SP Kit-Bashing Extras – Neck & Arm Gear


Gothic Lolita meets Steampunk. The dress was already Lolita, so all I did was add sleeves, a neck frill, and a corset. I even included short bloomers (not that you can see them, but they’re there!)

The entire top of the dress can be hidden, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to mix-n-match the skirt with other shirts.

Edited to add: Abelundercity has some wraps/gauntlets for Genesis that folks might find useful: Hand Wraps, Gauntlets, and the arms guards from the Sekai de Ichiban outfit.

What fussy little treasures lie beneath the cut…?

Neck Gear, Commercial

kb_neckgear_anabelle-v4g1 kb_neckgear_m4-cowboy kb_neckgear_neck-allure-v4 kb_neckgear_corsair-g1 kb_neckgear_fantasy-collar kb_neckgear_happily-ever-after-v4 kb_neckgear_horror-survivors-cris-g2f kb_neckgear_juggling-act-v4 kb_neckgear_regency-m4-scarf kb_neckgear_urban-shabby-chic-v4 kb_neckgear_urban-wear-m4 kb_neckgear_vendetta-g2m kb_neckgear_coffeehouse-fashion-v4-scarf kb_neckgear_regency-m4-neck-piece kb_neckgear_edwardian-suit-v4 kb_neckgear_steampunk-outfit-choker-v4 kb_neckgear_rococo-count-m4 kb_neckgear_kindred-m4 kb_neckgear_kindred-v4 kb_neckgear_witch-hunter-m4 kb_neckgear_witch-hunter-v4 kb_neckgear_vi-circus-v4

Resources: 1. Anabelle V4; 2. Cowboy M4; 3. Neck Allure V4; 4. Corsair G1; 5. V4 Fantasy Collar Set; 6. Happily Ever After V4; 7. Horror Survivors Cris G2F; 8. Juggling act V4; 9. Coffeehouse Fashion V4; 10. Regency M4; 11. Urban Shabby Chic V4; 12. Urban Wear M4; 13. Vendetta G2M; 14. Regency M4; 15. Edwardian Suit V4; 16. Steampunk Outfit Accessories V4; 17. Rococo Count M4; 18. Kindred M4; 19. Kindred V4; 20. Witch Hunter M4; 21. Witch Hunter V4; 22. VI Circus – Jester V4.

Notes: There’s a G2F version of the Anabelle outfit but I only have V4’s. There are also versions of the Fantasy Collar Set for other figures. The Coffeehouse Fashion scarf is shown with the fringe transparency map and without. The shirt piece from the Edwardian Suit is handy for eliminating bare skin.  The Kindred M4 jabot has more material zones than its jacket, for some unfathomable reason.

Neck Gear, Free

kb_free_scarves_casablanca-suit-m3 kb_free_scarves_cl01-m3 kb_free_scarves_exercise-wear-m4 kb_free_scarves_free-style-dawn kb_free_scarves_uzilite-v4 kb_free_neckgear_bow

Resources: 1. Casablanca Suit M3; 2. FukanzenH Clothing Set M3 (NSFW content); 3. Exercise M4 Part 2; 4. Freestyle for Dawn DS / Poser; 5. Uzilite Base Scarf V3+V4; 6. Ribbon.

Notes: The ribbon is flat, so it fits easily over most tops.

Arm Gear – Gloves, Commercial

kb_gloves_urban-shabby-chic-v4 kb_gloves_hs-cris-g2f kb_gloves_fantasy-ranger-v4 kb_gloves_musketeer-m4 kb_gloves_medico-m4 kb_gloves_fantasy-rogue-dawn kb_gloves_steampunk-v4 kb_gloves_hardcore-m4 kb_gloves_daedalus-sky-mercenary-m3 kb_gloves_flightsuit-m4 kb_gloves_hunterman-m4 kb_gloves_vendetta-g2m kb_gloves_urban-wear-m4 kb_gloves_notorious-m4 kb_gloves_marie-louise-v4 kb_gloves_midnight-hunter-m4 kb_gloves_roxane-v4 kb_gloves_cyberpunk-m4 kb_gloves_elverado-v4 kb_gloves_victorian-innocence-v4

Resources: 1. Urban Shabby Chic V4; 2. Horror Survivors – Cris G2F; 3. Fantasy Ranger V4; 4. Musketeer M4; 5. Medico Della Peste M4; 6. Fantasy Rogue Dawn (DS / Poser); 7. Steampunk Outfit Accessories V4; 8. Hardcore M4 or M3; 9. Daedalus Sky Mercenary M3; 10. M4F Suit; 11. M4 Hunterman; 12. Vendetta G2M; 13. Urban Wear M4; 14. Notorious M4; 15. Marie Louise V4; 16. Midnight Hunter M4; 17. Roxana Yuroslavna V4; 18. Cyberpunk M4; 19. Elverado V4; 20. Victorian Innocence V4.

