Christmas in July: Dusk Beach Wear

(scene-stealing zombie beach wear not included)


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dusk’s Briefs (comes with the Dusk Base) and/or Summer Fun for Dusk.

Info: Just squeaked this one in before the month’s end! Same general idea as all the others; Dusk’s briefs and the Summer Fun outfit are transformed into a tropically festive ensemble in order to match everyone else for that awkward family photo you are secretly plotting.

I had a little trouble with the Poser materials for the shirt, but I think they work correctly now. The shirt uses a transparency map for the sleeves. There weren’t separate material zones for the cuff buttons and shirt front buttons, so I had to hide them all — but they were very tiny and the equally tiny button holes aren’t noticeable. It shouldn’t be an issue unless you do an extreme close up, in which case adding a button or cloning away the button hole in postwork is probably the best way to go.

I was aiming for an elastic waistband look for the shorts, but the end result wasn’t quite as I envisioned. Not one of my more successful efforts. Sorry, Dusk! I promise to do better next time…

Presets for the Dusk Briefs and Summer Fun outfit

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