Christmas in July: Some DIY Stuff

Re: props and accessories, there were a few ideas I focused on and others that didn’t lend themselves as readily to the freebie making process. So here’s a DIY post. But first, the Tiki Christmas Tree I made for Eepo’s t-shirt. Free to use for other t-shirts (or whatever.)


The tropical Christmas trees and sand snowmen are a few of those ideas I played around with but I think it’s easier to DIY with whatever’s on hand. Here are a few of my inspirations, culled from Google searches:

2_Image3 2_thumb_tropical 9_OW33109

For the snowman made of sand, I ended up going with the snowball prop I used for the Snow Days K4 and Snow Days Sadie & Sam pose sets. Accessories to use with sand snowfolk include leis, sunglasses, straw  hats, palm fronds for arms, and shells and pebbles for eyes and noses. Here’s a selection of other freebies and non-freebies for sand snowfolk and a potted palm Christmas tree:

holidays-xmas cleatus holidays-xmas snow baby daz_seasons-greetings headware-birds nest hat eyeware-vila sunglasses + hat v4cl_wab-hula dancer hivewire_hawaiian-dusk hivewire_hula-v4 xthumb_hulagirl_sadie  nature_pc-tropicals nature_lb-hibiscus nature_lb-tropicals ii nature_rdna-tropical plants pack 1 lgp_pc-potted palms animals_dna-sea critters 1 animals-beach creatures animals-conch nature_exenem-shells k4cl_mada-merbabies 3 naoko-hair-props-plus-2 dp_day1_ornaments_az4_thumb

Cleatus Snow || SnowBaby || Seasons Greetings || Bird’s Nest Hat || Vila’s Sun Hat || Hula Dancer V4 || Ken’s Hawaiian/Hula set for Genesis, M4/V4, and Dawn/Dusk || Lei from Hula Girl for Sadie || Lisa’s Botanicals – Tropicals || Lisa’s Botanicals – Hibiscus || Lisa’s Botanicals – Tropicals II || Tropical Plants Mega-Pack || Lisa’s Botanicals – Potted Palm || Sea Critters – Starfish || Lo-Mesh Beach Creatures || Conch Shell || Seashells || Props from K4 MerBabies || Naoko Hair Props || Ornament hooks from Gothic Tree Ornaments

I’ve listed a few toon snowmen here and here. As for ground props, I listed some here. I used the Simple Sand Prop most often because it gives the impression of foot traffic. The Morphing Snow Pile also works great as a sand dune. The 70s Hat2 and Tuco Hat, featured in Ye Olde Tropical Hat Shoppe, are a couple good choices for sandfolk hats as well. Some free sunglasses props are listed here; there are plenty other non-freebies that come with various outfits for figures as well as entire sets of sunglasses. DAZ has a cute, multi-figure set.

Inside, other inspirations for tropical holidays scene-setting


daz-resort-lagoon daz_beach-huts daz_beach-promenade-1 daz-beach-pod lgp_pred-beyond the sea props_traveler-fun-in-the-sun

Resort Lagoon || Beach Huts || By the Seaside props || Beach Pod || Beyond the Sea || Fun in the Sun (now free!)

I only own the first and the last sets. I know there are a number of other beach props for sale, but Predatron’s Beyond the Sea (and Traveler’s Beach Set at RDNA, sadly now gone) cover the basics for me. I like those Beach Huts; one of these days, I’ll have to get around to buying them.


lgp-mini-retreat lgp-wicker-bed-pod decor-wicker-chair furniture-rattan chair furniture-rattan table lgp-morphing hammock props-victorian bathing hut props-beach shack props-hawaiian-deity props-hei-tiki lgp-party-lanterns

Mini-Retreat || Wicker Bed-Pod || Wicker Cappellini Chair || Rattan Chair || Rattan Table || Morphing Hammock || Victorian Bathing Hut (DS only) || Beach Shack || Hawaiian Deity || Hei Tiki || Party Lanterns (toward bottom)

Again, there are other beach-related props listed in last year’s Summer Solstice freebie theme. I don’t have a larger promo image for the Beach Shack, but I used it in this post. The hammock prop is set up for specific set, but it can probably be used without too much trouble with other palm tree props.


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