Last minute Halloween sale

Over at The Philosopher’s Egg, with select items on sale for 50% off and the rest of the store on sale for 20% off, through Nov 02, 2015. Xurge3D is also having a 50% off Halloween sale, through Nov 02, 2015.

I see AeonSoul is continuing their pattern of being flaky, closing out their store at RDNA: “many products will never be available for sale again, anywhere.” I considered picking up Oni Braids, but you know what? No. Just no. They’re free to do whatever they want, but I’m equally free not to support this behavior. Other folks are just as free to feel differently, of course, so if there’s something you wanted, better grab it before it’s gone for all eternity.

And continuing on the WTF? front, DAZ has a new beta. The updates to Iray and 3Delight, which I’m looking forward to, are being overshadowed by the revelation that DAZ will be moving toward encrypted files at some point in the near future. Not looking forward to that.

I loathe DRM with the passion of a bazillion burning suns.

I have had nothing but trouble with it in regards to ebooks, over and over again. Even through reputable parties like Adobe, Barnes & Noble, and Mobipocket. B&N recently locked me out of a couple hundred purchased ebooks — only on my desktop apps; the iPad app still works. So far. I have to keep my ancient laptop around because that’s the only computer on which Adobe Digital Edition still works — Adobe’s miserable app won’t install on my newer computer — and while I only had a couple dozen books on ADE, I still paid money for them. Argh!

I get the desire to smack down content pirates, I really do. I had ebooks pirated too, and it was frustrating. These morons even stole free ebooks. The thing is, DRM only really punishes those who are honest and purchase the product. Those that steal content were never going to buy it anyway, so it’s not like they’re lost sales.

I don’t use the download manager or smart content and wouldn’t being using the new features in DS 4.9, either, but this direction DAZ is going is something to watch. I’ll upgrade to 4.9 once it’s a stable release, because a faster 3Delight is always good, but DRM content…I just don’t want to bother with it.

Halloween Onesie Textures for Luna


DOWNLOAD: DAZ Studio || Poser

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Baby Gear – Onesie for Baby Luna

Info: Just a small set of Halloween textures for Luna’s Onesie. The DAZ Studio version (DUF) has partial presets for the trim and snap colors in addition to the full material presets. The Poser version (MC6) has only the full material presets.

So, yeah..the sole, lonely Halloween freebie I managed to get done. Too much on the plate, but there’s always next year!

Set previews inside…

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REC Steampunk Materials


prev_sp-materials-02 prev_sp-materials-03 prev_sp-materials-04

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use. May also be used as a merchant resource for commercial and free projects.

Info: Over 100 material presets for DAZ Studio 3 or 4, along with tiling utility presets and a few others for bump maps, displacement, and specular settings. I added the REC Uniform materials to this set (these were tiles only and didn’t include any presets.) There are also a number of plain textures, which can be colored for matching purposes, as well as a few grunge metal materials. The latter were part of a larger collection I made for myself ages ago — before DS could even handle tiling materials! — and so that’s why those are larger files than the rest.

Poser users won’t be able to use the material presets, but the tiles themselves will work if applied manually.

With the exception of the damask print from Pixabay (public domain resources), everything was made in Filter Forge, so it’s okay to redistribute these in any projects, including other material preset projects. Feel free to colorize or alter the tiles.

I haven’t had time to make images for a preview gallery, and while I’d like to get around to it eventually, I also didn’t want to wait to link the download file…which is 120 MB! Maybe I should’ve broken it down in two parts? If you’re having trouble downloading it, let me know.

The larger preview was rendered in DS3 and the other three in DS4, all in 3Delight. I haven’t had time to really do anything with IRay; sorry. But I don’t think these would be too hard to convert with the Uber Iray shader. There’s nothing complicated about them, they’re basic Shader Baker settings.

