Steampunk Kit Bashing – Skirts


The right kind of skirts are important for creating most female steampunk fashion. I frequently buy/download outfits just for this purpose, so by now I have a decent selection.

Inside, skirt and dress resources. The previews are thumbnail-sized to help loading times, so please click for a better view of the untextured clothing details and material zones. Most examples are for V4 because I have a ton of V4 stuff, but Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 autofits older clothes fairly well.

Not a comprehensive list, only what I own or downloaded. As always, additional suggestions are welcome!

Full Dresses, Commercial

kb_skirts+dresses_steampunk-dress kb_skirts+dresses_long-maid-dress kb_skirts+dresses_rococo-v4 kb_skirts+dresses_sonya kb_skirts+dresses_anabelle-dress kb_skirts+dresses_amsuement kb_skirts+dresses_1860s-crinoline-g2f

Resources: SteamPunk Outfit V4; Long Maid Dress V4 (apron hidden, no longer available); Rococo Countess V4; Sonya V4 (sash and cross hidden); Anabelle Outfit V4; Amusement V4 (stars hidden), and the 1860s Crinoline for G2F.

Notes: The Amusement dress has plenty of room for layering other skirts.The SteamPunk Outfit is a complete themed set; works great “as is.”The Long Maid Dress falls slightly below the knee and can be used for non-corset steampunk outfits, and while it’s no longer  for sale, it’s an old outfit and probably a lot of people already own it. The Rococo Countess skirt has ruffled tiers, but the stomach has a deep v-plunge to fit its top and this makes the skirt a little harder to work with.The Sonya dress has a lot of possibilities, and the Anabelle dress can be worked into the Gothic Lolita style. The 1860s Crinoline Dress works beautifully “as is” for a steampunk theme.

Also, most of the tops can be hidden, so the skirts can be used with other tops.

There are other Genesis outfits similar to these at DAZ — the Cinderella Ball Gown and The Victorian Gown for G2F in particular — but I haven’t yet gotten around to buying them (they are on the wishlist!)

Full Dresses, Free

kb_skirts+dresses_free_idol-dress-a4 kb_skirts+dresses_gwyneth-gown-genesis-1 kb_skirts+dresses_heirloom-dress-dawn kb_skirts+dresses_patchwork-dress-dawn

Resources: Cooking Stage Dress for A4 (vegetables, fruits, and pockets hidden); Gwyneth Gown for Genesis 1; Heirloom Belle Petite (DAZ Studio / Poser)  for Dawn (conversion of Heirloom Belle Petite for G2F), and Patchwork Dress (DAZ Studio / Poser) for Dawn.

Notes: The Cooking Stage Dress and Heirloom Belle Petite fit in with the Gothic Lolita style, which crosses over with classic steampunk, and can also be textured for a military look. The top for the Patchwork Dress is corset-like, but it can also be hidden.

Skirts and Skirt Parts, Commercial

kb_skirts+dresses_alimirena-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_ball-gown-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_lilydale-gown-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_bunny-dazed-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_dark-rose-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_malaika-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_steampunk-corset-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_happily-ever-after-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_noctia-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_victorian-innocence-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_urban-shabby-chic-skirt-suspenders kb_skirts+dresses_witch-hunter-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_mfd-extras kb_skirts+dresses_tube-skirt

Resources: Skirt from Alimirena Dress V4 (top hidden); skirt from Ball Gown V4 (top hidden); skirt from Lilydale Gown V4 (top hidden); skirt from Bunny Dazed V4; skirt from Dark Rose V4; skirt from Malaika V4; skirt from Happily Ever After V4; skirt/corset from SteamPunk Outfit V4; skirt from Noctia V4; skirt from Victorian Innocence V4; slim skirt and suspenders from Urban Shabby Chic V4; overskirt from Witch Hunter V4; bustles from Morphing Fantasy Dress Expansion 2, and Long Tube Skirt V4.

Notes: The Alimirena skirt has three layers; good for a shabby steampunk look. The belt can be textured as a corset or hidden.

The skirts from the Ball Gown and Lilydale Gown are a little harder to layer with different corsets, but work well with an old fashioned-style blouse and belt. Both their tops are corset-like, so they can be used.

The Bunny Dazed skirt is great for layering under open-front skirts; it has length and flare options too. The skirts from Dark Rose, Malaika, and SteamPunk Outfit work well on their own or layered with other skirts or pants. Dark Rose and Malaika also come with corsets, but they’re either just not as detailed (Dark Rose) or have some kit-bashing limitations (Malaika.)

I almost didn’t include the Happily Ever After skirt because it’s so exaggerated, but it has possibilities.

The skirt from the Noctia outfit works with nearly any top, has natural-looking folds, and comes with shape presets — I use this one a lot. It comes with two bodice styles that are also corset-like, but not detailed (as in laces, buckles, straps, etc.)

The Victorian Innocence skirt is part of a larger themed set that, like the SteamPunk Outfit, is perfect “as is.” All its frills, or only some, can be hidden for a variety of styles.

The Shabby Urban Chic skirt has matching suspenders, which would look nice for the working steampunk girl.

Tube skirts are a thing, usually with an overskirt and corset like the one from the SteamPunk Outfit.

The Witch Hunter skirt is intended to fit over pants, so it has possibilities for fitting over other clothing pieces as well.

The Morphing Fantasy Dress Expansion 2 has two bustles, which work pretty well with other skirts. I linked to the one for V4, but there are others for the Mil3 females, Genesis, and (I think?) the Genesis 2 Female.

Skirts and Skirt Parts, Free

kb_skirts+dresses_free_regal-times-skirt kb_skirts+dresses_free_tc11-v4 kb_skirts+dresses_free_tiered-skirt-v4 kb_skirts+dresses_free-rococo-pannier-v4 kb_skirts+dresses_free_gothic-skirt-v4 kb_skirts+dresses_winter-gown-g1

Resources: Skirt from Regal Times V4; skirt from Texture Challenge 11 for V4; Tiered Skirt from Cho’s Crinolines II V4; pannier from Rococo Decadence V4; overskirt from Gothic Outfit V4, and skirt from Winter Outfit for Genesis 1.

Notes: Both of Sanbie’s skirts have movement morphs and work well with other tops. The tiered skirt has more limited movements, but is easy to texture. The pannier is a great accessory to add more punk to the steampunk. (I used the whole outfit in this image.) The Gothic Outfit comes with a dress similar to the SteamPunk dress listed above, but it’s a very large cr2 file and doesn’t work well for me in DS. The overskirt works fine, although it’s a bit difficult re: texturing — solid colors/fabric textures for this one are best. The Winter Skirt has a layered look and comes with a corset-like top as well.

Credits: The preview ensemble was cobbled together from eight purchased products:

DAZ_Buccaneer-V4 DAZ_Bunny-Dazed DAZ_Fortune-Teller-V4 RuntimeDNA_SteamPunk RuntimeDNA_Victorian-Innocence DAZ_Scout-M3 Renderosity_Steampunk-Goggle-Glasses Renderosity_Steam-Pilot

Blouse from Buccaneer V4; skirt from Bunny Dazed V4; vest from Fortune Teller V4; corset/skirt from SteamPunk Outfit V4; hat/stockings/boots from Victorian Innocence V4 (I bought the bundle); bag from The Scout M3; Steampunk Goggle Glasses, and the eye piece extra from Steam Pilot V4.


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