Here’s an interesting contest

It’s Raining Men – Forum Team Challenge to the Forum Community (with Prizes)

Oooooh, rendering da boys! I rarely enter contests, but this one might be worth the effort.

  • Challenge runs to the end of the year.
  • Enter up to 3 images.
  • Images must be new, but can be posted to other concurrent contests.
  • Must conform to DAZ forum TOS.
  • Separate prizes for best re-purposed non-male clothing item.

That last one, tho…  😯


4 thoughts on “Here’s an interesting contest

    • The “anything goes” is rather liberating for me, ha! But I don’t know if I’ll actually do anything.

      BTW, my Beautiful Bends problem was an embarrassingly easy fix — all I had to do was double-click the “dzcreateexpfiles-m4.bat” in the Library\runtime\libraries\!DAZ\ directory.

      Since I had the same issue with Morphia, I brilliantly deduced this might also fix that problem. It did!


      I must’ve missed something in the readme file for Morphia. I didn’t get a readme file for Beautiful Bends, but then I’m not sure what’s up with readme files these days at DAZ. If there was a link to the readme file for Beautiful Bends, I must’ve missed that too.

      I remember all those V4 and M4 morph sets requiring the figure be “initialized” and that little black DOS-like window popping up. Glad to see Genesis did away with that.

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