Black Friday blahs

I was expecting to spend a little more that $2.48 for Black Friday, but there wasn’t anything today that said BUY ME RIGHT NOW!! Still, I did pick up a ball cap for Star and a new pair of toe shoes for V4.

Headware_Star Mixies Baseball Cap Shoes_LLF-Toe Shoes V4

Unrelated to any (very modest) budget wrecking, I’m thinking about how I could kit-bash something like this:


That is just…freakin’ adorable. I have EvilInnocence’s free Layer Dress, but I don’t think it’s quite fluffy enough for use with a netting fabric material. Maybe I can do something with the free set of M4 Renaissance Neck Ruffles layered over another outfit:

layer_dress_for_v4_v4 102560

I have plenty of witch hats, though I suspect trying to add any “EZ Pose” garland to one of them would be a study in frustration.

Edited to add: I just picked up Kids 4 Ballet because it was 80% off. That should help!

It’s cold/flu season

And the husband has so generously shared his contagiousness with me! Thanks, hubby.

I’ve felt like the living dead this past week, though I perked up a bit yesterday when I woke up to see six or seven inches of snow had fallen during the night. It won’t stick (it’s getting warmer this week) but it’s the pretty kind of snow that coats everything like frosting.

In the meantime, I chug NyQuil and sleep.


Genesis 3 Male

I downloaded the Starter Essentials for the G3M early this morning — about 3AM; I was up watching Rocky on Netflix. 😛 I picked up the head morphs a short while ago and took him for a test drive. The G2M autofit works pretty well, aside of some crotch distortion (fixed in PSP.)


First impression? He looks really young.

I autofitted Horror Survivors – Marius G2M to him, along with Basic Hair G2M. Just dialed a few extra facial features in. There are no separate Iray/3Delight materials for the base materials; he loads for 3Delight. I rendered him in 3DL, DS 4.8. There’s an Iray render setting included, the same one that came with the G3F base.

The included content is nice: a new hair prop and basic wear. Both of those have separate 3DL and Iray materials.

I availed myself of the Gen4 content sale, since I picked up the new head morphs, and also bought Beautiful Bends V4, M4 Dynamic Jeans, Women’s Dynamic Jeans and Top, and Windwhistle Road V4. I almost bought Stratton Elite M4, as that’s the only elite skin for M4 I don’t have yet — I have his companion, Katie Elite — but I wanted Beautiful Bends V4 more.

Also, and maybe it’s just me, but I thought the sale message to Poser users seemed a little…odd. It was like, “Congratulations! Buy something you can’t use in your new Poser and you can buy some old content real cheap!”

I think my DS has gremlins

And periodically, the little beasties like to mess with me.

Today, DS4 can read the Century Nightgown material files and the dynamic cloth plugin works as it should (mostly; still having sporadic trouble with the cuffs on some poses.)


The only thing I did differently this time was not use a sub-d V4 or the old armpit fixes by Corvas. When the dress behaved itself and draped properly, I tried it a second time with a sub-d V4 and the armpit fixes — and again everything draped properly.

I’m pretty sure subdivision has no bearing whatsoever on the dynamic clothing plugin, but it apparently appeased the gremlins…

I should use (and buy) more dynamic clothing. I almost picked up this set today while it was on sale — I like that it’s for both the G2M and G2F — but bought this outfit instead. It’s coat weather in Wisconsin now, not shorts weather. (Even if this isn’t in the least relevant for 3D people.)

Speaking of beasties, I had a couple of does peeking in my office window this morning, to check me out. Startled me, because deer don’t usually come so close to the house. One was quite curious, and stayed by the window for a minute or so before wandering off to chew on the neighbor’s bushes. Pretty animals, in spite of some unauthorized feasting on our butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, and beans.

It’s been a DAZ-fail kind of day

Guess I’ll be submitting more support tickets tomorrow!

I’m having all sorts of trouble with the dynamic clothing in DS4 — but just the ones I’ve actually paid money for. The free outfits I tested worked fine. I only noticed the problem yesterday, so this morning I downloaded and reinstalled the Dynamic Clothing plugin as well as the Century Night Gown.

After reinstalling, the draping was still a total fail and now the .dsb material files for the short version of the gown don’t work. :/

dynamic cloth fail

The style option to loosen the ties resulted in a wardrobe failure as well.

Then I decided to dust off the old DS3A 32-bit version and see what would happen with the dynamics. The material files worked, yay! The draping was much better, but still a bit of fail with the sleevess:

dynamic cloth still failing

I’ve used this outfit in the past with no trouble, so this is frustrating.

And to top off my day, I bought Wear Them All for the G3F. A Fast Grab deal at 70% off, and it’s a utility that will come in handy for fitting older content to G3F. The clones for Genesis and V4/M4 work great. The cleavage modifiers…do not. The parameter dials show up, but nothing happens when I change the values.


On a more upbeat note, I forgot I’d bought a cleavage adjuster for the G2F — and that one works. So all is not lost when it comes to unshrink-wrapping my girls’ boobs!