SP Kit-Bashing Extras – Footwear & Odds-N-Ends


Like corsets, there are lots more steampunk-worthy boots than what I’ve bought or downloaded. Suggestions welcome; I’ll add them to the post.

Odds-n-ends includes accessories that could be used for kit-bashing but didn’t fall neatly into any of the other listings. Like wings, wrenches, walking canes, etc.

These boots were made for walking…

Footwear, Female, Commercial

kb_boots+shoes_anabelle-g2f-v4 kb_boots+shoes_laceup-boots-v4 kb_boots+shoes_shadowcaster-boots-v4 kb_boots+shoes_kays-leathers-v4 kb_boots+shoes_victorian-innocence-shoes-v4 kb_boots+shoes_riotgrrl-v4 kb_boots+shoes_aussie-girl-g1-v4 kb_boots+shoes_malaika-v4 kb_boots+shoes_steampunk-lady-blaze-v4 kb_boots+shoes_victorian-innocence-boots-v4 kb_boots+shoes_juggling-act-v4 kb_boots+shoes_dark-rose-v4 kb_boots+shoes_fantasy-ranger-v4 kb_boots+shoes_fantasy-rogue-dawn kb_boots+shoes_urban-shabby-chic-v4 kb_boots+shoes_steampunk-accessories-v4 kb_boots+shoes_buccaneer-land-boots-v4 kb_boots+shoes_hs-cris-g2f

Resources: 1. Anabelle Outfit V4; 2. Tall Lace-Up Boots V4; 3. Shadowcaster V4; 4. Kay’s Leathers V4; 5. Victorian Innocence V4; 6. Riot Grrl Bootz V4; 7. Aussie Girl V4G1; 8. Malaika V4; 9. Steampunk LadyBlaze V4; 10. Victorian Innocence V4; 11. Juggling Act V4; 12. Dark Rose V4; 13. Fantasy Ranger V4; 14. Fantasy Rogue Dawn (DS / Poser); 15. Urban Shabby Chic V4; 16. Steampunk Outfit V4; 17. Buccaneer V4, and 18 Horror Survivors – Cris G2F.

Notes: The boots from Kay’s Leathers V4 and Buccaneer V4 aren’t as steampunk-ish as others, but short ankle boots can be useful. The shoes are included because, although buckle-less and lace-less, they’re Victorian in style and maybe there are times when fussy shoes are more appropriate than fussy boots. The Malaika boots are shown with the metal plates hidden. The Horror Survivors – Cris boots look better when using their HD textures.

Footwear, Male, Commercial

kb_boots+shoes_hunterman-m4 kb_boots+shoes_jack-of-hearts-m4 kb_boots+shoes_konrad-g1 kb_boots+shoes_short-order-cook-g1 kb_boots+shoes_working-man-m4 kb_boots+shoes_veteran-war-dog-m4 kb_boots+shoes_urban-wear-m4 kb_boots+shoes_daedalus-sky-mercenary-m3 kb_boots+shoes_royal-guard-g1 kb_boots+shoes_m3-boot-pack kb_boots+shoes_privateer-m3 kb_boots+shoes_the-marquis-m4

Resources: 1. M4 Hunterman; 2. Jack of Hearts M4; 3. Konrad G1; 4. Short Order Cook G1; 5. Working Man M4; 6. Veteran War Dog M4; 7. Urban Wear M4; 8. Daedalus Sky Mercenary M3; 9. Royal Guardsman G1; 10. M3 Boot Pack; 11. The Privateer M4, and 12. The Marquis M4.

Notes: The last two might be a little iffy for steampunk, but they both have buckles. Good enough!

Footwear, Male/Female, Commercial

kb_boots+shoes_slide-boots-m4-v4 kb_boots+shoes_treadz kb_boots+shoes_combat-boots-dawn-dusk kb_boots+shoes_swashbuckler-boots-m4-v4 kb_boots+shoes_walkers-g1

Resources: 1. Slide3D Boots M4V4; 2. TreadZ (multi); 3. Combat Boots Dawn / Dusk; 4. Swashbuckler Boots M4 / V4, and 5. Walkers G1.

