Why I love the original Genesis

It’s because I can do this:


I really dislike skimpwear, and DAZ is pretty bad when it comes to the store’s continual objectification of the female form. One of the best things about Genesis is that it allows me, with very little effort, to put great male outfits on the female shapes. Edited to add: and the results look nicer than when I was converting between M4 and V4.

I picked up Luthbel’s Vendetta for the G2M yesterday when DAZ ran a couple flash sales by way of apologizing for the sudden disappearance of the product download library. BTW, does anyone know if this is one of those game-inspired outfits? I ran it by my game-obsessed son; he didn’t recognize it, but thought maybe it had a Castlevania look.

Anyway, first thing I did was test it out on Hiro 5 and Hitomi, since they’re more extreme body shapes. Had a little poke-through on the boots for both, and Hitomi had a masculine-looking crotch bulge I had to paint out. 😛 Other than that, the outfit looks pretty good on her, even with her little bubble boobs.

It looks pretty good on G2F’s Olympia too…and, of course, on G2M’s Darc…though using long-ish hair with the cloak is a bit of a challenge. The belt had some issues with Olympia’s hips, but considering the size of her hips this isn’t terribly surprising. Ended up changing the collision from G2F to the Kilt. Had to paint out her crotch bulge too.


I appreciate that DAZ provided clones for both G2F-to-G2M and G2M-to-G2F clothing, even if nothing I have for G2F would look appropriate on G2M. For all my grousing about the DAZ store’s fixation on pretty white girls in skimpy clothes, credit is due for providing a sensible solution for those of us not into the ol’ NVIATWAS.

I love Luthbel’s work; I own practically every outfit he’s made, though I’m still working my way through the older Mil3 ones. The materials on this outfit look kinda metallic to me and it also has a more painterly effect than a number of his other sets, although this works nicely with the Topaz Clean filter for a more illustrated apperance.

Osaka Hair is a pain in the ass to fit on Hitomi. It’s a Genesis hair prop, so I don’t know why it’s such a problem. And I completely forgot I’d bought Piratess Hair, sheesh. It looks nice with that  hat!


15 thoughts on “Why I love the original Genesis

  1. Hi Michele,

    Pretty nice looking and lovely textures! Are the clones for G2F-to-G2M clothing, and vice versa, part of a product or individual? I am trying to search DAZ site but can’t find it when looking up ‘clones’.


    • I never bought any G2M/F clones; I’m pretty sure they’re part of the free Starter Essentials for both the G2F and the G2M.

      Edited to add that the Starter Essentials may have been updated to include them, so if you downloaded them a while ago, you might want to download them again.

  2. Thank you for your prompt reply. Well, I have downloaded everything from Genesis 1 up quite recently after DS4.8 new release. Just want to add I also love the original Genesis (1) the most as it’s so universal!

  3. Can’t say I remember any similar enough game outfits, either. Nothing “iconic” for sure. And wow, does Darc look cute in your render! Why does he always look like a dork in mine? =)

    Speaking of objectification of female form… it’s not just DAZ, sadly. and not just the Poserverse on the whole. A lot of that goes on in the games, particularly MMORPG. Check this fun comic out:

    • Oh, yeah…and there’s that as well!

      I’ve been following these sites for a while. They’re funny, but also so very true. Frustrating, that some folks just don’t seem to get why this is so offensive:

      Escher Girls: http://eschergirls.tumblr.com/

      The Hawkeye Initiative: http://thehawkeyeinitiative.com/

      Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor: http://womenfighters.tumblr.com/

      I’d like to send some of the DAZ/Poser content creators over to that last one…

      Been very busy with garden stuff — just made a tasty cherry tomato sauce; our monster cherry tomato is producing hundreds of these — and now I’m off to freeze a whole bunch of string beans. Plus I have to go pick the hops; my son brews his own beer and we started growing these for him. Not a great crop this year, though.

      • Sooo true. And the last site made me realise that these days, I’m actually willing to forgive the artist for boobplates as long as the rest of the armour makes sense.

        Your gardening enthusiasm is contagious =) Although I suspect that even if I had a garden, it wouldn’t be that fruitful…

        He brews his own beer? Cool! Is it difficult? When I was complaining about how hard it is to find good apple cider in Moscow, my mother said that I should be making my own… which got me thinking =)

        • I don’t mind boob plates that much either, for much the same reason.

          Gardening is pretty easy and you can do it even in apartments. My son and his girlfriend did a little container gardening this year — tomatoes, strawberries, and bell peppers. I think they’re hooked, though of course they get plenty of garden surplus from our garden.

          Sometimes crops don’t do as well as in previous years, but mostly it’s pretty easy. The hardest part is when all the produce ripens at once and you’re scrambling to either eat it, freeze or can it, or give it away to family members who are by now a little tired of cucumbers or cherry tomatoes.

          Yes, he’s been brewing his own beer for years; my brother does as well. I don’t think it’s hard, but it’s a little fussy during the initial preparation and it does require some specialized equipment. He made a batch one summer when he was home between college semesters and my house smelled like yeasty beer for a few days.

