Sales Alert! Xurge3D new Product of the Week sale

I’ve signed up for the Xurge3D site newsletter, but for those who have not, a little heads up:

Every week we feature one of our earlier products as the Product of the Week. This product will be on sale for one week only at the special discounted rate of $2.00.

Edited to add: The current Product of the Week is displayed on the main page.

This week, you can pick up the Sorceress Armor V4 for $2.00. Not my cuppa, but I know others feel differently.

Even though the warrior-woman-in-metal-bikinis-and/or-animal-skins isn’t my thing, I just scored the Olympia 6 base for $6 and some change. It’s one of those targeted offers, which you have to be logged in to see (I have a feeling I miss a lot of these.) I may not have much use for Olympia per se, but I really need more high quality skin textures for the G2F and this one looks pretty nice.


11 thoughts on “Sales Alert! Xurge3D new Product of the Week sale

  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I often forget to read Xurge nessletters =)
    I got that Olympia offer, too, and succumbed =) I wonder if there ever were promotions like that for Gen5 bases?

    • I don’t remember re: Gen5. I think I picked up V5 for free (same goes for V6), and maybe even M5. I remember paying $10 for M6. I also recall picking up the starter bundles for Hiro 5, David 5, and the Young Teens 5 for a pretty good price. Like I’ve mentioned before, it was Hiro 5, Hitomi, and the Young Teens that got me using Genesis.

      Hiro and Hitomi, the OTP of toons! 😛

      I like Konrad too, but I haven’t decided yet on which of 3D Universe’s Genesis toons to use as his female companion. Decisions, decisions…

      I think I’m done buying the Victoria and Michael figures. For me, the base figures are what’s necessary. The only reason I’d buy figure add-ons is for the skin textures, as they’re very good. The older Elite series textures for V4 and M4 are among my favorites, along with a lot of characters by Morris.

      I miss Morris. She doesn’t seem to do as many characters these days. I like Raiya’s work a lot, but I won’t buy anything by Male-M3dia.

      Anyway, of the Gen2 character sets, while the ones I really want are Lee, Mei, Darius, and Monique, I can be enticed to pick up one of the others. Just passed on Aiko 6 though; not interested.

      • I bought the M5 & V5 biggest bundles back then in a 50% sale (can’t recall if they were called “pro bundles”, “pro suites” or whatever); I find a lot of content from those bundles very useful (and I’m not talking about the “toasters” LOL). Other than that, I just wanted certain shapes/UVs for Genesis (like A5 or Steph5 – UVs for the sake of interesting characters only being available for those), but I could never justify shelling out even the 50% price. Maybe they will be put in some 75% off promotion one day (the bundles may have been, but the content in them wasn’t interesting for me, and the overall price was too much).

        The original Genesis is my primary figure, and I think it will remain so for quite a while.

        I got the M6 and V6 with heavy discounts (V6 was free, IIRC), same as M6 HD. I use G2M (with Jayden as the primary base) quite often, too, but I’m not on the lookout for more G2 characters. I still prefer the Gen4 UV for both Genesis and G2 because there is the most variety after all these years, and I do a lot of texture editing/splicing/whatever for my “meaningful” characters, so I need to have a wide range of mixable stuff.

        Morris is one of my all-time favourite character texture vendors along with Mec4D. Raiya is quality, too, but seems to have less variety than those two.

        Not a fan of MaleM3dia either. For a lot of reasons.

        • Ah, yes, the toast! I haven’t had any toast since M4, sadly. Would be nice to have for all my boys, but I just don’t do nude renders. Well, one…in some eight years of this:

          It’s a bit large…and all the bits are obscured anyway, so I’m not even sure it qualifies as a nude render.

          I’d like to pick up SP5 at some point, if only because I bought a texture that appears to only work on her. Whoops.

          What do you like about Jayden? Do you think he’s more versatile than the Genesis teens? He does look a little older than Julie and Justin.

          Raiya makes some very pretty men, which I admit I appreciate…

          • I don’t think I’ve ever loaded any ‘toast’ up because I haven’t ever had a reason to… I only did one non-test-render nude, too, and that came about simply because I was testing my shaders on M2 and V2 and got carried away (I’ve seen M2’s ‘toast’ because it loads on by default LOL – but it’s not truly visible in that render either…). I haven’t yet posted it anywhere yet, but if you’re curious, I’ll show you =)

            I find your nude piece to be lovely. The figures look very believable, and there’s that true emotion in there. The atmosphere really works. Did you do any postwork there?

