Creating G2F/M Clones for Genesis

DAZ had a couple of interesting sales yesterday — along the lines of “blink and you’ll miss it” — and I bought an outfit for the G2M, a couple for the G2F, and a set of textures for a Genesis outfit I picked up during that last crazy Genesis sale.

I wanted one outfit on Hitomi, but didn’t have any G2F to G1 clones. Then I remembered Mustakettu85’s Using G2F and G2M clothing on original Genesis.

hitomi-rawr g2f hiro5-g2-horror-survivors


I’d had this tutorial bookmarked for a while but, as usual, I’m slow in following up. Anyway, that’s Rawr! on Hitomi and Urban Survivors HD on Hiro5, with the hair from Horror Survivors – Cris. Had to manually fit the Rawr! hood to Hitomi, but other than that, everything worked smoothly on both Genesis figures.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy (and free!) way to get Genesis 2 clothing on Genesis 1, go check out that tutorial. Probably the usual caveats apply — I haven’t tried long skirts, but those are usually a bit problematic anyway.


13 thoughts on “Creating G2F/M Clones for Genesis

  1. That sale was evil. I was putting things into my cart when it disappeared. Will they go from Blink Sales to Planck Unit Sales next?

    Well, it saved me money, so I should be grateful.

    And I’m saving that tutorial link. Thanks!

          • This time, I managed to grab a couple of things.

            Is there any way to get notices of sales? Or are they trying to make us cruise by their web site constantly? My tentative theory is they’re working to keep us in a feeding frenzy, so when we miss a big sale, we’re more likely to shrug and grab something fast at a lesser sale.

            • This time I just picked up the M4 to G2M skin map transfer and clothing clone set; my G2M (and G2F) are seriously lacking in skin textures.

              I made myself only buy something if it was already on my wishlist. For once, I exerted a smidgen of self-discipline! 😛

              There are a couple options for catching sales — there’s a topic on the forum that provides notifications for flash sales — and the occasional DAZ “oops, we didn’t meant to put that on sale” alerts. You can subscribe to it for emails:


              There’s also a free app that informs of DAZ sales. I don’t have it installed, but maybe I should:


              • Fortunately (I think), that’s a Windows app and I’m on a Mac. Otherwise, I’d probably install it and spend all my money.

                The only sales item I really regret is this $40 item that was 60% off and in my basket when the sale ended: The name’s misleading; I want it for the train, which looks like it would work nicely in 19th century westerns. Fortunately, I don’t need it right away, so the fingers are crossed for catching it next time it’s fairly cheap.

                Total noob question: I know how to favorite forums, but I don’t know how to get email alerts about them. I checked what I thought were the usual places that would be, but I may’ve missed something obvious.

  2. That is a nice old train; hadn’t noticed it before.

    I have no idea what happened to the subscribe feature. There used to be one on the old forum, but it must not be a feature with the new one. Boo!

    Hmmm…maybe you’re on to something about a DAZ plot to make us obsessively haunt their storefront!

    The constant sales, imo, mostly benefit newer users. Also, other 3D stores now host sales at very steep discounts too, so they’re all fighting for the money of a relatively small market.

  3. Glad to see retrocloning worked for you! =)
    The new ‘subscribe’ is the in-forum bookmark (star icon), I think. Then you get notifications and can browse the ‘my bookmarks’ view which is the most similar to the old ‘posts by a specific user’ view.

    • Yes, and thank you! I don’t have a lot of Genesis 2 clothing, but what I do have would look just as nice on Genesis 1, so I’m delighted I can continue to swap my wardrobes around various characters.

      I admit I don’t use the forum much beyond monitoring the first few pages of the Commons for sales alerts. 🙂 Didn’t even notice that star icon.

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