Steampunk Kit-Bashing Central


Resources, Female


Resources, Male

Resources, Genesis, Etc.

Resources, Bits ‘N Bobs

Resources, Texturing


  • Using a combination of helper morphs, body morphs, a bit of scaling, and hiding outfit and/or body parts will help in putting all these pieces together. When starting out, texture everything white to make the details easier to see. To check for poke-through with problem parts, temporarily switch to a different color.
  • Pinterest is a good source for inspiration. Some of what’s pinned is a bit “out there,” but there are also a lot of good ideas for kit-bashing.
  • Got any? Please share!

Credits inside…

V4 Preview Outfit

DAZ_Everardo DAZ_Malaika DAZ_Dark-Rose DAZ_Urban-Chic DAZ_Juggling-Act RuntimeDNA_Steampunk-AccessoriesDAZ_Skulduggery Renderosity_Steam-Pilot RuntimeDNA_Shadowcrol

Top from Elverardo, skirt from Malaika, stockings from Dark Rose, boots from Urban Shabby Chic, scarf from Juggling Act, gloves from Steampunk Accessories, hat from Skulduggery, goggles from Steam Pilot, and mask from Shadowcrol.

M4 Preview Outfit

DAZ_Wanted-Dead-Or-Alive DAZ_The-Marquis DAZ_M401 RuntimeDNA_Rococo-M4 DryJack_Plague-Doctor Kyotaro_Mens-Gloves-M4 Luxxeon_Walking-Cane Renderosity_Pince-Nez-V4-M4 Renderosity_Steampunk-Top-Hat

Coat and vest from Wanted Dead or Alive M4; shirt, pants, and belt from The Marquis M4; boots from M401; jabot from Rococo Count M4; mask from Plague Doctor; Men’s Gloves; Walking Cane, Pince Nez Glasses V4/M4; and Steampunk Top Hat.


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