SP Kit-Bashing Extras – Head Gear


Hats and goggles and masks and fancy elements. The basics aren’t too hard to find, though building on them is more of a challenge. Little decorative bits don’t exist separately for the purpose of putting them on other props; they only come as part of another prop, like a hat.

A jewelry set similar to this one by Sveva might work for such a purpose if the ear parts can be hidden. I don’t own the set (it’s wishlisted), so I can’t say for certain. The steampunk sets I have, by Inception8 and Jonnte, aren’t as fancy, but still work. Inception8’s free Skeleton Key Earrings fit a steampunk theme.

Edit to add: Per Kettu in the comments, Sveva’s DS and Poser sets both have lots of material zones to hide parts and also come as separate left and right props, so they can be refitted to cuffs, hats, shoes, corsets, etc.

I fit Snood Hair over the face mask, only to realize after the fact this was all wrong. Oops. Probably should’ve tried decreasing the Z-scaling and then nudging the mask forward until it cleared the hairline. Well, at least it gets the point across.

Onward ho…

Hats, Commercial

kb_headgear_corsair-g1 kb_headgear_steam-pilot-v4 kb_headgear_hatter-amusement-m4v4 kb_headgear_royal-punk-g1 kb_headgear_working-man-m4 kb_headgear_edwardian-suit-hat-v4 kb_headgear_daedalus-sky-mercenary-m3 kb_headgear_juggling-act-v4 kb_headgear_m4-pirate-hat kb_headgear_buccaneer-v4 kb_headgear_pirate-hat kb_headgear_london-vanity-dandy-v4  kb_headgear_extraordinary-league-g2f kb_headgear_flightsuit-m4 kb_headgear_steampunk-aviator-cap-v4 kb_headgear_steampunk-top-hat-m4-v4 kb_headgear_victorian-innocence-v4 kb_headgear_wanted-dead-or-alive-m4 kb_headgear_lady-blaze-v4 kb_headgear_regenc-m4-hat kb_headgear_carnaval-gen4 kb_headgear_steampunk-v4-hat kb_headgear_skulduggery-gen4

Resources: Corsair G1; Steam Pilot V4; Wonderland Mad Hatter M4 and AmusementV4; Royal Punk G1; Working Man M4; Edwardian Suit V4; Daedalus Sky Mercenary M3; Juggling Act V4; M4 Pirate; Buccaneer V4; pirate hat from Flintlock Pistol; London Vanity V4; Extraordinary League G2F; M4F Suit; Steampunk Aviator V4; Steampunk Top Hat M4V4; Victorian Innocence V4; Wanted Dead or Alive M4; Steampunk LadyBlaze V4Regency M4; Carnaval Style Gen4; Steampunk Accessories V4, and Skulduggery Gen4.

Notes: Steampunk mixes a number of looks, from pirates in tricorner hats and WWI/WWII-era military caps to the more traditional top hats. I’ve also seen bowler/cabaret hats, wide-brimmed Edwardian hats, and caps like the one from Working Man. I included the hats from Wonderland Mad Hatter and Amusement even though they’re exaggerated and a little toony. The Wanted Dead or Alive set also comes with a bowler, I just forgot to render it.

Hats, Free

kb_free_headgear_sav-hats-v4m4 kb_free_headgear_chimney-hat-v4 kb_free_headgear_dna-adventurer kb_free_headgear_bowler-v3 kb_free_headgear_rifleman-helmet-v4 kb_free_headgear_teflon-dotty-v4 kb_free_headgear_dna-morphing-hat kb_free_headgear_steel-aberrant-d3 kb_free_headgear_orange-bowler-v4

Resources: SAV hat collection for M4 and V4; Steampunk Gallon Hat V4; DNA Adventure Gear; Bowler Hat V3; Victorian Rifleman V4; Teflon Dotty; DNA Morphing Hat; Steel Aberrant D3, and A Clockwork Heiress V4.

Notes: A nice selection of free hats, including a pith helmet! Not a lot of those around. Teflon Dotty is perhaps more gangster than cabaret, but I included it anyway. Arcebus has shut down his website so I’ve changed the Clockwork Heiress link to the web archive. When I last checked, the zip download still worked.

Goggles, Commercial

kb_eyegear_ace-of-spades-jack-m4 kb_eyegear_steam-pilot-v4 kb_eyegear_shadow-crol-goggles kb_eyegear_steampunk-outfit-v4  kb_eyegear_the-scout-m3 kb_eyegear_jonnte-sp-goggles-m4v4 kb_eyegear_steamcowboy-m4 kb_eyegear_steampunk-airman-m4 kb_eyegear_xo-swat-a3 kb_eyegear_eye-implants-v4

Resources: Ace of Spades Jack M4; Steam Pilot V4; Shadowcrol V4; Steampunk Accessories V4; The Scout M3; Steampunk Goggles M4V4; Steam Cowboy M4; Steampunk Airman M4; XO SWAT Weapons Unit A3, and Technophilia – Eye Implants 1.

Notes: The Shadowcrol, XO SWAT, and Eye Implants aren’t true goggles, but can be fitted to other head gear or masks to act as such.

Goggles, Free

kb_free_eyegear_dna-goggles kb_free_eyegear_uber-goggles-v3 kb_free_eyegear_airship-goggles kb_free_eyegear_sw-goggles

Resources: DNA Adventure Gear; Uber Goggles V3; E’Naut Airship Goggles M4V4, and Steampunk Goggles.

Notes: The Adventurer goggles come with the set of hats listed above. Inception8’s Uber Goggles are similar to his Cygoggles, which are no longer for sale (see below.) The Steampunk Goggles don’t have moving parts, but they’re delightfully fussy.

