Steampunk Kit-Bashing: Coats & Vests


Again, mostly M4 with a few M3 outfits here and there (Genesis and Dawn/Dusk will be a separate listing.)

Images, credit info inside…

Coats and Jackets, Michael 4

kb_coats+vests_legendary-coat-m4 kb_coats+vests_kindred-m4-coat kb_coats+vests_ace-of-spades-jacket kb_coats+vests_m4-pirate-coat kb_coats+vests_wonderland-hatter-coat-m4 kb_coats+vests_royal-prince-m4-coat kb_coats+vests_regency-m4-jacket kb_coats+vests_wanted-dead-or-alive-coat kb_coats+vests_fairytale-prince-m4-jacket kb_coats+vests_rococo-count-coat kb_coats+vests_m4-tuxedo-coat kb_coats+vests_the-marquis-m4-coat kb_coats+vests_regency-m4-coat  kb_coats+vests_mourning-son-jacket-m4 kb_coats+vests_straight-line-jacket-m4

Resources: TOA: Legendary M4; Kindred M4; Ace of Spades Jack M4; M4 Pirate; Wonderland Mad Hatter M4; Royal Prince M4; Regency M4 #01; Wanted Dead or Alive M4; Fairytale Prince M4H4; Rococo Count M4; M4 Tuxedo; The Marquis M4; Regency M4 #02; Mourning Sun M4; Straight Line Jacket M4.

Notes: The Legendary coat has cuffs and a sash (not shown) and can be made into a short military jacket.

The Kindred coat/vest is great for steampunk styles, but I’m really disappointed by the material zones; the V4 version had so many more. The vest is a little high on the abdomen, so adjustment may be needed depending on how it’s kit-bashed.

The Ace of Spades jacket front is very roomy to allow for its breastplate; excellent for layering.

Since steampunk covers everything from Georgian to Victorian (not counting crossover from diesel punk, goth, and post-apocalyptic styles), I’ve included the Pirate and Rococo coats.

The Wonderland Mad Hatter coat is another near-perfect fit for steampunk. The collar ruffles can be hidden and the skirt has a few movement morphs. On the downside, the sleeves are a little boxy-looking and the jacket skirt is pretty much “pinned” to the hip, so opening the coat too far looks weird.

The Regency M4 coats have lots of morphs and movement options, although only the long coat has an open morph. The Royal Prince jacket/jabot combo has no front opening or buttons, so it has more limited use. The tails look nice, though. The M4 Tuxedo coat has an open morph for the jacket part. The Marquis coat has some movement morphs as well.

The Wanted Dead or Alive coat has a number of fitting and movement morphs, as well as an option to make the coat tail longer — very handy for steampunk kit-bashing.

The Fairytale Prince, Mourning Sun, and Straight Line coats can all be re-purposed for a more military look. I bought my copy of the Straight Line Jacket  as a single, but it’s only available now in a bundle.

Free M4

kb_coats+vests_free-17th-century-suit-coat-m4 kb_coats+vests_free_short-trench-coat-m4 kb_coats+vests_free_mountie-coat-m4

Resources: 18th Century Suit M4; Short Trench Coat M4, and Mountie Set M4.

Notes: The 18th Century coat is quite nice, especially for steampunk pirates. The Mountie coat is military-themed, and the short trench coat can also be re-purposed with a military look.

Coats and Jackets, Michael 3

kb_coats+vests_m3-sky-merc-coat kb_coats+vests_m3-sky-merc-jacket kb_coats+vests_m3-sade-coat

Resources: Daedalus Sky Mercenary M3 Coat and Jacket, and Sade M3;

Notes: The Daedalus coats are more diesel punk than steampunk, but the military-look of the first one is useful. The Sade jacket has a nice collar — and other old timers may have bought Elsina’s texture add-on when it was still available.

Free M3

kb_coats+vests_free_m3-evening-suit-all-in-one kb_coats+vests_m3-cook-coat

Resources: Evening Suit (Enbi) M3 and M3 Cook Coat (or here.)

