Steampunk Kit-Bashing – Tops


Like skirts, corsets are a staple of steampunk female fashion. Fortunately for most folks, 3D content is chock full of corsets. Not being a big consumer of skimpwear or fetish gear, I have only a tiny fraction of what is available. (Laugh at my minuscule corset collection, if you will, but it serves my kit-bashing needs!)

That said, if there’s something awesome I’ve missed, please point it out.

Images inside; same as before — thumbnails linked to larger images of untextured clothing and mat zones.


kb_corsets+tops_everardo kb_corsets+tops_victorian-innocence kb_corsets+tops_shadowcaster kb_skirts+dresses_sonya kb_skirts+dresses_mfd-extras kb_corsets+tops_malaika kb_corsets+tops_steampunk kb_corsets+tops_roxana kb_corsets+tops_vi-jester-corset kb_corsets+tops_witchhunter-v4 kb_corsets+tops_dark-rose kb_corsets+tops_far-journeyer kb_corsets+tops_hoodlums kb_corsets+tops_keeper-of-dreams kb_corsets+tops_steampunk-lady-blaze kb_corsets+tops_winter-gown-corset kb_corsets+tops_free_rococo-decadence

Resources: Elverardo V4; Victorian Innocence V4; Shadowcaster V4; Sonya V4; MFD Expansion 2 V4; Malaika V4; Steampunk Aviator V4; Roxana Yuroslavna V4; Victorian Innocence Jester V4; Witch Hunter V4; Dark Rose V4; Far Journeyer V4; Hoodlums V4; Keeper of Dreams V4; Steampunk LadyBlaze V4; Winter Gown G1 (free); Rococo Decadence V4 (free.)

Notes: My favorite kit-bashing corset is from Elverardo because it works well with a variety of bottom pieces. For the Sonya dress, you can hide everything but the corset, which is designed to fit over a fuller skirt. The Malaika corset is pretty, but you can’t hide the blouse parts without hiding the corset leather parts…don’t know why the vendor made it that way, but it is what it is. Similar situation with the top from Far Journeyer. The Jester corset is also designed to fit over a wide skirt, so it works well with something like the frilled layer skirt from Rococo Countess.

For steampunk, the more buckles, straps, and lacing there are, the better. I don’t have a lot of such examples, probably because of the lack of aforementioned fetish-style corsets.


kb_corsets+tops_kindred-v4 kb_corsets+tops_urban-shabby-chic-coat kb_corsets+tops_juggling-act-top kb_corsets+tops_witch-hunter-v4 kb_corsets+tops_buccaneer-coat kb_corsets+tops_steampunk-lady-blaze-jacket kb_corsets+tops_wildwood-jacket kb_corsets+tops_winter-gown-bolero

Resources: Kindred V4; Urban Shabby Chic V4; Juggling Act V4; Witch Hunter V4; Buccaneer V4; Steampunk LadyBlaze V4; Wildwoods Traveler V4; Winter Gown G1 (free.)

Notes: The Kindred jacket is great for layering, although there is a minor issue with the vest’s bottom ending a bit high. Depending on what the jacket is layered over, disguise any exposed skin with a leotard, teddy-type of outfit, or a sash/belt/cummerbund prop. The Urban Shabby Chic and Juggling Act coats layer nicely over pants or slimmer skirts, and can be textured with a more military look. The Buccaneer and Steampunk LadyBlaze coats are military-like as well. The Witch Hunter coat is a general casual top. Both bolero jackets can be turned into vests.

Blouses, Camisoles, Tunics, and Vests

kb_corsets+tops_buccaneer kb_corsets+tops_texture-challenge-11-v4 kb_corsets+tops_steampunk-blouse kb_corsets+tops_victorian-innocence-camisole kb_corsets+tops_fantasy-ranger-v4 kb_corsets+tops_fantasy-ranger-dawn kb_corsets+tops_buccaneer-vest kb_corsets+tops_witch-hunter-vest kb_corsets+tops_tres-chic-vest kb_corsets+tops_steampunk-vest kb_corsets+tops_fortune-teller

Resources: Buccaneer V4; Texture Challenge 11 V4 (free); Steampunk Aviator V4; Victorian Innocence V4; Fantasy Ranger V4; Fantasy Rogue Dawn (DS / Poser); Buccaneer V4Witch Hunter V4; Tres Chic V4; SteamPunk Outfit V4; Fortune Teller V4.

Notes: The Buccaneer blouse is old-fashioned and frilly enough for a steampunk look. It also has a lot of material zones and helper morphs. The only camisole I use is the Victorian Innocence one because it has a matching corset. Both Xurge outfits are good for more adventurous steampunk women. I’ve fitted the Buccaneer vest over the Noctia skirt; it makes for a nice “everyday” steampunk style. Both vests are roomy enough to fit over other clothing. The SteamPunk vest is two-sided, which is awesome!

Credits: The preview ensemble was cobbled together from six purchased products and three free props:

Renderosity_KindredV4 Renderosity_NoctiaV4 DAZ_Edwardian-SuitV4 DAZ_Happily-Ever-AfterV4 DAZ_Juggling-Act-HatV4 DAZ_Deeta-Hair-VeilV4 Arki_Shadowcaster-Gloves RuntimeDNA_Oh-La-La-Bag Bob65_Pepperbox-Pistol

Jacket from Kindred V4; skirt from Noctia V4; turtleneck from Edwardian Suit V4; collar from Happily Ever After V4; teddy from Boudoir Whispers V4 (hides tummy); gloves from Shadowcaster V4; hat from Juggling Act V4; veil from Deeta Hair; Shadowcaster Gloves; Oh La La Bag, Pepperbox Pistol (a freebie by Bob65, but I can’t remember where I downloaded it from — may have been the old DAZ forum freepozitory.)

BTW, the bag freebie is a little complicated. Just a heads up on that.


2 thoughts on “Steampunk Kit-Bashing – Tops

  1. Well, well! I knew I had Juggling Act…but it was not in my SP folder, ah, there it is…in straight v4 folder. And clicked on Witch Hunter link to have a look at it, only to find I have purchased but not downloaded it! Doh!

  2. Ha! I can so relate to forgotten content. It’s almost a little embarrassing.

    I have clothing installs more or less under control, but I’m constantly “losing” props despite my best organizational efforts.

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