Renderosity’s Christmas in July

I was being pretty good about not buying more content until I achieved my goal of learning to use the new features in DS, but then this sale happened. A lot of nifty little things I’d missed out on, and I picked up some of them. I was especially happy to see a few of Samildanach’s products come back. Not all of them, but the one I really wanted — Android Blues 2 – NatΓ© — did make an appearance:


I love this set! I broke out Rayne V3 to make a more exaggerated face and body; the tentacle prop thingie seemed to demand something a little weirder looking. The hip prop does NOT like to be fitted to V3 in DS. It deformed pretty badly when I did so, and I ended up resizing it and then parenting it to V3’s hips.


And of course I had to convert it to V4 so I can use it on V4 as well as Genesis. πŸ™‚


Then I toned down my weird V3 girl a bit and saved her. She’ll probably come in handy again some time, even though fitting clothes to her body is a bit of a challenge.

(Edited to add that it’s a lot easier now to fit clothes to the extreme body shapes from the older CDI morph sets with DS4’s transfer morphs utility. It works better with some clothing than others, but it’s still a huge improvement from the old days.)

I mostly picked up things for my toons — especially stuff for Nursoda’s figures — but I also bought a pair of shoes for Dawn, a pose set for V4, a cute elfish outfit for Hiro 3 that’ll look nice on my Genesis people too, a K4 outfit, and a really nice texture expansion for one of my A3 outfits that I still use a lot.

There are other items I’m on the fence about, including a toon cow. I’m not sure I need a toon cow, but then again, maybe I do…


22 thoughts on “Renderosity’s Christmas in July

  1. She doesn’t look weird to me at all. The only thing I won’t expect to see in the street are the ears =)
    I need to check that sale department again – I did browse through each previous iteration, but the vaulted stuff I really wanted didn’t pop up (even though Samildanach and renapd were both featured). I wonder what’s the chance of the lists being expanded now…
    And are you not taking a part in this with your old rendo store?

    • Oh, and no, not taking part. Wasn’t invited to do so.

      I do wonder why there was a tsunami of hair textures, but only a small number of returned products from Samildanach’s store. Makes no sense to me, unless it was the vendor’s wish.

        • I suspect that only current vendors, or vendors who’ve had a new product in the store in the last year or so, were participating in this. Was there something you wanted? Because I probably still have some of those lying around somewhere.

          That V3 texture is pretty nice. I really like the wings; I probably would’ve bought it just for the wings.

          The sheer volume of hair texture products is ridiculous. I know some people find them useful — I do buy them on occasion, like if a hair prop came with poor textures — but I wish they had an entire category to themselves and it was possible to check a box to exclude them from searches or sale categories.

  2. True, she could’ve looked much odder, given some of the morphs in those CDI sets. But her body is definitely on the extreme side:

    I’m most delighted the morph transfer tool makes it sooooo much easier to fit clothing to the CDI bodies!

      • Wow, she’s pretty! But she probably doesn’t have as big a butt as the CDI body. Seriously, that “Female Trim” preset comes with a prodigious posterior. πŸ™‚

        I didn’t add a smoothing modifier as they were just test renders and I was mostly looking to see if I could get a decent fit for the outfits to begin with. The smoothing modifier probably would’ve helped with the first image; there’s some odd stuff going on with the waistband of her shorts.

        The Wildenlander outfit fit her amazingly well with the just the transfer morphs. The only trouble I ran into was getting the cloak/backpack to work because of aforementioned big butt, and one of the shoulder armor plates had poke through issues because of the pose. I think there are some adjustment morphs for that in the outfit, but I didn’t notice I’d lost an edge until after I’d rendered.

        I’m curious if this will work as well on even older figures. I have CDI’s Little ‘Uns for the Mil2 kids as well as Boris and Roxanne for M2/V2, so I’m going to make a note to myself to check this out this weekend.

        • Ms Espino’s posterior actually looks rather… impressive on the TV screen =D Maybe it’s just the camera effect, but it was one of the first things we noticed about her (especially because she’s so thin otherwise), and I immediately thought of her when I saw your morph =)

          Backpacks and armour are generally the hardest items to fit =(

          I haven’t always had much success with ‘transfer active morphs’ for my particular dials (my V3 girls are built around the original She-Freak and GND2, and these morphs somehow don’t get picked up by that function…), but smoothing modifier is a godsend for me in those cases. Even when I need to fit something to a smaller body than the default – what I do then is scale the clothing part down until there is bad pokethrough, and then I enable smoothing modifier and play with collision iterations until everything sorts itself out. It has a downside, though, in that if there are buckles or buttons (rigid parts) around, they may get distorted.

