someone else will chip in and it’ll turn out the mistake was mine.

              • Okay…not sure what’s going on either. The .dsa files shouldn’t matter in the same way Poser xmp files don’t for DS users, and I do test the pz2 files to make sure they work before I add in the dsa files.

                I have some errands to take care of, but when I’m done with that I’ll ask around to see if someone can help me out.

  1. Oh, that was tested in Poser Pro 2014, which I’m still learning.

    I have very mixed feelings about Daz’s Gen3, but the results do appear to be pretty.

    • Yeah, it is. And it’s beginning to feel a little overwhelming too.

      Something else that’s starting to bother me is the narrowing field of PAs who work on the figures and figure content. This is especially true of male content, since there’s less of it. If you don’t care for a particular PA’s style re: male characters, and they’re one of only a handful making content, you’re kinda screwed.

  2. Ugh. I’m not happy with the new Gen3 because I really have no interest in purchasing the same thing AGAIN for a new figure. When they came out with Gen2, it guaranteed them double the profits because you had to purchase everything for both sexes if you wanted to work with them. And now this? It’s so manipulative of the customers they already have. No, thanks.

    • For DS users who’ve been around a while, I can see buyer fatigue being a real problem. Newer users seem happier to part ways with their money, though!

      I do feel that the newer figures and all their separate UVs and content (and their pricing) are intended to maximize profits. I have no issues with the creative folks making money for their work, but I’m finding it harder to justify spending at those prices.

      From what I’ve been reading, DAZ wants to attract game developers and other industry professionals. I can see the sense in that, but those folks are going to have bigger budgets for 3D than I could ever hope for.

  3. As a noob, I’ve decided to limit my purchases to nothing more recent than M4 and V4, at least until I learn a lot more about Poser and Daz. My impression is there were nice advances with Daz’s Gen1—I like its look, and I like that one model gives you both sexes. Are there any major artistic advantages to Gen2 or Gen3, or is Daz mostly trying to keep the money flowing in?

    • The answer to the advantage of using G1/G2/G3 is going to depend on who you ask, and what you mainly use the figures for.

      I originally got into 3D because I was interested in making book covers and, at the time, stock image prices were high. I was putting out-of-print backlist back into circulation as ebooks and didn’t have a lot of $$ to spend. There also wasn’t a lot of stock photos that would work for my needs, and what worked for me worked for other people too, so there was a lot of duplication of cover images going on.

      Then I kind of hit a writer burn out and it’s been hanging on for quite a while. I still hope to get over it and get back to writing, but in the meantime my creative urges are being directed toward 3D.

      Anyway, to do the “long story short” thing, the cover art inspiration meant I was interested in both genders and more ordinary clothing in contemporary, fantasy, and sf. M4 and V4 have been out for a while, and they have a lot of content that pretty much meets my needs.

      I love Genesis 1 for its ability to allow clothes swapping between genders, even if it didn’t always work well in the chest area. It’s also great for monsters, creatures, and toons. It doesn’t have the morph versatility of M4/V4 — less poly, as I understand it — but sill plenty of versatility.

      Genesis 2 went back to the gender split because content providers apparently found it too difficult to make gender-specific clothing for a gender-neutral figure. I’m sure there’s some truth in that, just as I’m also sure it increased profits. G2 has some very nice-looking figures, but users have less options to make their own character morphs. The HD technology is only available to vendors.

      Genesis 3 is too new for me to have an opinion, though positioning it to attract game developers and other industry professionals opens up some interesting possibilities. I’m not sure all of them will be beneficial to more casual users. But I could be wrong. I’m intrigued by all those extra bones in the face.

      If you’re a newbie, I’d suggest giving DS4.8 a try. It’s free, and you get all the base figures for Genesis 1, Genesis 2, and Genesis 3 for free as well. Playing with the base figures will give you a better idea whether or not they’d work for your needs.

  4. Oh, and I hear you on the writing thing. I think there’s nothing wrong with being a writer for a while, then diving into something else.

    • Yeah, it’s not like it was my entire self-identity or anything, but I really enjoyed doing it and miss it. Hopefully my brain will start cooperating with me again one of these days re: this. 🙂

      FWIW, my request for help about the pz2 files didn’t provide the answers I asked for, but I think to be on the safe side I will just do mc6 files and hand-edit any files for partial mats. I’ll go back to uploading separate downloads for DS and Poser. A little more work for me — I have a tendency to be a little lazy, ha! — but not that much.

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