Notes: Genesis 1 outfits are technically unisex, but if they were originally tagged as male or female, I kept it that way in the listings above. These boots all come with male or female equivalents. I forgot to include the Work Boots for M4 and V4 (DAZ), but they could also work for kit-bashing purposes.

Footwear, Free

kb_free_boots+shoes_b-boy-m4 kb_free_boots+shoes_free-style-long-boots-dawn kb_free_boots+shoes_tc50-dusk kb_free_boots+shoes_mountie-m4 kb_free_boots+shoes_tym4 kb_free_boots+shoes_tc11-v4

Resources: 1. B-Boy M4; 2. Freestyle for Dawn DS / Poser; 3. Texture Challenge 50 for Dusk; 4. Mountie Set M4; 5. TY2 outfit for M4, V4, and G2M, and 6. Texture Challenge 11 V4.

Notes: The Dusk TC 50 is probably more pirate/fantasy than steampunk, but Dusk has so little clothing that it seems almost criminal not to include them. 😛

Accessories, Odds-N-Ends, Commercial

kb_accessories_misc_noctia-straps-v4 kb_accessories_misc_mourning-sun-waist-chains-m4 kb_accessories_misc_scrying-necklace kb_accessories_misc_regency-m4-cane kb_accessories_misc_regency-m4-watch kb_accessories_misc_the-scout-m3 kb_props_dm-inertia-wrenches kb_accessories_misc_steampunk-jewelry kb_accessories_misc_fairytale-prince-m4 kb_accessories_misc_extraordinary-league-gear-g2f kb_accessories_misc_g1 kb_props_steampunk-airman kb_accessories_misc_sp-earring-collection kb_accessories_misc_sundew-necklace

Resources: 1. Noctia V4; 2. Mourning Sun M4; 3. The Scrying Set V4; 4 & 5. Regency M4; 6. The Scout M3; 7. DM’s Inertia; 7. 8. Steampunk Jewelry V4; 9. Fairytale Prince M4; 10. Extraordinary League G2F; 11. Corsair G1; 12. Steampunk Airman M4; 13. Steampunk Earring Collection V4, and 14. Sun Dew V4.

Notes: The Noctia outfit comes with detachable laces for the back corset. I’m not sure if the Mourning Son waist chains could be of any use for a kit-bash, but it’s a possibility. The wrenches come from a prop set, not an outfit. Adding epaulets and military swag is great for steampunking ordinary-looking tops. The wrench, gun, and mechanical wing props from Steampunk Airman only have a single material zone, so while they look very nice, they’re not suited for tiled texturing. Both earring sets have a number of material zones, but on most you can’t hide the earring parts separately from the decorative parts. However, they’re all separate left and right props. The Sun Dew Collar probably should’ve gone with the Neckgear listing, but I had it in the jewelry folder.

Accessories, Odds-N-Ends, Free

kb_free_accessories_misc_evening-suit-m3-watch kb_free_accessories_misc_messenger-m4 kb_free_accessories_misc_sports-bag kb_free_accessories_misc_xwing-hose kb_free_accessories_misc_gothic-parasols kb_free_accessories_misc_medals kb_free_accessories_misc_deco-wings kb_free_accessories_misc_walking-cane kb_free_accessories_misc_wrenches kb_free_accessories_misc_m4-gear-earring kb_free_accessories_misc_skeleton-key-earrings kb_free_misc_toc-keeper kb_free_accessories_misc-asian_fan kb_free_accessories_misc_victorian-fan kb_free_accessories_misc_ooh-la-la-bag kb_free_accessories_misc_victorian-necklace

