Steampunk Kit-Bashing: Pants


Pants! Preferably leather — the more distressed the better — with lots of buckles and straps. And also bloomers, stockings, and legwarmers. I aimed for pieces with modeled details, where possible, because they’re more suited to on-the-fly texturing using material presets.

Are there no cargo pants for V4? (Besides the free dynamic ones, which I have.)

Images inside, along with credits for the preview…

Pants and Bloomers

kb_pants+legwear-raiver-v4 kb_pants+legwear-ranger-v4-pants kb_pants+legwear_casual-caprisV4 kb_pants+legwear_tres-chic-pantsV4 kb_pants+legwear_arsenicv4 kb_pants+legwear_elverado-pants  kb_pants+legwear_sf13-V4 kb_pants+legwear-urban-fae-bloomers kb_pants+legwear-victorian-innocence-bloomers kb_pants+legwear_wildwoodV4 kb_pants+legwear_crescentV4 kb_free-bdu-pants-v4

Resources: Raiver V4; Ranger V4; Casual Outfit V4; Tres Chic V4; Arsenic V4; Elverardo V4; Sassy Fashion 13 V4; Urban Fae V4; Victorian Innocence V4; V4 Wildwoods Traveler; Crescent Moon V4 (no longer for sale), and BDU Trousers V4 (free.)

Notes: The Arsenic pants open at the knees; I bought mine at Renderosity, but I think the set is only available now at EvilInnocence’s site. I completely forgot about SF 13, which I bought ages ago. I bought my copy at Poser Addicts II, but Royloo is at Content Paradise as well. While Crescent Moon is no longer available, if you already own it, its flaps and frills are nice details.

The free BDUs for V4 look better with textures (some file path errors tho) and there are shin morphs to help fit boots.

Tights, Leggings, and Stockings

kb_free_gymnastics-wear-tights kb_free_ld-stockings kb_pants+legwear_boudoir-whispers-nylonsV4 kb_pants+legwear_just-jokin-socksV4 kb_pants+legwear_kenzi-socksV4 kb_pants+legwear_richabris-socks-v4 kb_pants+legwear_wonderland-mfd-expV4 kb_pants+legwear_pumpkin-avenueV4 kb_pants+legwear_domino-leggings-v4 kb_pants+legwear_urban-fae-leggingsV4 kb_pants+legwear_monster-socksV4 kb_pants+legwear_shadow-dancer-v4-gaiters kb_pants+legwear_shadow-dancer-v4-leg-wraps kb_pants+legwear-dark-rose-stockings kb_pants+legwear-buccaneer-stocking-tops kb_free_room-wear-socks

Resources: Gymnastic Wear A4 (free); LD Stockings V4 (free); Boudoir Whispers V4; Just Jokin’ V4; Kenzi Outfit V4; V4 Socks; V4 MFD Wonderland Expansion; Pumpkin Avenue V4; Domino V4; Urban Fae V4; Monster SocksV4; gaiters and leg wraps from Shadow Dancer V4; Dark Rose V4; Buccaneer V4, and Dishabille Room Wear V4A4 (free.)

Notes: The Gymanstic Wear set has a texture add-on that includes a ripped texture. (It’s designed for A4 and doesn’t work as well for V4.) The Buccaneer sock topper fits ankle boots, so they’re handy to have around. The gaiters and leg wraps are meant to be layered together over pants, which means they’re quite roomy.

Credits: Preview outfit assembled from eight paid-for outfits and two freebies:

DAZ_Everardo EvilInnocence_Arsenic-V4 DAZ_Steampunk-LadyBlazeV4 Renderosity_Slide3D-Boots-M4V4 DAZ_Urban-FaeV4 DAZ_MFD-Alice-Exp-V4 DAZ_Nikko-HairV4 DAZ_Steampunk-Airman Arki_Shadowcaster-Gloves Sports-Bag-M4

Top from Elverardo V4 (I keep spelling this wrong!); pants from Arsenic V4; underskirt and holster belt from Steampunk LadyBlaze V4; Slide3D Boots M4V4; socks from V4 MFD Wonderland Expansion; arm bracers from Urban Fae V4; goggles from Nikko Hair M4/V4 (no longer for sale); wrench from Steampunk Airman; Shadowcaster Gloves (free), and Sports Bag M4 (free; site NSFW.)


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