Steampunk Kit-Bashing: Genesis 1/2 & Dawn/Dusk


I don’t have as much content for Genesis 1, little for Genesis 2, and even less for Dawn and Dusk. G3F not included, as I’ve only bought her a shirt so far.

The smaller selection of steampunk-friendly outfits is less of an issue because with various clone options — bought, free, or do-it-yourself — it’s easier to swap clothing between figures. (At least in DS.) Autofit results may not be perfect, but they’re still pretty good. For example, a couple M3 freebies auto-fitted to Konrad:


On the left, the unaltered converted results. Postwork on the right, using PSP’s Mesh Warp (liquefy in PS) and the Push tools. It took only a couple minutes to smooth out the groin area and adjust the shoulder “shrug.”

Abelundercity pointed out wilmap has many free outfits for Genesis 1/2 that would work for kit-bashing, listed in this comment. There’s a huge amount of steampunk-related clothing and props that I don’t have, so I’m considering a post regarding this. If you have any suggestions, please post a comment!

Edited to add: Forgot to mention that the DAZ Regency outfits I referenced for M4 are also available for Genesis 1 and Genesis 2M (oops, just G2.) I just haven’t bought them because the Gen4 versions are enough for my needs.

Untextured/material zones is a bit problematic for some Genesis 2 outfits due to the reliance on normal and displacement maps for details, so one is included “as is.” Also, I re-added a few outfits from other lists.

And away we go with mix-n-match for the weight-mapped kids…

Coats, Jackets, and Vests

kb_genesis_coats_royal-guardsman-g1 kb_genesis_coats_corsair-coat-long-g1 kb_genesis_coats_corsair-coat-short-g1 kb_genesis_vests_highlander-g1 kb_genesis_vests_effortless-cool-g1 kb_coats_adventureland-jacket-g1

Resources: Royal Guardsman G1; Corsair G1 (long and short coats); Highlander G1; Effortless Cool G1, and Adventure Land G1.

Notes: Nice detailing on the Guardsman and Corsair coats; latter has a long and short version. Chest belt on the short version can be hidden. The Highlander vest has an adventuresome flair. The Effortless Cool vest has nice detailing, open/close morphs, and quite a few fit and movement morphs (Platinum Club clothing is pretty good about this sort of thing.) The Adventure Land coat would  make a nice vest with the sleeves hidden. Also, see the Western Outlaw image below for a vest with realistic wrinkle morphs (the shirt is only a partial one.)


kb_corsets+tops_winter-gown-bolero kb_vests_free-tc47-dusk

Resources: Winter Outfit for Genesis 1 and Texture Challenge 47 Dusk.

Notes: Bolero-type vests are most often layered over a shirt or shirt/corset combo. The TC vest is nicely utilitarian. (One of these days, I should make Dusk/Dawn clones for swapping clothes.)

Pants, Leggings, and Socks

kb_genesis_pants_mens-night-life-g1 kb_genesis_pants_highlander-g1 kb_genesis_pants_hb-cargo-g1 kb_pants+legwear_ashe-g1 kb_pants+legwear_short-order-cook-pants-g1 kb_pants+legwear_lumberjack-pants-g2m kb_pants+legwear_horror-survivors-cris-pants-g2f kb_g2m-western-outlaw-gear kb_genesis_pants_corsair_g1 kb_pants+legwear_17-chic-leggings-g1 kb_pants+legwear_just-jokin-socks-g1 kb_pants+legwear_50s-everyday-wear-socks-g1

Resources: Men’s Night Life G1; Highlander G1; Cargo Pant B G1; Ashe G1; Short Order Cook G1; Lumberjack G2M from the G2 Starter Essentials; Horror Survivors Cris G2F; Western Outlaw G2M; Corsair G1; 17 Chic G1; Just Jokin’ G1V4, and Everyday 1950 G1.

Notes: Looser pants and cargo pants are good for everyday and adventurer types. Lace-up pants are always a good choice for scoundrels. The Ashe pants look very nice, but its material zones are sadly limited. The Short Order Cook pants have great details. The Lumberjack outfit is technically a freebie, though you still have to “buy” it. HS Cris and Western Outlaw are nice outfits; most detailing in normal and displacement maps though. Corsair pants work well with knee high boots.


kb_genesis_free_sy-leggings-g1 kb_genesis_free_pants_disco-outfit-g2f kb_pants+legwear_free-tc50-dusk kb_pants+legwear_free-tc47-dusk kb_pants+legwear_free-stockings-dawn

Resources: SY Leggings G1 (also here); 80s Disco Outfit G2F (no longer available for download); Texture Challenge 50 Dusk; Texture Challenge 47 Dusk, Stockings for Dawn (maybe no longer available?)

