Police Uniforms

For those who might be unaware of it,  Content Paradise has a couple nice-looking police uniforms for Miki 2 and the G2Males. They convert okay to V4, M4, and Genesis.

mik2cl_CP-Police Clothing jamcl_SM-G2M Police

Prices are reasonable; I think I bought both on sale. A couple older test renders:

miki2-police-v4 miki2-police-david5

The Miki 2 set on V4 and David 5. Not a 100% perfect conversion and I could’ve better fit the shoulder radio thing, but good enough for test render purposes. I recall the set for the G2 Males had issues on converting to M4, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with some tweaks and/or a minimal amount of postwork.

Edited to add: And it converts rather nicely to Dawn as well!



4 thoughts on “Police Uniforms

    • I should have mentioned that, sorry!

      I used XDresser4 for the conversions to V4 and M4; you can get XD4 for free here, as well as purchase the required licenses. It works pretty well on standard cr2 figures, though a bit less so for the DAZ Studio weight mapped figures.

      I made V4/M4 clones for Dawn and Dusk so that I can use the converted V4/M4 clothing on them. There are Dawn and Dusk XDresser licenses but they’re meant for Poser figures.

      Hope that helps!

    • You’re most welcome!

      It really is a good utility to have on hand. The conversions may not be 100% perfect, but they’re still quite good.

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