Mr. Rabbit freebie for DS

There’s a cute freebie by Luthbelina in this month’s DS Creative Magainze #17:


I love the morph to pop out one of Mr. Rabbit’s eyes!

There are two textures for the figure– one a little darker than the other — but no material files are included. Just a heads up. There is a sit pose included. I don’t know if the materials, on loading, are Iray-ready — I forgot to check the surfaces tab — but I did the test render in Iray.

(( Okay, I checked. IRay-ready on loading. ))

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with the DS Creative magazine, each issue has a few freebies and they’re nice ones. Some are limited time, though, so it’s always best to download right away.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Rabbit freebie for DS

  1. Thanks for the info Michelle! I wasn’t familiar with DS Creative magazine so I was very pleased to find out that my favorite vendor Fabiana of FKDesign has donated a MagicSense Ring for DSC’s #5. It also appears that the links for the Elegance Gown by Bobbie25 (#1) and Starry Nights for Elegance Gown by Secretheart (#13) are re-uploaded. The only link that wasn’t working for me was the Giant AntEater (#12) because it was a limited time freebie. I think I have some reading to catch up with LOL!

    • Glad to be able to point folks toward a new resource! There used to posts about the magazine in the Commons of the DAZ forums, but I don’t seem those much anymore.

      I seem to remember someone commenting that links don’t always work in downloaded PDFs, so if you download the magazines to read and encounter a broken download link, try again in the browser version. (And I’m pretty sure I saw that anteater in the DAZ store?)

      There are also lots of tutorials and tips in the magazines, some I’ve found to be useful. I also like reading the vendor spotlight features and hearing about inspirations, etc.

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