Luthbel’s Eldritch Seeker

Finally got around to putting the outfit on a few other figures to see how it performs with autofit. Tried it out on G2F, David 5, and 3DU’s toon Kimberly. I even autofitted the gun harness, though I figured it would convert poorly on the female figures. Darn boobs…


I was surprised the G2F autofit had problems. The harness is awful, of course, about what I’d expected, but I didn’t expect the deformation with the inner thigh there. Usually pants convert pretty well.

Had better luck with the Genesis autofits, except for the harness on Kimberly — the holster has quite the dramatic curve thing going on.

I didn’t even try to autofit the coat. Past experience with other coats and long skirts tells me it wouldn’t have worked very well.

I had problems with the tie materials — much too glossy, as seen on G2F. Toned it down some on David 5, and then again on Kimberly.

It’s a really nice outfit, but I wish there had been a preset to hide the hair on the hat. I’d wanted to use it on David and the Omri Hair, but the surface settings didn’t have any way to turn off the hair opacity.

I figured out after rendering that all I had to do was apply the DAZ default shader to the hair materials and then turn off opacity, so next time I’ll know better.


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