Steampunk Kit-Bashing: Pants & Shirts


Mostly M4, with a few M3. The previous generation’s auto-fit clones allows older content to be used with Genesis — and a lot of the older outfits are well made and include both fitting and movement morphs.

I figured I’d be adding all male resources to a single page — on account of guy stuff not being exactly plentiful — but it turns out I had more than I thought!

Images, preview info inside…

Pants, Michael 4

kb_pants+shirts_notorious-m4 kb_pants+shirts_trucker-m4 kb_pants+shirts_m4-prince-pants+long-boots kb_pants+shirts_regency-pants-m4 kb_pants+shirts_wanted-dead-or-alive-pants-m4 kb_pants+shirts_working-man-m4 kb_pants+shirts_marquis-pants kb_pants+shirts_cyber-punk-m4 kb_pants+shirts_rogue-armory-m4 kb_pants+shirts_captain-black-m4 kb_pants+shirts_muskateer-m4 kb_pants+shirts_m4-pirate-pants kb_pants+shirts_midnight-hunter-pants-m4 kb_pants+shirts_war-dog-m4 kb_pants+shirts_jack-of-hearts-m4 kb_pants+shirts_free-buckle-pants-m4 kb_pants+shirts_free-mountie-pants

Resources: Notorious M4; Truck Clothing Set M4; Fairytale Prince M4; Regency M4; The Marquis M4; Wanted Dead or Alive M4Working Man M4; Cyberpunk M4; Rogue Armory Pants M4H4; Buccaneer Captain Black M4; Musketeer M4; M4 Pirate; Midnight Hunter M4; Veteran War Dog M4; Jack of Hearts M4; DD M4 Pants (free); Mountie Set M4 (free.)

Notes: Lots of buckles on Notorious. Casual/adventure cargo pant options with the Truck Clothing Set, Cyberpunk, and Veteran War Dog — the latter’s knee pads can be hidden. The Marquis pants are good for a more lordly look. Suspenders on the Dead or Alive and Working Man pants are also great for casual steampunk looks. The high-waisted Regency pants work well under vests when there are hidden shirt parts. Lots of lacing on Rogue Armory. The baggier knee-length pants go well with knee-high boots (if a little leg skin shows, add socks or a second skin.)

Both free sets have nice details, and the Mountie has military-themed stripe down each side.

Pants, Michael 3

kb_pants+shirts_m3-sade-pants+boots kb_pants+shirts_m3-scout kb_pants+shirts_m3-desert-solider-pants+boots kb_pants+shirts_m3-privateer-pants kb_pants+shirts_m3-sky-merc-pants

Resources: Sade M3; The Scout M3; Modern Desert Soldier M3; The Privateer M3, and Daedalus Sky Mercenary M3.

Notes: The Sade pants come with a boot-fit only version, which I’ve shown with the boots. Ditto for the Desert Soldier example. The Scout is an all-in-one piece: pants, shoes, and gaiters. Both the Privateer and Sky Mercenary pants have great details. Buckle pants are also nicely detailed.


kb_pants+shirts_war-dog-shirt-m4 kb_pants+shirts_30s-suit-m4-shirt kb_pants+shirts_achaius-m4 kb_pants+shirts_beowulf-m4-shirt kb_pants+shirts_leon-m4 kb_pants+shirts_lockwood-m4  kb_pants+shirts_m4-regency-shirt kb_pants+shirts_marquis-shirt01-m4 kb_pants+shirts_marquis-shirt02-m4 kb_pants+shirts_tuxedo-m4-shirt kb_pants+shirts_wanted-dead-or-alive-shirt kb_pants+shirts_m4-pirate-shirt kb_pants+shirts_buccaneer-m4 kb_pants+shirts_free-angel-shirt-m4

Resources: Veteran War Dog M4; Menswear 1930 M4; Achaius Shirt M4; Beowulf M4 (M3 version); Leon di Castiglia M4; Lockwood M4; Regency M4; The Marquis Shirt 01; The Marquis Shirt 02; M4 Tuxedo; Wanted Dead or Alive M4; M4 Pirate; Buccaneer Shirt M4, and Angel Flutter Shirt M4 (free; site NSFW.)

Notes: A mix of tailored and loosely-fitted shirts. The Veteran War Dog shirt is perfect for adventurer or everyday steampunk and comes with tuck-in morphs. The shirts by Uzilite — Beowulf and The Marquis — have lots of material zones to make them fit more easily under vests. The M4 Regency, Wanted Dead Or Alive, and Tuxedo M4 shirts all come with nice detailing for the more aristocratic look.

There’s a free a belt as well as extra free textures for the Achaius Shirt here. Fisty has nice textures for the Buccaneer Shirt and Buccaneer Captain Black here.

Shirts, Michael 3

kb_pants+shirts_m3-lone-wolf-shirt+harness kb_pants+shirts_m3-sade-shirt

Resources: Lone Wolf M3 and Sade M3.

Notes: The harness on the Lone Wolf shirt is a separate prop but I rendered them together. The Sade shirt has many material zones for texturing as well as fitting beneath vests and coats.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

kb_pants+shirts_narquelir-kiir-m4 kb_pants+shirts_free-casual-outfit-pants kb_pants+shirts_free_m3-buckle-pants

Notes: Narquelir Kiir M4 was at DAZ, but the vendor pulled it. The lo-rise jeans from the Casual Outfit M4 was a short-term Christmas freebie and is no longer available. The free M3 Buckle Pants are also no longer downloadable. If you happened to acquire any of these, though, they’re excellent for steampunk projects. All have great detailing.

Credits: Preview assembled from eight purchased outfits:

DAZ_Veteran-War-DogM4 DAZ_The-Marquis-M4 DAZ_Dark-Thorn-M4 DAZ_Immortal-Ronin-M4 DAZ_M4-Regency DAZ_Midnight-Hunter-M4 DAZ_Steampunk-Cowboy-M4 DAZ_Working-Man-M4

Shirt, pants, and boots from Veteran War Dog M4, with the knee pads hidden on the pants; vest from The Marquis M4; gloves and hip belt from Midnight Hunter M4; harness from Immortal Ronin M4; arm bracers from Dark Thorn M4; neck tie and watch fob from Regency M4, goggles from Steam Cowboy M4, and hat from Working Man M4.




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