Notes: The Evening Suit has an all-in-one coat, vest, shirt and tie. The Cook Coat can be re-purposed as a military coat.

Vests, Michael 4

kb_coats+vests_m4-pirate-vest kb_coats+vests_royal-prince-m4-vest kb_coats+vests_regency-m4-vest kb_coats+vests_veranil-m4-vest kb_coats+vests_regency-m4-wvest kb_coats+vests_the-marquis-m4-vest kb_coats+vests_m4-tuxedo-vest kb_coats+vests_wonderland-hatter-vest+shirt kb_coats+vests_euros-m4 kb_coats+vests_regency-m4-wcoat kb_coats+vests_woodgod-m4 kb_coats+vests_nagase-m4-vest+shirt kb_coats+vests_notorious-m4-vest kb_coats+vests_1930s-meanswear-vest kb_coats+vests_wanted-dead-or-alive-vest

ResourcesM4 Pirate; Royal Prince M4; Regency M4 #01; Veranil M4; Regency M4 #02; The Marquis M4; M4 Tuxedo; Wonderland Mad Hatter M4; Euros M4; Regency M4 #03; Woodgod M4; Nagase M4H4; Notorious M4; 1930s Menswear M4, and Wanted Dead or Alive M4.

Notes: The Pirate and Woodgod vests are useful for everyday steampunk looks — and, of course, airship pirates. The Woodgod vest is double-sided; the example has the arm fur hidden.

The Royal Prince vest is intended for layering, so it has no opening and buttons only halfway down the chest. This might be useful for some kit-bashing projects.

The first Regency M4 vest is a little longer and looser than most, the other two are great for classic steampunk fashion. Ditto for the Marquis and Wanted Dead Or Alive vests.

The Veranil, Euros, Nagase, and Notorious vests are different in styling; options to keep in mind.

The Wonderland Mad Hatter vest has shirt parts included, all of which can be hidden — the neck ruff is part of the main shirt material zone, so if you want to use the ruff and not the shirt, you’ll need to hide the shirt body part in the Scene tab.

The M4 Tuxedo vest has an open morph, which is handy if you want to show off a shirt. The open morphs crinkle badly in DS4 until the right/left sides are matched.

The Menswear 1930s vest has a double-pocket detail, which can be hidden.

Free M4

kb_coats+vests_free_messenger-m4-vest kb_coats+vests_free_victorian-vest-m4 kb_free_coats+vests_18th-century-suit-vest

Resources: Messenger M4H4; Victorian Vest M4, and 18th Century Suit M4.

Notes: The Messenger vest has a military flare to it, and the set comes with several steampunk-related props. The Victorian vest is pretty and comes with equally pretty extra textures. It’s meant to be worn over the bare chest; a good choice for the sexier renders (which isn’t to say it can’t be kit-bashed with a shirt anyway), the 18th Century suit’s vest includes the shirt and tie, both of which can be hidden.

Vests, Michael 3

kb_coats+vests_m3-scout-vest kb_coats+vests_m3-sade-vest kb_coats+vests_free_m3-evening-suit-vest+shirt

Resources: The Scout M3; Sade M3, and Evening Suit (Enbi) M3 (free.)

Notes: The Scout vest is longer than most others, which is a useful option to have. I like the deep collar on the Sade vest. The free Evening (Enbi) Suit has a separate shirt/vest piece, which is very nice-looking.

Credits: Example image assembled from seven paid-for outfits:

DAZ_WonderlandMadHatter-M4 DAZ_Menswear1930s-M4 DAZ_M4-Regency DAZ_FairytalePrince-M4 DAZ_AceOfSpadesJack-M4 DAZ_CyberpunkM4 DAZ_Skulduggery

Coat and top from Wonderland Mad Hatter M4, with the vest and bottom shirt hidden; vest from 1930s Menswear M4; pants and watch fob from Regency M4; boots from Fairytale Prince M4H4; goggles from Ace of Spades Jack M4; gloves from Cyberpunk M4, and top hat from Skulduggery Gen4.


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