          I’m thinking apple cider might not be too hard to make. We happen to live very near an apple orchard, so we get our cider from there. Also, a woman my husband works with grows apples and in fall we usually get a big bag of apples. They’re a little dinged and not perfect, but they make great applesauce!

          • I should look up some ‘apartment gardening’ guidebooks =) We have cactuses on the windowsills, and that’s all. There must be some tips/tricks for colder climates like the one here.
            I’ll tell my brother about homemade beer – he likes fussing around with various equipment, and he has more space where he lives … and he could use more hobbies =)
            People here told me as well that ‘fruit wines’ shouldn’t be difficult to make. They mostly used plums or currant, though; I’m researching tips for what apples would be best. There is a gazillion of apple types here…

            • From what I can tell from my son’s experiences, brewing beer is fun, there are sometimes fortuitous accidental results from experimenting, and it’s a little science-ish, which makes his inner nerd happy too. Right now he’s plotting something involving various types of hops as well apple cider and pear cider. He just better share when he’s done!

              Jerott and Savannah (the girlfriend) made wine earlier this year too. It was pretty good. Something fruity and sweet, as I recall.

              Guide books on gardening are a good idea, though I think you could find a lot of useful information on local blogs or places like Pinterest. People who garden seem keen on sharing ideas and experiences.

              We do some indoor gardening during the winter too, though it’s mostly lettuce and green onions. I tried growing parsley and mint indoors last year, but the results were mixed. Maybe I’ll have better luck this year.

              At the moment, we’re having a deer problem. They’re eating the tomatoes and butternut squash. I think we may have to install a fence all around the garden next year, rather than just parts of it. Love the local wildlife, but not when they’re eating my garden.

              • Deer eating your tomatoes. You should’ve seen my face now, I am just going “wow” and “squee”. Okay it’s gotta be not fun at all, but a big city like Moscow doesn’t have much wildlife obviously… so I only see animals in the zoo. Unless they’re squirrels. But our Muscovite squirrels are another story LOL
                So whenever I’m reminded that yes, animals are real and not just some exhibits in those stupid cages, it just feels… wonderful.

                Blogs are a great idea, thanks! I just never thought there might be any Russian ones because here gardening is more like “granny pastime”, and Russian grannies tend to be wary of computers =) But there must be exceptions…

                My brother is a major nerd. He does programming for fun. Not those tiny measly shaders that I write, but “real” stuff with several thousand lines of code based on maths that looks like Chinese. So I’m hoping to get him interested in something more… tangible. =D

                • We have lots of wildlife. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, foxes, sand cranes…the wild turkeys and their chicks (now much larger) went strolling through the backyard again yesterday morning. All quite cute, but a bit of a nuisance at times.

                  We had baby bunnies in the pumpkin patch last year. OMG, they were so cute, even if they eventually ate my lettuce patch (I’d warned the hubby the fence we were using wasn’t good enough; now we have a bunny-proof fence.)

                  Don’t want to hurt them, but I guess we’ll need even more fencing since the local fauna have discovered our garden.

                  Urban squirrels can get pretty aggressive, as I recall from my college days in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I still remember this woman holding out a textbook at one and rapidly walking backward, like she thought the squirrel was going to attack her. Squirrel looked puzzled; probably was expecting food and not hysterics.

                  I also remember in the fall they’d get a little drunk or high on something and turn into little furry acrobats. My roommate and I trained one to come into our dorm room for peanuts. Probably not a smart thing to do, but eighteen-year-olds are not known for their good sense. 🙂

                  Urban gardening is slowly becoming a “thing,” though I don’t know if it’s taken hold in Russia at all. There just might be more than grannies doing gardening, as the price of food goes up and up.

                  Your brother sounds like a good candidate for brewing beer. The science part of it would probably appeal to him. And then the whole family benefits from more beer! It’s a win-win situation.

                • Aww cute =)

                  Pity animals can’t read, otherwise a ‘keep out’ sign might work instead of all the fencing =)

                  Muscovite squirrels are… capricious. One day they next to jump on you from their trees and eat from your hand. Next day they come, inspect what you have to offer, and make a show of being not impressed.

                  I heard stories about songbirds getting drunk on spoilt berries, maybe it’s the same with squirrels?

                  Prices are crazy. Even purely local businesses are using volatile exchange rates an an excuse for raising them.

                  And hopefully better beer than what’s in the store.

  4. Maybe it’s the berries re: the squirrels, though this was on a college campus, so who know what they might’ve been exposed to. All I know was the circling and tumbling and rolling around.

    I think I’d scream if a squirrel actually jumped on me from a tree! I’m hoping they do this only to people who regularly feed them?

    Yes, grocery prices are getting out of hand. Even for just two people, we spend a lot of money.

    Homemade beer is usually better than store, though sometimes there are batches that don’t turn out as expected. Produce grown in your own garden tastes much better than that bought in a store too.

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