Store wishlist request

I posted a request at RDNA for some silly props, among them zombie candy corn, little robots assembled from old kitchen junk, and retro toy robot earrings, like this:


I tried to kit-bash with Lab108’s toy tin robot and one of Inception8’s earrings, but the end result was a bit too large. Also, more robots styles would be wonderful!

If you happen to agree this would be something you’d like to buy, please consider adding your voice. 🙂

Edited to add: more shrinkage! I think the trick may be to increase the Y scaling of the earring first, shrink the robot down a bit more than I did initially, parent the robot to the earring, hide nearly all the earring materials, then shrink the earring+robot some more.


It’s still a bit too large, but much better!


10 thoughts on “Store wishlist request

  1. There are some interesting robots you can get for free at ShareCG including Drossel. A search could help in choosing a few to your taste.

    • Oh, I have lots of robots! Including Cute Drossel, who is…yes, cute. 🙂

      I’m looking for the vintage tin robot toy style, and this is the only one I have. I really like it, and you can move the arms, lets, and head.

  2. Not my sort of thing, but it’s very cute. (In the good sense, not the sarcastic one.) Is that as small as you could make it, or did it just not look good shrunk smaller?

    • Thanks! I kinda have a weakness for pulp SF and retro toys, so it’s right up my alley. I’d wear those!

      I resized the robot to match the earring fittings. Just eyeballed it. With the robot parented to the earring fittings, I could probably scale it down a bit more. It’s not a bad kit-bash, but I’d still buy a set if a vendor made one. Especially if there were different robot styles.

      • I would buy a real version for my wife, most likely.

        Y’know, people have been suggesting you try making your own product, and this might be the perfect exercise for you. (But not nagging!)

        • Your wife has excellent taste!

          I know you’re not nagging, and you’re probably right, despite my resistance to learning to model — I prefer to click, load, and render whenever possible.

          I’d love it if some vendor picked up the idea(s) and did something with them, but the chances of that are slim. Even at RDNA, which is the quirkiest of the marketplaces, with its delightful mix of creepy and cute.

          • For what it’s worth, I have the same resistance. There’s so much stuff out there that I’m afraid of slaving away only to produce an inferior version of something that already exists.

            • I feel the same way, and probably why’d I’d much rather kit-bash than try to model. And I do have lots and lots of content.

              But I still want a collection of cute retro toy robot earrings!

              I went back and scaled down my test earring some more and it looks better, though the hook for the earlobe became too small. So back to starting from scratch — maybe if I scale up along the Y axis of the earring before I scale everything down again, that’ll help.

  3. Those robots made cute earrings!. Tin vintage robot earrings would be great!

    There’s always something that I want in props but I’m going blank right now other than vintage and Victorian things. I don’t seem to think of particular props until I’m working on a project and realize that I need something.

    Right now, I’m working on a “Christmas Morning” scene with K4, and though I have pajamas, I don’t have slippers for them. It’s not a prop, but I’d love to see a package with fuzzy animal house shoes for the kids–bears, bunnies, dogs, etc.

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