            Well, I don’t use Jayden as a teen, more like early twenties kinda ‘bishie’ sort of type (most characters in my stories are Elves, which implies a certain youthful/androgynous look, to me). I usually add height and some muscle definition, but his overall light build is perfect for what I want. His face shape also makes for a better start for my dials than either G2M default or M6.
            I also like his eye textures (but not eyes from Lance, the second texture set that comes with Jayden: those have highlights burnt into the iris and that’s not my style).

            • Xurge now has Paladin M4 on sale. I already own it, like much of the M4 catalog over there.

              I forgot that M2 loaded with all his parts. So did Apollo Maximus, which I had installed at one time. If you hide the penis, though, there’s a hole in the mesh. OMG! Medic!

              I’d love to see your render! Do Share. 🙂

              Re: shaders, were you trying to get older character textures to look better? M2/V2 didn’t have a lot of variety. I have a V2 freebie from 3Dream (the hair guy) that’s pretty nice, though it lacks bump and specular maps.

              Thanks for the comment on the render. It’s an old one. Yes, there’s postwork involved — you can always count on that with me. Some grain texture and light beam work for the window, and some image fixing with bends. In retrospect, I should’ve worked to even out the skin tone on M4’s lower legs and feet. I’m not sure what lighting I had going on there. I saved the scene; I should revisit it with some of the newer lights we have available now.

              Emotion can be hard to get across in 3D, a lot of it because poses and expressions often look stiff or otherwise unrealistic. Like my perennial quest to get a decent Giuliano de Medici nose, I have a few saved scenes I keep coming back to again and again as I try to get something more “right” to them.

              I see what you mean about Jayden’s build. I’m not fond of the overly muscled look myself. One of the things that held me back from buying Lee 6 was his muscularity. I know he’s based on Bruce Lee, but it just looks too unnatural to me. I suppose it’s possible to tone it down, but first impressions and all that…

              • Okay, I’ll post the render when I’m on the computer =)
                Actually there are a handful of M2/V2 textures I have (mostly DAZ Anton ones and 3Dream’s Rendo clearance items like Astro or King) that are fairly awesome, but you’re right about lack of bump etc. It’s not that much of an issue to make them out of diffuse maps, though. Mostly it’s inverting the brows and body hair to stand out and not sink in that takes the most time, but sometimes it’s possible to skip that (for long shots). So the textures can look nice… low-poly geometry and bending is a bigger issue. They don’t SubD well at all, and smoothing modifier only helps so far before it turns the figure into a rubber doll. So they require postwork to fix the joints.

                I didn’t notice anything wrong about M4’s legs in your render! =) Grain is cool.

                Expressions are a huge pain, true. I find smiles to be particularly difficult. There are two morphs called SmileMuscles in one of Thorne’s morph packs for Genesis, and these are very helpful. With other figures, smiles almost always mean custom deformers… and they don’t always work as I want.

                • And I replied, thanks!

                  M4’s legs aren’t a huge issue, but they are a little paler than they should be. It would be an easy enough fix in PSP, but I might just haul up that old scene and tinker with it in DS 4.8 before I do anything else.

                  I’ve bought a few expression sets — Poser fc2 files — that move the jaws through the chin whenever I apply a preset. Very annoying.

                  In my experience, small mouth dial morphs are the biggest pain. They just don’t play well with expressions.

                • Maybe he’s just got bad circulation in his legs, or wears UV-blocking boots everywhere =)

                  True, small mouths are difficult, and narrower faces in general. Speaking of jaws, I find they need manual scaling/translating often, when you add open smiles or sneers to a morphed face, and the teeth are just in the wrong place. Happens with Genesis as well.

  2. Well, it’s probably safe to say he has bigger problems at the moment than his feet.

    I’ve noticed that about the teeth too — and the tongue often has to be moved around depending on the jaw and mouth morphs. 3D people! Constantly need tweaking and fiddling with, the buggers. 🙂

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