REC Steampunk Materials


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Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use. May also be used as a merchant resource for commercial and free projects.

Info: Over 100 material presets for DAZ Studio 3 or 4, along with tiling utility presets and a few others for bump maps, displacement, and specular settings. I added the REC Uniform materials to this set (these were tiles only and didn’t include any presets.) There are also a number of plain textures, which can be colored for matching purposes, as well as a few grunge metal materials. The latter were part of a larger collection I made for myself ages ago — before DS could even handle tiling materials! — and so that’s why those are larger files than the rest.

Poser users won’t be able to use the material presets, but the tiles themselves will work if applied manually.

With the exception of the damask print from Pixabay (public domain resources), everything was made in Filter Forge, so it’s okay to redistribute these in any projects, including other material preset projects. Feel free to colorize or alter the tiles.

I haven’t had time to make images for a preview gallery, and while I’d like to get around to it eventually, I also didn’t want to wait to link the download file…which is 120 MB! Maybe I should’ve broken it down in two parts? If you’re having trouble downloading it, let me know.

The larger preview was rendered in DS3 and the other three in DS4, all in 3Delight. I haven’t had time to really do anything with IRay; sorry. But I don’t think these would be too hard to convert with the Uber Iray shader. There’s nothing complicated about them, they’re basic Shader Baker settings.

I checked to see if it was possible to apply the grunge overlays from the two Gentlemen Adventurers sets. The presets worked, but reset tiling ratio to the old default. πŸ˜• I really have to update those — I need more hours in my days! — but it’s not too difficult to just change the tiling ratios back to what they were.

Any questions or problems, please let me know.

Edited to add preset previews inside…

Just thumbs, though. I took the easy route.

The “cords,” damasks, grunge metals, leathers, and plaids.


The “rough” stripes, various other stripes, textures (for tinting or not), and Uniform Fabrics #01 and #02.

The Uniform Fabrics #03, #04, and #05, velvet, and woven wool-ish/tweed-ish. Also the two displacement presets, bump maps (to add to plain textures for closeup renders), and specular settings.

I didn’t include the tiling ratio/direction presets, but they’re the same as the last set I did (the Tropical Xmas materials.)


2 thoughts on “REC Steampunk Materials

    • You’re most welcome! πŸ™‚

      I don’t think I’ll get around to doing an actual preview gallery — 100 plus presets is just a bit much. I guess I’ll just go the preset thumb route again. I’ve discovered I can use larger thumbs in DS4, so that helps a little…

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