          Pity that the modifier only recognises a single collision item. Sometimes, say, you want the shirt to collide with the body and the pants, but DS doesn’t support that.

          • I have She-Freak 4 but, like Freak 4, it’s not a figure I use much. I only recently rendered F4 for the first time. Thy were free — I was in the Platinum Club at the time they were released — and so I downloaded them.

            I have GND2 and she sure is a pain in the ass to work with when it comes to clothing. I picked up the Jeans N Things set for her when it went into clearance some time ago, but if it weren’t for that the poor thing would be naked. She was clearly intended for pin-up renders, which is not something I do.

            • I can’t say I use male Freak morphs much, either. I use a lot of F4 textures, though – there was some sort of a promotion at DAZ a couple of years ago when they gave Gen4 bundles away free with purchases during some sale, so I grabbed them all while ticking stuff of my wishlist. Morris did many of the F4 bundle textures, and they’re on the rougher side which is a plus.

              She-Freak4 base used to be free at the time when all DAZ bases were free, and the original Gen3 one, she either used to be free as well or I picked her up cheap in some promotion. Can’t remember.

              I have Jeans n Things, too, and a couple of other outfits including free fits for some freebies (I’ll look up what exactly when I’m not on the phone). You’re right about her being intended for pin-ups, I think, but I got her because she has a really cute face, lovely textures and fun eye replacements. She seems to have a largish sort of butt, too, so one of the reasons I add She-Freak to her is to balance the shoulders.

            • Here is that other Rendo set of GND2 clothing I have:
              BTW I put a combination of your lovely Bump-o-matic and Transmap-o-matic textures on that sweater and it looks so cool =) I’ll post the render when I’m done with other stuff in the scene.

              Then there is a sci-fi outfit by Xurge:

              And here are the fits for various clothes, including some freebies (AS ElvenStrapped and Pretty3D Fairy Tale are thd ones that I have):
              They require Poser, I think, because the fit morphs are injected into new channels created by a Poser script. Unfortunately I have forgotten already what exactly I did to make the cr2s I’m using now in DS, but most likely they were exported from Poser indeed.

              • Oh, thanks for these links! I’d totally missed the outfit at Renddo and Xurge’s site.I own quite a few of the M3, M4, and V4 sets; not sure how I missed it.

                Gonna go check out some of those freebies now.

                And looking forward to your render and seeing what you’ve done with that old stuff of mine. πŸ™‚

  3. Re: armor, I don’t have a huge amount of it for V3, but I did test out Xurge’s Paladin V3 set and DAZ’s old Kallisto outfit, which has a breastplate thing:

    The one set of armor I forgot to test is the Joan of Arc one, which is probably my most favorite female armor of all time because it doesn’t have boob plates. I wonder if that one might be more of a problem? I’ll have to see!

  4. Okay, as I reply to myself πŸ˜›

    The Joan of Arc armor worked pretty well on her. There was some weirdness at her hip that took a little extra work, but aside of that, not bad.

    Nice work, DAZ, on making older content easier to use!

    • That’s awesome! And this Joan of Arc armour, is that a DAZ one or from some other store? It’s so rare that content makers (or game developers) make functional armour and not those stupid boobplates!

      • That’s an old DAZ Platinum Club item: Joan of Arc V3, with a texture add on here.

        I usually use it with the V4 to V3 Frankensteined body that came with V4, like in this image, with V4 and Vladimir M4 staring at each other longingly over the distance…or maybe he’s more like, “Eek. Scary wench!”

        • Thanks a lot for the link! I must’ve missed it back then (having always preferred SP3 and A3 to V3 and even V4), but these days when Genesis can wear it, I should definitely get it.
          And that is such an awesome scene! So this happy undead family are the girl’s imaginary friends? And where does ‘Joan’ come in, is she the girl’s alter ego or a yet another magic friend that likes to give the undead dudes hell just for the sake of it? =)

          • I know! I’m thinking, “How will this look on Hitomi?”

            That’s an old render, but I think “Joan” was The Black Knight protector (little Victoria Frankenstein had more common sense than her papa) and yes, the undead dudes needed to be kept in line. They don’t look too happy about the tea party thing. Or being made to dress up for it.

            Except ol’ Grim. He’s like “Oooooh, cake!”

            I’m pretty sure much of that scene came about because I wanted to use Grim. Fun with ancient figures, I guess?

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