Christmas in July: Rustic Shack Textures


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: WDC Rustic Shack

Info: Some tropical/beach textures for the Rustic Shack, on the whimsical — and shabby chic — side of things. An aqua-green, salmon-pink, and a couple pastel stripes for exteriors, with an interior variation each for the aqua and salmon versions.

House numbers from here, in case you want to add some — I think I scaled them down to about 8%.

Also, you will notice the shack prop does not come with any sort of door knob or handle. I just fiddled something together with a primitive plane and sphere. Reduce the Z-Scale to smoosh the sphere to look more like a door knob.

Preview option gallery inside…



3 thoughts on “Christmas in July: Rustic Shack Textures

    • You’re welcome!

      I was inspired a bit by my former neighborhood, an old lakeside neighborhood with a lot of houses that had once been used only as summer cottages.Also inspired by a place owned by someone with a fascination for pink flamingos, ha!

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