Axel for Dusk (DS)

Spent my monthly budget already. I was holding off, waiting to see if anything interesting would show up during the DAZ PA sale, but then HiveWire released Axel for Dusk and that was that. So my pretties for this month:

Characters_Dusk Axel 1

Figures_G1 Kimberly Clothes_G2F Victorian Gown Clothes_G2M Eldritch Seeker

Axel is a great deal! For a little less than $15 (I had reward points), I got a character morph, a nice skin texture, jeans, t-shirt, sandals, and hair — and 3Delight and Iray materials for everything. Now that’s the way to sell a new character, imo, not the over-priced-to-push-the-bundle-not-the-single-character strategy DAZ employs these days.

And everything in the Axel bundle is 100% useful for me. The hair prop is especially appreciated; there aren’t a lot of everyday hair props for the guys.

Poser users are probably a bit frustrated because he’s DS only right now, but at least they know a Poser version is in the works. This is what I really like about HiveWire; the products from the core group are almost always dual-platform — even if there is a time lag — which is great customer service.

Not to be ragging on DAZ, but a newly released character over there is twice what I paid for Axel, and what do I get? A skin texture and a morph. These may be quality skin textures and morphs, but eh…at those prices, I can live without them.

I’m not boycotting DAZ or anything like that, but I just don’t spend as much as I used to. Not even during the big sales. I did pick up Kimberly for Genesis, so Konrad would have a companion in hijinks, finally bought the Victorian Gown for G2F, and then added Eldritch Seeker for G2M, yet another great Luthbel outfit for the guys.

There were a few Oskarsson things I’d considered picking up if DAZ did a grand finale sale — The Nook, Duffle Dream, and Kamrat — but those will have to wait for another budgeted shopping spree. Sigh.

Apropos to nothing, this is one of my favorite DAZ promo images; it makes me laugh every time I see it. The look on V4’s face:


Oh, and before I forget, I did a couple test renders with Axel’s 3Delight and Iray mats. The latter took nearly an hour, but I don’t have a high-end Nvidia graphics card.

3Delight Axel, saying “What? I’m just borrowing Teen Justin’s poses, not stealing them.”


Iray Axel, thinking, “The RedEyeCat person gave me a boring M5 pose in a boring Iray render…why does she hate me?

Yeah…not too savvy in Iray renders, but he looks pretty good anyway.


11 thoughts on “Axel for Dusk (DS)

  1. That Alex looks like a superb set, well, as most 3DU stuff is. I hope I’ll be able to get it. Lovely renders – how easily does Dusk take those poses?
    And thanks a lot for the Eldritch Seeker link which went straight to my wishlist as well.

    • I didn’t adjust the poses at all, so at least the simpler poses would seem to transfer quite well. Dawn and Dusk have extra bones in the hips and neck that Genesis 1 and 2 don’t have, but Genesis 3 does — edited to add: I could be wrong about that. I should try G2F poses on Dawn and see what happens.

      Eldritch Seeker is fantastic! I’ve yet to try it out on G2F or Genesis 1 — been busy with other stuff — but I’m hoping it swaps nicely between genders and generations.

    • Marius is a nice outfit too, and it comes with a character, hair, and beard! I bought it a while back. Luthbel’s stuff for the G2 M/F have been really nice.

  2. And apropros of your comment about the Daz store…I’m with you on that. Overpriced on very many items with little content in the item. Luthbel gives a good deal with their items but I still wait for a sale…our exchange rate is a killer at the mo…NZ$ is only 61c US…ouch! The other thing I’ve notice is how few props have morphs for opening doors. So even stonemason’s Streets of London (which I really want) has an expanse of shut doors and looks a little flat because of it.

    • Ouch on that exchange rate; it definitely makes a difference when shopping.

      I figure the people who regularly buy bundles would still buy them and not the base character, but for those of us who are on a budget — or just picky about what we buy — we’re more likely to put them in the cart if they’re reasonably priced.

      I have V5 and M5 because I picked them up when they were free. V6 was free too, and I bought both M6 and Olympia 6 when they were offered for $10. So I guess $10 would be my “reasonably priced” point.

      Those are the only Genesis 2 characters I have, so I’m not kidding when I said I can make do without any others. 😕

    • I’d like Streets of Old London too. I wonder if some of the doors open, though. I just checked some of my Stonemason sets and a number of them have doors, windows, and shutters that open — at least on the main buildings.

  3. Oh, and I agree about the non-opening doors. I know that Stonemason’s Streets of the Mediterranean has at least one door that opens, and maybe a window too. Could be just shutters, tho.

    The City Courtyard might also have some doors that open…now I’ll have to go look!

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