Notes: The pants have nice detailing and cover aristocrats to working folk to pirates. The baggy Disco pants work pretty well for Jodhpur or Zouave styles. I can’t seem to find the stockings download link; the old one to the pfddelights forum just keeps sending me to a login box.

Shirts and Tunics

kb_genesis_shirts_effortless-cool-g1 kb_shirts_50s-everyday-blouse-g1 kb_shirts_lumberjack-shirt-g2m kb_corsets+tops_fantasy-ranger-dawn

Resources: Effortless Cool G1; Everyday 1950 G1; Lumberjack G2M from the G2 Starter Essentials, and Fantasy Rogue Dawn (DS / Poser).

Notes: The Effortless Cool shirt is great for the working/everyday steampunk look, especially when paired with cargo pants or a straight skirt. Same goes for the 1950s blouse, although it’s more feminine in style. The flat collar makes it easier to use with scarves, etc. The Lumberjack shirt and Dawn’s tunic would be good for airship pirates.


kb_genesis_free_shirt-g2f kb_shirts_free-tc50-dusk

Resources: Blouse G2F and Texture Challenge 50 Dusk.

Notes: The blouse has nice detailing and works best for everyday styles, over a longer skirt or cargo pants. The TC 50 shirt is on the piratical side of things.

Skirts, Dresses, and Corsets

kb_skirts+dresses_1860s-crinoline-g2f kb_dresses-skirts-corsets_just-jokin-corset+skirt-g1 kb_dresses-skirts-corsets_50s-everyday-skirt-g1 kb_dresses-skirts-corsets_50s-everyday-underskirt-g1 kb_dresses-skirts-corsets_pleated-skirt-dawn

Resources: 1860’s Crinolilne G2F; Just Jokin’ G1V4; Everyday 1950 G1 (skirt and underskirt), and Pleated Skirt for Dawn.

Notes: The crinoline dress is perfect for steampunk, especially more traditional Victorian styles. The Just Jokin’ corset and short skirt are great for layering over pants or other straight skirts. The skirt/underskirt combo from the 1950s set is a good fit for the sensible working woman. The asymmetrical hem of the Pleated Skirt lends itself well to steampunk fashion.


kb_skirts+dresses_gwyneth-gown-genesis-1 kb_skirts+dresses_winter-gown-g1 kb_skirts+dresses_patchwork-dress-dawn kb_skirts+dresses_heirloom-dress-dawn kb_corsets+tops_winter-gown-corset

Resources: Gwyneth Gown for Genesis 1; Winter Outfit for Genesis 1; Patchwork Dress (DAZ Studio / Poser) for Dawn; Heirloom Belle Petite (DAZ Studio / Poser)  for Dawn (conversion of Heirloom Belle Petite for G2F), and Winter Outfit for Genesis 1 corset.

Notes: The top for both the Gwyneth Dress and Patchwork Dress are corset-like, but can also be hidden to use only the skirt. Heirloom Belle Petite fits the Gothic Lolita style. The Winter Gown skirt and corset have lots of material zones and nice wrinkle detailing as well.

Credits: The preview outfits were assembled from sixteen paid-for products and three freebies:

DAZ_Effortless-CoolG1 Renderosity_Cargo-PantsG1 DAZ_Royal-GuardsmanG1  DAZ_Highlander-G1 DAZ_CorsairG1  DAZ_Adventure-LandG1 DAZ_Royal-PunkG1 DAZ_Midnight-Hunter-M4 DAZ_AceOfSpadesJack-M4 PinceNezM4V4 DAZ_1950s-EverydayG1 DAZ_Chic-17-G1 DAZ_AsheG1 DAZ_Aussie-Girl-G1V4 DAZ_Short-Order-CookG1 Renderosity_Coffeehouse-FashionV4 DAZ_Steampunk-AviatorV4 MessengerM4

Shirt and vest from Effortless Cool G1 (vest used on both); Cargo Pant B G1, boots from Royal Guardsman G1, bracers and shoulder pad from Highlander G1; cravat from Corsair G1; belt and pouch from Adventure Land G1; top hat from Royal Punk G1; belts from Midnight Hunter M4; goggles from Ace of Spades Jack M4; Pince Nez M4V4 (free); shirt, skirt and underskirt from Everyday 1950 G1; leggings from 17 Chic G1; belts from the Ashe G1 pants with the pants hidden; boots from Aussie Girl G1V4; belt cloth from Short Order Cook G1; scarf from Coffeehouse Fashion V4; hat and hair from Steam Punk Aviator V4, and bag from Messenger M4H4 (free.)

Not shown (because I apparently failed to download the image) are SickleYield’s Fingerless Gloves for Genesis, a Renderosity Xmas give-away that’s no longer available.

Next up: all-important accessories. Not sure if it’ll be a single post or two yet.


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