Back home, still playing catch up

I swear, it’s taken me nearly as long to get back to normal as it did to be away. The weather up north was cool, mostly sunny. Since we had such a late spring this year, the colors were peaking as we left. The drive up and back was still pretty, though.

The festival was the same as it always is, lots of people and lots of tents of over-priced tchotchkes (although quite nice.) My mission was to bring home cranberry cheesecake for the husband, who was kitty-sitting, and I failed! I went to the fair on Sunday, and by then the cheesecake people were all sold out. Oops. Will know better next time.

I spent the week reading, lazing about, watching way too much sports (my parents are into football) and napping. Definitely restful.

I’m still puttering away on the steampunk resources, but I keep distracting myself with other things — like doing a render!

hi-ho-, hi-ho, off to save the world we go

Used Michael 5, Stephanie 5, and Michael 6. It was a fun render, but a major pain to work with. I don’t know what the deal was, but DS was sluggish. It froze a lot, and I couldn’t use the mouse with the camera rotation tools or the parameter dials. Well, I could use them, but since I couldn’t see the results on screen while I was doing so, everything would get messed up. The selector didn’t work when I clicked on body parts, either. I had to keep going into the Scene tab to do so. Fortunately, these weren’t complicated poses.

I also tried to do an Iray render, but after 16 minutes of nothing in the render window and the computer freezing intermittently, I gave up.

The only other times I had problems like that (in DS3) was when I did renders with large numbers of figures, like this old one:


There are 20 figures, so it’s not surprising DS got cranky with me (though by the time I added all the groups, I didn’t have to do much moving or adjusting.) Yet it still wasn’t nearly as bad as the above scene I just did in DS4. I don’t know if it’s because of the HD clothes or because I’m now using Windows 10 or the stars weren’t properly aligned, but it was annoying.


12 thoughts on “Back home, still playing catch up

  1. Loved the renders, and the word ‘kitty-sitting’ =)
    Could it have been too many smoothing/collision iterations? I don’t think I have any HD clothing, only a few HD morphs, but those iterations being recalculated at every pose change can slow DS down.
    Or it might’ve been a video card driver issue.

    • Yeah, our furry children. Over the years (they’re 13 – 14 years old by now) we’ve adapted to adjusting our lives around them. The hubby goes up north more than I do, leaving me to kitty-sit, but I’m fine with that, as I’m not into fishing or snowmobiling.

      Maybe HD is the wrong phrase, I’m often incorrect about technical things. Luthbel’s clothing has most of the detail added during rendering. Normal maps, I think? I pose figures before putting clothes on them, then tweak as needed, but I was having trouble early on. I opened the scene again the next day, thinking maybe it was a one-time deal, but nope.

      I’ll open the scene one last time today and look at the smoothing/collision and see what’s there. I have the same video card driver as I when I did the 20-figure scene (my record, ha!) and like I said, DS3 was slow, but the dials and camera controls at least worked.

      • Hmmm, I checked the smoothing and collision settings on the Luthbel clothing and they looked normal to me (2 and 3, respectively.) I deleted clothing on the two Michaels, though, and DS started to respond more smoothly. Then I deleted Stonemason’s Derelict Corners Urban (the scene vignette) and that seemed to help a little as well.

        IDK, that still seems odd to me. I’ll just have to keep better track of these things when they happen.

        I did notice the body part select doesn’t seem to work when the figure has been grouped — I added M5 and the frisbee to a group since parenting works differently in DS4 than in DS3 and I keep forgetting this when I’m building scenes in DS4. 😐

        • What about other scenes? Does the issue persist when you load some of these products in a new scene?
          And BTW how much RAM do you have?

          As for groups… I’m not on the computer right now so can’t check, but the way it’s done in a few 2D drawing programs these days, you are able to select grouped items when holding down Ctrl. Maybe it works like that in DS, too?

          • That’s good advice; I’ll try this in other scenes and see also if the group problem I had repeats itself.

            I have no idea how much RAM I have — I can never remember where it’s listed — but it’s probably borderline. I’m on an older computer at this point. My Nvidia card is an old one too and doesn’t work with Iray.

            If the problems keep happening I’ll do a better job of tracking what they are and contact DAZ support. They’ve been pretty good in the past in handling what few issues I’ve had.

            • You’re welcome, and I hope the issues sort themselves out.
              RAM and other hardware specs are listed in the system info screen – it used to be the ‘system’ icon in the control panel, but it may’ve been moved into some ‘parameters’ window on Win10 – I hope they consolidate all the controls back into the control panel in future builds, it really gets annoying having to look elsewhere for, say, the Windows update center.

      • Maps of any kind shouldn’t really create any issues with the viewport.
        Oh, but the only way you could be stuck with the same video card driver over several years is if it were an obsolete model. I’m sorry I can’t remember if you have an Nvidia card (then Geforce Experience most likely updates the drivers automatically whenever it can connect to the Nvidia servers), but Windows Update should at least install the most important driver updates.
        The thing is, sometimes the newer drivers are faulty (then a hotfix is often released shortly thereafter), so a rollback may be needed. Or something fails during the installation process… it’s a bit difficult to troubleshoot remotely.

    • Thanks! 🙂 Yup, the only stressful moment was the mission control fail with the cheesecake. When I texted him from the fair grounds about my fail, he was in the middle of making pumpkin puree for pumpkin cheesecake, so we’re all go now on the cheesecake front.


    • Thank you! The husband is a cheesecake fiend and he bakes those, so I never have to fuss with them. I just reap all the benefits.

      This year, I’m going to try making both apple butter and pumpkin butter. Love that stuff on peanut butter…

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