SP Kit-Bashing Extras – Belts, Straps, and Armor


I’ve noticed there’s a lot of love for belts, straps, and pouches in gaming, comics, and most fantasy/science fiction art. Don’t know why, but it’s a thing. And it’s a thing in steampunk too.

So a selection of belts, straps, and pouches — and armor pieces too, since where there is the one, there is usually the other.

Belts & Straps, Commercial

kb_belts+straps_far-journeyer-v4 kb_belts+straps_peacemaker-m4 kb_belts+straps_midnight-hunter-chest-m4 kb_belts+straps_desert-soldier-m3 kb_belts+straps_the-scout-m3 kb_belts+straps_buccaneer-v4 kb_belts+straps_shadow-dancer-v4 kb_belts+straps_flightsuit-harness-m4 kb_belts+straps_m4-pirate kb_belts+straps_highlander-g1 kb_belts+straps_adventure-land-g1 kb_belts+straps_edwardian-suit-v4 kb_belts+straps_hs-cris-g2f kb_belts+straps_vendetta-g2m kb_belts+straps_lady-blaze-v4 kb_belts+straps_hunterman-m4 kb_belts+straps_immortal-ronin-m4 kb_belts+straps_shadow-dancer-m3-v4 kb_belts+straps_m3-cowboy kb_belts+straps_warlock-m4 kb_belts+straps_ranger-v4 kb_belts+straps_domino-v4 kb_belts+straps_witch-hunter-m4

Resources: 1. Far Journeyer V4;  2. Peacemaker M4; 3. Midnight Hunter M4; 4. Modern Desert Soldier M3; 5. The Scout M3; 6. Buccaneer V4; 7. Shadow Dancer V4; 8. M4F Suit; 9. M4 Pirate; 10. Highlander G1; 11. Adventure Land G1; 12. Edwardian Suit V4; 13. Horror Survivors Cris G2F; 14. Vendetta G2M; 15. Steampunk LadyBlaze V4; 16. M4 Hunterman; 17. Immortal Ronin M4; 18. Shadow Dancer M3; 19. Wild West – M3 Cowboy; 20. Warlock M4; 21. V4 Ranger; 22. Domino V4; 23. Witch Hunter M4.

Notes: Honestly, there’s never a shortage of belts, straps, and pouches in 3D. These are only a few I thought were most useful for the purpose at hand. The wide belt from the Edwardian Suit is useful for covering gaps when clothing pieces don’t quite cover the stomach. The Shadow Dancer sets are available for multiple figures in addition to V4 and M3. There’s also a V4 version of Peacemaker at Xurge’s site, and a G2M version of Hunterman at PoserAddicts.

Belts & Straps, Free

kb_free_belts+straps_teflon-betty-ammo-belt-v4 kb_free_belts+straps_wide-morphing-belt-v4

Resources: 1. Teflon Dotty V4 and 2. Morphing Wide Belt V4.

Notes: Again, the Wide Morphing Belt is useful for concealing skin or covering gaps where tops and bottoms don’t quite meet; the buckle and eyelets can be hidden.

Armor, Commercial

kb_armor_gladio-fascia-m4 kb_armor_gladio-murmillo-m4 kb_armor_highlander-g1 kb_armor_warrior-g1 kb_armor_ranger-v4 kb_armor_cyber-extender-m4 kb_armor_armory-m4 kb_armor_highlander-shoulder-pads-g1

Resources: 1 & 2. Ad Gladio M4 (fascia and murmillo); 3. Highlander G1; 4. Warrior Outfit G1; 5. V4 Ranger; 6. Cyber-Arm Extender M4; 7. The Armory M4V4; 8. Highlander G1.

Notes: The Cyber Extender may not be exactly armor, but for kit-bashing purposes it works as a mechanical arm…which is kind of armor. There’s a number of steampunk folks who add arm and shoulder armor to their costumes.

Armor, Free


Resources: 1. TY2 outfit for M4, V4, and G2M.

Notes: Basic armor that can be textured to look like metal or leather.

Credits: Example assembled from eight commercial products:

DAZ_Wanted-Dead-Or-Alive DAZ_Veteran-War-DogM4 DAZ_Cyber-Arm-Extender-M4 Xurge3D_The-Armory-Shoulder-Armor-M4 DAZ_M4-Regency DAZ_Immortal-Ronin-M4 DAZ_Witch-Hunter-M4 DAZ_Steampunk-Cowboy-M4

Shirt, vest, and bowler hat from Wanted Dead or Alive M4; pants and boots from Veteran War Dog M4; Cyber-Arm Extender M4; Armory – Shoulder Armor M4; neck tie from Regency M4; harness from Immortal Ronin M4; belt from Witch Hunter M4, and goggles from Steam Cowboy M4.

Next up, footwear and accessory odds-n-ends.


6 thoughts on “SP Kit-Bashing Extras – Belts, Straps, and Armor

  1. Because most fantasy is “medieval”, and pockets are a relatively recent invention? As for SF, maybe that’s influenced by military utility belts.
    I remember pan Sapek telling about critics mocking him once because of Renfri’s “anachronistic” underwear. Must’ve been one of the reasons for Yennefer having a classic RPG “bag of holding” on her belt in “Last Wish” (which I believe was written later).

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