The Budget Wrecking Continues

I don’t know how I missed some of these Christmas in July clearance returns, but I’m glad I went through all of them again. I’m always on the lookout for Aiko 3 things because they usually convert nicely to Hitomi — and Hitomi (and Hiro 5!) are the characters that made the original Genesis so irresistible to me.

So anyway, I found a cute outfit by SWAM (Elf Dance Charmed for A3), another cute outfit by Mada (AeroDoll Flightsuit for A3), and Samildanach’s Flowers for A3. I’d passed on Flowers before, but when I bought the SWAM outfit I realized this would be a perfect character texture for it.

Mada is one of my favorite vendors, but I don’t remember ever seeing the AeroDoll outfit. It even comes with a retro-looking spaceship interior for a backdrop.

I’d also passed on SWAM’s Dimiona Hair a few times, then decided it would look great as a toony futuristic hairstyle.

Therefore, posting a PSA for others who might have missed these outfits.


Flowers (edited to add: texture has to be converted to V4 first) and Elf Dance Charmed on Hitomi — I love the little eyebrow and head antennae! I did swap out the older wing prop for a newer one, The Wings. She’s wearing Suzy Hair.


AeroDoll and Dimiona Hair on Hitomi. Those little wings are so cute!

As usual, shoe conversion is a bit iffy. I’ve noticed pointy-toed shoes like the ones from Elf Dance often convert better than the more standard shoe props.


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