SP Resources – Free Patterns

Patterns to use as fabrics or displacement maps. Commercial usage allowed, but not redistribution of the resource “as is.” Making personal steampunk material presets from these resources is okay, redistributing them as such is not. Use as part of a template, altered or not, is usually also okay.

That said, here are a few steampunk-friendly goodies. Click on the preview images to go to the download pages:



patternhead20-promo patternhead30-promo patternhead31-promo patternhead38-promo patternhead42-promo patternhead57-promo patternhead66-promo patternhead71-promo patternhead76-promo patternhead-promo-henna1

Comes with .eps file; open in your image editor of choice at 300 DPI and save as a png file. The 300 DPI is usually large enough for most 3D texture work.

Webtreats ETC


flat_grungy_summer_stripes_by_webtreatsetc natural_grunge_textures_by_webtreatsetc free_tileable_leather_patterns_by_webtreatsetc grunge_music_score_patterns_by_webtreatsetc grungy_fiery_red_patterns_by_webtreatsetc grungy_summer_sun_patterns_by_webtreatsetc  warm_amber_tileable_patterns_by_webtreatsetc webtreats_blue_creme_pattern_00 webtreats_blue_creme_patterns_preview white_washed_blue_and_beige_se_by_webtreatsetc-d31s4zs 32_deep_crimson_red_seamless_by_webtreatsetc rusted_industrial_textures_p2_by_webtreatsetc

Distressed, except the leathers. There are quite a few other sets at their website. I recognize a lot of Filter Forge presets.

Pixels and Icecream


th_charcoal_damask_by_pixelsandicecream milan_thumb

Small, but nice collection of damask-style patterns.



Thumbs of a couple of patterns I downloaded; there are lots more.



Thumbs of three patterns I downloaded. Again, lots more.

Noctua Graphics


This site has numerous textures, though I linked to the metals section. Some textures come with bump, specular, and normal maps.


Rus_ornaments 0



th_paper_by_zai_stock (not seamless)



For that last one, right-click-save-as for the download link and it’ll save as a .rar file.

Additional Info

Recolor textures in your image editor of choice. If you’re lazy like me, plugins can do most of the dirty work. Try Flaming Pear’s Kyoto Color (freebie download, bottom of page) and/or Harry’s Filters.

Displacement maps are gray scale; if the pattern isn’t already black and white, it’ll need to be converted. Again, laziness strikes — I use The Plugin Site’s PhotoFreebies to convert to black and white. For those new to displacement maps, the white color pushes the mesh up, black pushes it down, and gray is neutral. If the image’s black and white colors need to be flipped, I use the Luma Negative plugin.

COLOURlovers is another pattern site — it’s huge — but the patterns can’t be used for commercial purposes. If you’re just doing renders for yourself, though, it’s worth checking out.

Parrotdolphin has several nice materials resources at Renderosity, for both DAZ Studio and Poser. I’ve got both Pd-Metals Daz Studio Shaders and Pd-DirtyPretty Daz Studio Shaders in my wishlist. There are Poser versions of both of them (I did buy the Poser version of DirtyPretty years ago. 😛 )

I’m sure there’s something similar at the DAZ store, but I haven’t gone looking recently to see what’s available.

If I’ve missed some resources, please let me know and I’ll add them to the listing.


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