Edited to add that abelundercity pointed out there’s a new set of free goggles for Genesis over at ShareCG. Thanks for the heads-up!

Masks, Commercial

kb_headgear_breathless kb_headgear_vi-jester-v4 kb_headgear_midnight-prince-hair-mask-m4 kb_headgear_nautical-bric-a-brac-diver-helmet kb_headgear_carnaval-masks-gen4 kb_headgear_medico-m4 kb_headgear_shadowcrol-mask-v4   kb_headgear_steampunk-mask-m4 kb_headgear_vendetta-g2m kb_headgear_marauder-m3 kb_headgear_vi-circus-jester-short-mask kb_headgear_epsilon-m4

Resources: Breathless V4; VI Circus – Jester V4; Midnight Prince Hair M4; Nautical Bric-a-Brac; Carnaval Style Gen4; Medico Della Peste M4; Shadowcrol V4; Steampunk Protective Mask M4; Vendetta G2M; Marauders M3 (also G1 version); VI Circus – Jester V4, and Epsilon M4.

Notes: Breathless is a huge collection of separate props, some of which come preloaded — lots of parts to add to other gear. Not all parts for the Steampunk Protective Mask are shown. The Carnaval set comes with fits for various Gen4 figures and the bottoms of the full ones can be hidden. The Medico Della Peste mask is nice, though I wish it had a few more material zones. The VI Circus Jester outfit comes with a half mask and a smaller eye mask. The Epsilon mask is more cyberpunk looking but still fits the steampunk theme.

Masks, Free

kb_free_headgear_masquerade-v4 kb_free_headgear_mdc-mask kb_free_headgear_messenger-m4 kb_free_headgear_plague-doctor-m4 kb_free_headgear_sp-phantom-mask-m4 kb_free_headgear-gas-mask kb_free_headgear_ty-m4 kb_free_headgear_dive-helmet

Resources: Masquerade V4; Jeweled Mask; The Messenger M4H4; Plague Doctor M4; Steampunk Phantom Mask M4; Lab 108 Gas Mask; TY2 outfit for M4, V4, and G2M, and Diving Helmet.

Notes: The masks from The Messenger have props have no separate material zones. The Lab 108 gas mask is pretty old, but still looks nice. The TY suit helmet is more cyberpunk looking, but it could work for the more fantastical side of steampunk. I think the Dive Helmet is fitted for V4, but it wouldn’t take much effort to re-fit it to other figures.

Misc Head Gear

kb_eyegear_pince-nez-m4v4 kb_free_eyegear_monocle-m3 kb_headgear_steampunk-implants-m4v4 kb_free_eyegear_pince-nez-m4v4

Resources: Pince Nez M4V4; Monocle M3 (free); Steampunk Implants, and Pince Nez M4V4 (free.)

Notes: Not exactly goggles or masks, but related.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

kb_headgear-torpedo-cylinder-hat-m4v4 kb_headgear_torpedo-mask-m4v4 kb_eyegear_nikko-hair-goggles-m4v4 kb_eyegear_cygoggles-v4 kb_headgear_night-day-v3 kb_eyegear_steampunk-eyepatch kb_headgear_rusty-dreams-v3

Resources: Torpedo M4V4; Nikko Hair V4M4; Cygoggles V4; Night & Day V3; Steampunk Eye Patch, and Rusty Dreams – Delicious Delirium V3.

Notes: The Cylinder Hat/Ammo and Laced Hood, shown with a few of the many extra parts, is a fantastic resource and it’s too bad it’s no longer for sale. The goggles from Nikko Hair V4M4 are nice, though the upper lenses deform when moved in DS. The surreal-looking V3 mask is part of a character texture set that’s no longer for sale. The Steampunk Eye Patch came in both a M4 and V4 version and, again, is sadly no longer for sale. The face mask is from another character texture for V3 that’s long out of the market.

But I included them here because us old timers may have a few of these lurking in the Runtime and have forgotten about them.

Credits: Example assembled from six commercial products.

RuntimeDNA_VI-Circus-Jester-V4 RuntimeDNA_Steampunk-Accessories RuntimeDNA_Shadowcrol Renderosity_Steam-Pilot DAZ_Snood-Hair Renderosity_Neck-Allure-V4

Half mask from VI Circus – Jester V4; hat from Steampunk Accessories V4 (goggles hidden); eyepieces from Shadowcrol V4 (spikes hidden) and Steam Pilot V4Snood Hair V4, and Neck Allure V4.


6 thoughts on “SP Kit-Bashing Extras – Head Gear

    • Those are bit unusual, thanks! I also see the same person made a tiny top hat, which is quite steampunk-able.

      Many thanks to our dainty little feets!

    • Thanks! It would be great if there separate zones, then it would be easier to add them to other things. It would also be good if there were separate left and right earrings.

      • In the Poser set, there are separate left and right ones. Judging by the readme at Rendo (it took me several minutes to find the link on those redesigned pages!), it’s the same with the DS version.

        The Poser version has loads of mat zones:

        The EarringBack and EarringBackWireRings are the “hook” and its fixing; these can be hidden safely. As can MetalBall and often MetalRings. At the same time, MetalRings is reused within complex designs (like the one where this moon has key-shaped pendants) to attach the pendants. But then, if you need to hide the top one, you can create a tiny torus primitive and translate it where the second ring should be…

        • Oh, thank you! And that’s perfect, it’ll be a lot easier to add these to gloves, hats, shoes, corsets, etc.

          I might have to bump this one up higher in priority. So many things to buy, never enough fun money…

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