Notes: The Hunterman set is also available for G2M at PoserAddicts.

Arm Gear – Gloves, Free

kb_free_gloves_long-gloves-v4 kb_free_gloves_mens-gloves-m4 kb_free_gloves_shadowcaster-v4 kb_free_gloves_m3-evening-suit

Resources: 1. Long Gloves V4; 2. Men’s Gloves M4; 3. Shadowcaster Gloves V4; 4. Evening Suit (Enbi) M3.

Notes: There are several different styles for the long gloves. The Shadowcaster gloves have varying degrees of fingerless-ness, which is useful.

Arm Gear – Sleeves & Cuffs, Commercial

kb_sleeves_fantasy-ranger-v4 kb_sleeves_the-scout-m3 kb_sleeves_dark-thorn-m4 kb_sleeves_ei-m4-v4 kb_sleeves_just-jokin-sleeves-v4g1 kb_sleeves_vi-jester_v4 kb_sleeves_seasons-v4 kb_sleeves_woodgod-m4 kb_sleeves_dark-rose-v4 kb_sleeves_just-jokin-cuffs-v4g1 kb_sleeves_urban-fae-v4 kb_sleeves_willowisp-v4 kb_sleeves_far-journeyer-v4

Resources: 1. Fantasy Ranger V4; 2. The Scout M3; 3. Dark Thorn M4; 4. Sleeves M4 or V4; 5. Just Jokin’ G1V4; 6. VI Circus – Jester V4; 7. Seasons V4; 8. Woodgod M4; 9. Dark Rose V4; 10. Just Jokin’ G1V4; 11. Urban Fae V4; 12. Willowisp V4; 13. Far Journeyer V4.

Notes: I purchased Willowisp at Renderosity, but it’s only available now at EvilInnocence’s site. Also, the cuffs from the Fantasy Collar Set could be worn over some of these sleeves. The Seasons outfit is also available for G1 and G3F, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Genesis 1 clothing similar to the Dark Thorn M4 outfit.

Arm Gear – Sleeves, Free

kb_free_sleeves_h3-sleeves kb_free_sleeves_evergreen-set-g1

Resources: 1. Cazual Sleeves H3 and 2: Tie-On Fantasy Sleeves G1.

Notes: The Tie-On Fantas Sleeves are actually three parts — the sleeves, the arm bands, and the shoulder tie.

Credits: Example image assembled from one free outfit and seven commercial ones.

RV_Cooking-Stage-Dress-A4 EI_Willowisp-V4 DAZ_Keeper-of-Dreams-V4 DAZ_Happily-Ever-AfterV4 RuntimeDNA_Victorian-Innocence DAZ_Boudoir-Whispers-V4 RuntimeDNA_Steampunk-Accessories DAZ_Penn-Hair-V4

The free Cooking Stage Dress A4 (fruits, vegetables, pockets, belt, and belt buttons all hidden); sleeves from Willowisp V4; corset from Keeper of Dreams V4 (Y-Scaled adjusted way down); neck ruffle from Happily Ever After V4; hat, boots, and short bloomers from Victorian Innocence V4; stockings and stocking bows from Boudoir Whispers V4; goggles from Steampunk Accessories V4, and Pen Hair V4.


4 thoughts on “SP Kit-Bashing Extras – Neck & Arm Gear

  1. check out DAZ Fastgrabs .. right now IgnisSerpentis’ steampunk outfit “Eden’s Flame’ is in there for 70% off, but it won’t be for long


    • Ooh, that does look nice, especially the corset. I’m going to have to add it to the wishlist as I’ve blown through my budget for the month.

  2. sedartonfokaj on deviantArt has a few freebies that will work in this category. His stuff is mainly made for pro wrestling and boxing scenarios, but a good Steampunk adapts. 😉

    All for Genesis:

    Hand wraps: http://sedartonfokcaj.deviantart.com/art/Hand-Wraps-for-Genesis-437456826

    Gauntlets: http://sedartonfokcaj.deviantart.com/art/Gauntlets-for-Genesis-Free-435070764

    Sekai de Ichiban outfit: http://sedartonfokcaj.deviantart.com/art/Sekai-de-Ichiban-for-Genesis-v1-1-423291643

    • Thanks for these! I’m not on DeviantArt, so I’m sure I miss a lot of useful freebies over there.

      Definitely works for kit-bashing; I’ll add them to the post in a bit.

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