SP Kit-Bashing – Multicultural Resources


Not lots of clothing and accessories for multicultural projects, and some of what does exist can come across as stereotyped. An advantage of kit-bashing, though, is the ability to eliminate or downplay anything that’s annoying or offensive.

Various Freebies

kb_free_mc_charmer-set kb_free_mc-turbans kb_free_mc-fez+turbans kb_free_mc-fur-cap kb_free_mc-renaissance-headgear kb_free_mc-fantasy-hemlet-v3 kb_free_mc-turbanv4 kb_free_mc-japanese-prop-sandals kb_free_mc-geta1 kb_free_mc-fans+pearls-v4 kb_free_mc-Goryeo-earrings kb_free_mc-hanbok-g2f kb_free_mc-kimono-v4 kb_free_mc-kimono-v4-textures kb_free_mc-yukata-a3 kb_free_mc-miko-outfit-mil2 kb_free_mc-amasuit kb_free_mc-chunli-v4 kb_free_mc-yago-m4-dynPOS kb_free_mc-Nagalingeswaran-dynDS kb_free_mc-burqa-dynDS

Resources: 1. Charmer Set for G2 Simon; 2. Soft Turban & Tribal Turban M4; 3. Turban, Turban Band, & Fez M4; 4. Fur Caps M4; 5. Balzo & Grillanda V4; 6. Phantasy Helmet V3; 7. Turban V4; 8. Japanese Prop Sandals; 9. Geta for Miki 2 & V4/A4; 10. v4 Free Pearls & Fans; 11. Goryean Jewelry #1 V4; 12. Hanbok G2F; 13. V4 Kimono; 14. Textures for V4 Kimono; 15. Yukata A3; 16. Miko Outfit for MG Preteen; 17. AmaSuit V4/A4; 18. Chun Li Dress V4; 19. Yagu M4 (Poser dynamics); 20. Nagalingeswaran Outfit M4 (DS dynamics), and 21. Burqa V4 (DS dynamics.)

Notes: The two turban sets for M4 have more options than are shown. The Phantasy Helmet for V3 resembles a Russian traditional headdress; a transparency map would hide the forehead part. The tops for the Chun Li Dress and AmaSuit could be worn with other pants or skirts. The Chun Li Dress also comes with a hair prop. Not sure how far one could steampunk a burqa, but I recently watched an Iranian movie featuring a skateboarding, chador-wearing vampire, so why not?

Image Labs has other dynamic outfits for Poser (all links now via the “download” button at the top.)

RDNA still has the newsletter freebie African Weapons. It didn’t come with a promo image, but it’s a shield, club, and spear.

Edited to add MEC4D’s Vintage Sari and Vintage Kurta!

Commercial products, credits this-a-way…

Some Stuff I Own

Not Victorian!

kb_mc-cheyenne-m4 kb_mc-cheyenne-v4 kb_mc-immortal-ronin-m4 kb_mc-moroccan-dreams-m4 kb_mc-moroccan-dreams-v4 kb_mc-toa-legendary-m4 kb_mc-arabian-nites-a3 kb_mc-arabian-nites-h3 kb_mc-body-armor-h3 kb_mc-light-magei-a3 kb_mc-mfd-kimono-expansion-v3 kb_mc-bindiya-v4kb_mc-vintage-kurta-g1 kb_mc-vintage-sari-g1

Resources: 1. Cheyenne M4; 2. Cheyenne V4; 3. Immortal Ronin M4; 4. Moroccan Dreams M4; 5. Moroccan Dreams V4; 6. TOA Legendary M4; 7. TOA ArabianNites A3; 8. TOA ArabianNites H3; 9. Body Armor H3; 10. Light Mage A3; 11. Kimono Expansion for MFD V3; 12. Bindiya V4 (no longer available); 13. Vintage Kurta G1, and 14. Vintage Sari G1.

Notes: The Hiro armor would look nice textured in steampunk-style metals and rivets. The Bindiya Shoes aren’t at RDNA now, but they were a Real Deal; a few old-timers might have bought them and maybe forgotten about it.

Not exactly multicultural, but they have useful bits and pieces

kb_mc_renaissance-tunic-m4 kb_mc-renaissance-tunic-v4 kb_mc-morphing-tunic-m3 kb_mc-morphing-tunic-v4 kb_mc-valiant-m4 kb_mc-courageous-v4 kb_mc-mage-m4 kb_mc-sorceress-v4 kb_mc-fortune-teller-v4 kb_mc-evilson-m4 kb_mc-lotus-v4 kb_mc-almirena-dress-v4 kb_mc-cis-operative-m3 kb_mc-rhis-hatz-v4 kb_mc-70s-head-scarf-v4

Resources: 1. Renaissance Tunic M4; 2. Renaissance Tunic V4; 3. M3 Tunic Pack; 4. V4 Tunic; 5. Valiant M4; 6. Courageous V4; 7. The Mage M4; 8. The Sorceress V4; 9. C.I.S. Operative M3; 10. Fortune Teller 1930 V4; 11. Evilson M4; 12. Lotus V4A4; 13. Almirena Dress V4; 14. Rhi’s Hatz V4, and 15. 70s Headscarf V4.

Notes: I always thought the Renaissance Tunics had a more Eurasian feel to them than Renaissance. YMMV. The M3 and V4 tunics and their later replacements — Courageous and Valiant — have good basic pieces for building some ethnic costumes. Ditto for parts of the rest of the outfits. M3’s CIS Operative set has a useful head and face scarf, and the breastplate has possibilities too.

I think Genesis 1 had something similar to Courageous/Valiant, but I can’t remember if G2F/G2M did as well.

