Dawn SE


Yup, picked up the new Dawn SE, which is at a very attractive introductory price (45% off, before adding any points discount.) Picked up the new Dusk t-shirt too, because he needs clothes!

The new textures in the SE are very nice and have more eye and makeup options, and the three included face morphs are pretty. I used one of them, along with a few morphs from the newest face morph set.

Borrowed an idea from an older V4 render, made possible by now knowing where to find the tilt-a-whirl camera in DS4. 😛

I’ve upgraded to Windows 10 and everything works great except for Filter Forge. Filter Forge support just basically said “Upgrade to the newest Filter Forge. Otherwise, we don’t care; deal with it.” Filter Forge still works, but it blares an error warning before applying the filter effect, which is hugely annoying.

Even my most ancient programs and PSP/PS plugins work — MS Word 98 (!) and JASC’s Paint Shop Pro Anniversary Edition, not to mention the plugins by Flaming Pear that I bought eons ago. B/W Styler too. Filter Forge wasn’t exactly cheap — I upgraded through FF3 — and so I think they’re being kind of dickish by not at least working on a patch for older editions.

The reason I haven’t upgraded to FF4, besides tiring of the extra cost, is because there haven’t been any new filters that grab my attention. The heyday of Filter Forge was FF1 and FF2, and there were some nice sets for FF3 too. But nothing recently has interested me.

Got that off my chest. Now I feel better.


5 thoughts on “Dawn SE

  1. Lovely render! And that new skin texture looks awesome; blows the old one out of the water. I should find a way to get her before the sale ends.
    Would you happen to know what product the bob style is she’s wearing in some of the promos? It looks cute…

    • I agree, it’s a nicer texture than the first. I hope HiveWire does the same for Dusk; his default texture has always looked way too orange for my tastes.

      If you’re referring to the short hairstyle on the main promo, it’s Dawn’s Heroine Hair and comes with the Dawn Special Edition set.

      It really is cute. So far Pyrit Hair and KiriTe Hair have been my go-to for short female hair props, but this one has lots of potential too.

      BTW, I failed my attempt at the map transfer tutorial. I posted at your blog. Sigh…

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