Christmas in July: Multi-Figure Muffin Top Textures

L to R: Aiko 3, Victoria 4, Victoria 3, and Cookie

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Muffin Top for figure of choice.

Info: Three textures for the Muffin Top: white pineapple, white Santa flamingo, and white Santa/seahorse prints.

The V3 version is NOT in the download; I just included it to show other texture possibilities using the REC Tropical Holiday Materials.

BTW, the V3 version is distorted when it loads (for me, anyway.) To fix this, select the Muffin Top from the scene tab and then, from the parameters tab, click the little arrow at the top to open the menu and select “Zero Figure.”  Screenshots (click to view larger):

muffintopfix1 muffintopfix2

Then fit the top to V3 and carry on, my wayward renderers.


3 thoughts on “Christmas in July: Multi-Figure Muffin Top Textures

      • No rest for the wicked… and that saying was also an Ozzy album title, if I’m not mistaken? And David Chastain with singer Leather Leone had a song back then in the 80s called ‘The Wicked are Restless’ =D

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