Skyler for G2F

One of those Blink sales at DAZ managed to reel me in and part me from a bit of cash. I picked up the Skyler bundle for G2F. Fifteen bucks is a pretty good deal for a character, hair, and clothing.

She’s adorable! The first thing I did was turn her into a boy and, with a total lack of imagination, named him Tyler.


I don’t yet have any morphs for G2F, except for the converted DieTrying ones from ShareCG. I altered the face and body a bit. He’s wearing the shirt from Horror Survivors: Marius for G2M and the G2F version of Urban Survivors.

I love that Luthbel is making outfits not just for males, but male/female clothing too. I especially like that the latter is sold as one set, not separately.

I’m trying to remember if there are other vendors at DAZ who do this, but I can’t think of any.

Although there is this outfit — Knit Gear — by AntFarm and SickleYield. It’s for both G2M and G2F, even if the promos only show the outfit on G2M. I wonder how many people have missed that it’s for both figures?


It’s a nice outfit and has a number of style and fitting morphs, including a few undressing morphs. I picked it up a while ago, mainly because it looks like it would work really well for officer/crew uniforms on a space ship. Edited to add: note the absence of the shrink wrap look with her breasts.


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