Resources: 1. M3 Evening Suit (Enbi); 2. Messenger M4H4; 3. Sports Bag M4 (site NSFW); 4. X-Wing Fighter M4; 5. Gothic Parasols; 6. Medals; 7. Art Deco Wings; 8. Walking Cane; 9. Wrenches; 10. M4 Jewelry Pack 2; 11: Skeleton Key Earrings; 12. Toc Keeper; 13. Asian Fan; 14. Victorian Fan; 15. Ooh-La-La Bag, and 16. Victorian Jewelry V3V4

Notes: The watch chain is pretty long. The messenger bag only has one material zone so, again, not suited for tile texturing. The Sport Bag has material zones, but also a zipper, though that could probably be disguised. The hose from the Star Wars set works pretty well as an extra detail. Again, the Ooh-La-La bag is a freebie, but you need to go through the decoder routine to get it. I wasn’t sure where to put the Toc Keeper — it’s a full-sized figure rather than an accessory, but it could be made into one. The Victorian necklace has matching earrings, I just didn’t render them.


kb_free_weapons_antimasher-ray-gun kb_weapons_pc-steampunk-guns kb_weapons_misc-guns kb_weapons_desert-lands

Resources: 1. Antimasher Ray Gun (free); 2. Flintlock Gun Pack; 3. Six misc guns – Jack of Hearts, Fantasy Firearms, Steampunk LadyBlaze V4, Flintlock Pistol, Steam Colt, Steampunk Airman M4, and 4. Hunter DL Plus.

Notes: I got lazy with the guns and included a bunch of them under “misc guns.” They’re all commercial except for the Antimasher Ray Gun, which is delightfully campy. There are other guns like it in the creator’s gallery, so you might want to check that out.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

kb_props_rusty-dreams-v3 kb_free_accessories_misc_lorehand-cane kb_free_weapons_pistols kb_free_weapons_flintlock-dagger kb_boots+shoes_long-maid-dress-v4 kb_free_boots+shoes_casual-outfit-m4 kb_free_props_angel-of-retribution-g2f

Resources: 1. Rusty Dreams – Delicious Delirium V3; 2. Lorehand Cane; 3. Boxlock Pistol and Pepperbox Pistol; 4. DNA Flintlock Dagger; 5. Long Maid Dress V4; 6. Casual Outfit M4, and 7. Angel of Retribution G2F.

Notes: Another listing for the old-timers as a reminder to check and see if, in the distant past, you managed to snag any of these. The gear body parts are from an old character set for V3. The Lorehand Cane was from the long-gone DAZ Freepository; old stuff, but still useful — the set had a base and separate toppers. Both gun sets are really nice, especially the DNA Props Club Flintlock Dagger. Both boots from the M4 Casual Outfit set are well-suited for kit-bashing. The Angel of Retribution was a DAZ PA Christmas freebie a few years back.

Credits: Assembled from twelve commercial products and one freebie:

DAZ_Everardo RuntimeDNA_Victorian-Innocence Renderosity_Monster-Socks-V4 DAZ_Tall-Lace-Up-Boots-V4 DAZ_FairytalePrince-M4 DAZ_Urban-FaeV4 DAZ_Steampunk-LadyBlazeV4 Arki_Shadowcaster-Gloves DAZ_Edwardian-SuitV4 DAZ_Buccaneer-V4 DAZ_Just-Jokin-G1-V4 Renderosity_Steam-Pilot Renderosity_Kaileena-V4

Top from Elverardo V4; short bloomers from Victorian Innocence V4Monster Socks V4; Tall Lace-Up Boots V4; epaulets and festoon from Fairytale Prince M4; bracers from Urban Fae V4; belt and gun from Steampunk LadyBlaze V4; Shadowcaster Gloves V4; turtleneck from Edwardian Suit V4; blouse from Buccaneer V4, with everything but the collar and neck ruffle hidden; cuffs from Just Jokin’ V4/G1; Steam Pilot V4, and leg wrap from Kaileena V4.


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