Note to self

Next time, wear pants and elbow-high gloves when clipping pumpkins out of the pumpkin patch.

Learning the hard way, that’s me!



4 thoughts on “Note to self

    • Pumpkins very spiky!

      But they are very pretty pumpkins; the jabs and scratches were worth it.

      We did lose a couple pumpkins to bugs — vine borers most likely, tho maybe slugs too — but the other fourteen look great. And there’s about that many still left to ripen before the first frost. I’m keeping a close eye on them for any sign of bug trouble.

      If it’s not the wildlife, it’s the bugs, argh!

        • Dunno…spiky pumpkins are pretty sassy. The scratches on my arms and legs are still there.

          Family gets first dibs on pumpkins — so far my mom, my son, and my husband’s ex-wife, all of whom like to bake.

          After that, a few will go to my husband’s co-workers who’ve expressed an interest, and there’s a place that might buy some as well. If there are any left over, we’ll see if neighbors are interested in them. These are pie pumpkins, so they’re much smaller than the usual jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

          The pumpkins get cut up, cooked in the oven until they’re soft, then the insides are scooped put and processed with a blender until it’s a puree. After that, the puree is poured in containers and goes into the freezer. Pumpkin puree freezes really well.

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