Christmas in July: Flamingos



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: The Flamingo from Lawn Ornaments and one or all of these props – Elfama Hat; Santa Hat; Elf Hat and Reindeer Headband from Holiday Hats; Jingle Santa Hat and Antler Headband from Jingle Bells Hair  (about 1/2 down the page); Light Bulb String; plain wreath from DNA Wreath MegaPack.

Info: Re-fit and positioning poses to turn the Flamingo Yard Ornament into a tropical holiday decoration.

For a single flamingo, load the flamingo, prop(s) of choice, and apply the refit pose(s). Parent prop(s) to the flamingo and move around as needed. For the props from Jingle Bells Hair, choose the V4 version. The Elfama Hat comes with both a pp2 and cr2 version  — use the cr2 one.

To make a trio, add two more flamingos and the props of choice, then apply the refit pose(s). Parent props to the flamingos, then apply the R or L positioning pose to the flamingo.

To add connecting lights to the trio, load two more light string props and then apply the positioning pose to each light string prop. They should automatically fit between the three flamingos.

If you need to move the trio around, parent them to a null (group in DS4) and then put them where you need them.

A closer looks at the headgear:

tropical-xmas-flamingo-hat-06 tropical-xmas-flamingo-hat-05 tropical-xmas-flamingo-hat-04 tropical-xmas-flamingo-hat-03 tropical-xmas-flamingo-hat-02 tropical-xmas-flamingo-hat-01

L to R: Elf Hat and Reindeer Headband from Jonnte & Sveva’s Holiday Hats; Antler Headband and Santa Hat from Bice/Out of Touch’s free Jingle Bells Hair V4; RDNA’s free Elfama Hat, and MDC’s free Santa Hat Prop.

A simple and (relatively!) tasteful version:


Edited to add: Lyrra pointed out in the comments that it would be pretty easy to adjust the prop poses for use with other plastic flamingos. While I only have the one from the Yard Ornaments set (which I noticed is currently on sale), there are a couple of other options:

grannys-trailer songbird-remix-flamingos

On the left, at Content Paradise, is Granny’s Trailer. On the right, at HiveWire, is the Songbird ReMix Flamingos set, which includes a plastic flamingo version — and that one has an adjustable neck.


4 thoughts on “Christmas in July: Flamingos

    • Ah, good point, thanks!

      I only have the flamingo from the Lawn Ornaments set — it was a DAZ freebie when I acquired it, so I figured a number of other people would also have picked it up when it was free.

    • You’re most welcome!

      And thank you, too, for the other comments you made. Much appreciated, and I hope you’ll find these useful. 🙂

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