I checked to see if it was possible to apply the grunge overlays from the two Gentlemen Adventurers sets. The presets worked, but reset tiling ratio to the old default. ๐Ÿ˜• I really have to update those — I need more hours in my days! — but it’s not too difficult to just change the tiling ratios back to what they were.

Any questions or problems, please let me know.

Edited to add preset previews inside…

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SP Resources – Free Fabric Textures

Here’s a couple more resources useful for making texture material presets. Commercial projects allowed, though not via “as is” redistribution. Click on the preview images to go to the download pages.


There are separate downloads forย  the raw leather scanned textures and the seamless tiles.


Also includes brown/tan khaki tiles and herringbone-like tile in addition to the denim ones. It would be easy to recolor the tan texture to an olive drab for a military-style texture.

SP Resources – Free Patterns

Patterns to use as fabrics or displacement maps. Commercial usage allowed, but not redistribution of the resource “as is.” Making personal steampunk material presets from these resources is okay, redistributing them as such is not. Use as part of a template, altered or not, is usually also okay.

That said, here are a few steampunk-friendly goodies. Click on the preview images to go to the download pages:



patternhead20-promo patternhead30-promo patternhead31-promo patternhead38-promo patternhead42-promo patternhead57-promo patternhead66-promo patternhead71-promo patternhead76-promo patternhead-promo-henna1

Comes with .eps file; open in your image editor of choice at 300 DPI and save as a png file. The 300 DPI is usually large enough for most 3D texture work.

Webtreats ETC


flat_grungy_summer_stripes_by_webtreatsetc natural_grunge_textures_by_webtreatsetc free_tileable_leather_patterns_by_webtreatsetc grunge_music_score_patterns_by_webtreatsetc grungy_fiery_red_patterns_by_webtreatsetc grungy_summer_sun_patterns_by_webtreatsetcย  warm_amber_tileable_patterns_by_webtreatsetc webtreats_blue_creme_pattern_00 webtreats_blue_creme_patterns_preview white_washed_blue_and_beige_se_by_webtreatsetc-d31s4zs 32_deep_crimson_red_seamless_by_webtreatsetc rusted_industrial_textures_p2_by_webtreatsetc

Distressed, except the leathers. There are quite a few other sets at their website. I recognize a lot of Filter Forge presets.

Pixels and Icecream


th_charcoal_damask_by_pixelsandicecream milan_thumb

Small, but nice collection of damask-style patterns.



Thumbs of a couple of patterns I downloaded; there are lots more.



Thumbs of three patterns I downloaded. Again, lots more.

Noctua Graphics


This site has numerous textures, though I linked to the metals section. Some textures come with bump, specular, and normal maps.


Rus_ornaments 0



th_paper_by_zai_stock (not seamless)



For that last one, right-click-save-as for the download link and it’ll save as a .rar file.

Additional Info

Recolor textures in your image editor of choice. If you’re lazy like me, plugins can do most of the dirty work. Try Flaming Pear’s Kyoto Color (freebie download, bottom of page) and/or Harry’s Filters.

Displacement maps are gray scale; if the pattern isn’t already black and white, it’ll need to be converted. Again, laziness strikes — I use The Plugin Site’s PhotoFreebies to convert to black and white. For those new to displacement maps, the white color pushes the mesh up, black pushes it down, and gray is neutral. If the image’s black and white colors need to be flipped, I use the Luma Negative plugin.

COLOURlovers is another pattern site — it’s huge — but the patterns can’t be used for commercial purposes. If you’re just doing renders for yourself, though, it’s worth checking out.

Parrotdolphin has several nice materials resources at Renderosity, for both DAZ Studio and Poser. I’ve got both Pd-Metals Daz Studio Shaders and Pd-DirtyPretty Daz Studio Shaders in my wishlist. There are Poser versions of both of them (I did buy the Poser version of DirtyPretty years ago. ๐Ÿ˜› )

I’m sure there’s something similar at the DAZ store, but I haven’t gone looking recently to see what’s available.

If I’ve missed some resources, please let me know and I’ll add them to the listing.