Stuff I Don’t Own

Not Victorian! Female

kb_mc-chandrani-g2f kb_mc-peony-kimono-g2f kb_mc-dynamic-kimono-ds kb_mc-furisode-g1 kb_mc-furisode-g2f kb_mc-princessasia-g1 kb_mc-hakama-v4 kb_mc-kimono-dress-v4 kb_mc-kimono-v4  kb_mc-mongolian-beauty-clothes-g2f kb_mc-semiramis-v4 kb_mc-kente-v3 kb_mc-mongolian-clothing-set-miki2 kb_mc-chinese-clothing-set-miki2  kb_mc-princess-of-india-for-mfdkb_mc-chinese-princess-mfd kb_mc-amoei-textures-for-edwardian-suit-v4 kb_mc-textures-legends-of-yucatan

Resources: 1. Chandrani G2F; 2. Peony Kimono G2F; 3. Dynamic Kimono V4 DS / Poser / Expansion; 4. Furisode G1; 5. Furisode G2F; 6. Princess Asia G1; 7. Hakama V4; 8. Kimono Dress V4; 9. Kimono V4; 10. Mongolian Beauty G2F; 11. Semiramis V4; 12. Kente V3; 13. Mongolian Clothing for Miki 2; 14. Chinese Clothing for Miki 2; 15. Princess of India texture for the MFD; 16. Princess of China 2 texture for the MFD; 17. Amoei texture for the Edwardian Suit V4, and 18. Legends of Yucatan textures for Kente V3 and Tribal M3.

Notes: We need a sari! Preferably one that’s not dynamic. The V4 Kimono Dress has a separate top and skirt; good for mixing-n-matching. All details for the Morphing Fantasy Dress textures are on the diffuse texture, so they might not work well for extreme closeups. Same goes for the Miki sets, as they’re on the old side. The Amoei texture description calls it “Far East,” but I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.

There are a couple African sets for Dawn and V4 over at HiveWire — they’re Poser-only dynamics, so I can’t use them, but they’re very pretty!

Not Victorian! Male

kb_mc-asian-persuasian-g2m kb_mc-chinese-traditional-outfit-g2m kb_mc-kurta-m4-ds-dyn kb_mc-courageous-warrior-g2m  kb_mc-hakama-m4 kb_mc-kimono-expansion-m3-wizard-robe kb_mc-kimono-m4 kb_mc-samurai-m4 kb_mc-shaolin-monk-g2m kb_mc-way-of-the-samurai kb_mc-tribal-m3 kb_mc-zareb-tribal-clothing kb_mc-royal-hawaiian-dusk kb_mc-genghis-khan-clothing-set-g2-males kb_mc-saladin-clothing-set-g2-males

Resources: 1. Asian Persuasion G1; 2. Chinese Traditional Outfit G2M; 3. Kurta Pajamas M4 (DS dynamics); 4. Courageous Warrior G2M; 5. Hakama M4; 6. Kimono Expansion for the M3 Wizard Robe; 7. Kimono M4; 8. Samurai Yoroi Armor M4; 9. Shaolin Monk G2M; 10. Way of the Samurai G1; 11. Tribal M3; 12. Zareb Clothing M4; 13. Royal Hawaiian for Dusk / Genesis / M4; 14. Genghis Khan Clothing for the Poser G2 Males, and 15. Saladin Clothing for the Poser G2 Males.

Notes: The sets for the Poser G2 Males are pretty old, but could still be useful for some. Again, not sure how far one could steampunk loincloths, but that Royal Hawaiian headdress is intriguing.

Not Victorian! Extras

kb_mc-aztec-jewels kb_mc-aztec-weapons-of-war kb_mc-geisha-props-collection kb_mc-mayan-headresses-mil3 kb_mc-totally-bazaar-bundle-ds

Resources: 1. Aztec Jewels; 2. Aztec Weapons of War; 3. Geisha Prop Collection G2F; 4. Mayan Headdresses, and 5. Totally Bazaar Bundle.

Notes: The Aztec props are for Apollo Maximus but can be adapted to other figures. The Totally Bazaar Bundle is a huge set of material presets — ethnic textiles mainly — for DAZ Studio.

Credits: Examples assembled from the following eleven commercial products and one freebie:

kb_mc-toa-legendary-m4 kb_mc-evilson-m4 kb_mc-moroccan-dreams-m4 kb_free_mc-fez+turbans DAZ_Midnight-Hunter-M4 DAZ_Steampunk-Cowboy-M4 kb_mc-lotus-v4 DAZ_Keeper-of-Dreams-V4 DAZ_Demonika-V4 DAZ_Hensekis-Rune-V4 Renderosity_Steampunk-Goggle-Glasses DAZ_Natsumy-Hair

Resources: Pants/boots from TOA Legendary M4; tunic and chest wrap from Evilson M4; turban, cape, and sword from Moroccan Dreams M4; Turban, Turban Band, & Fez M4; 4. Fur Caps M4; gloves from Midnight Hunter M4; goggles from Steam Cowboy M4; dress from Lotus V4A4; corset from Keeper of Dreams V4; shoulder gear from Demonika V4;, gloves from Henseki’s Rune V4; Steampunk Goggles M4V4, and Natsumy Hair V4.

Next, I gotta finish up those texture resources!


2 thoughts on “SP Kit-Bashing – Multicultural Resources

    • You’re welcome, and I hope you’ll find the resources useful!

      And thanks for the heads-up on the kurta and sari set for Genesis 1. I just picked up both of them. MEC4D has some nice stuff at her store, though I wish her terms of use for the personal license were less restrictive.

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