It’s been a DAZ-fail kind of day

Guess I’ll be submitting more support tickets tomorrow!

I’m having all sorts of trouble with the dynamic clothing in DS4 — but just the ones I’ve actually paid money for. The free outfits I tested worked fine. I only noticed the problem yesterday, so this morning I downloaded and reinstalled the Dynamic Clothing plugin as well as the Century Night Gown.

After reinstalling, the draping was still a total fail and now the .dsb material files for the short version of the gown don’t work. :/

dynamic cloth fail

The style option to loosen the ties resulted in a wardrobe failure as well.

Then I decided to dust off the old DS3A 32-bit version and see what would happen with the dynamics. The material files worked, yay! The draping was much better, but still a bit of fail with the sleevess:

dynamic cloth still failing

I’ve used this outfit in the past with no trouble, so this is frustrating.

And to top off my day, I bought Wear Them All for the G3F. A Fast Grab deal at 70% off, and it’s a utility that will come in handy for fitting older content to G3F. The clones for Genesis and V4/M4 work great. The cleavage modifiers…do not. The parameter dials show up, but nothing happens when I change the values.


On a more upbeat note, I forgot I’d bought a cleavage adjuster for the G2F — and that one works. So all is not lost when it comes to unshrink-wrapping my girls’ boobs!


10 thoughts on “It’s been a DAZ-fail kind of day

  1. Sorry you’re having trouble with dynamics. If nothing else works, I could suggest doing animated drapes instead of single-frames; these tend to resolve better. But then you’ll need to take care that body parts won’t pass through each other when you scrub the timeline back and forth.

    As for all those smoothers an’stuff, the only PA I personally trust with this is SickleYield.

    • With the dynamics, I’m sure it’ll be something ridiculously easy to fix. There’s something I want to try today first, before I submit a ticket on this one. It’s not likely this plugin just stopped working properly; there has to be something I’ve done wrong.

      As for the cleavage smoother thing, I’m baffled. But the clones work fine, so at least I can get more clothes on her (I’ve only bought one outfit so far.) It was worth the purchase just for that.

      The G2F smoother was one of SickleYield’s products — Clothing Breast Fixes for G2F. Took me a moment to find where the parameter dials were stashed, though.

      • Hope you can make it work.
        Maybe you could contact Verica (VAlzheimer) privately and ask for help? Could be faster than a DAZ ticket. It’s not been long since she became a PA, but she’s good at explaining things (her free tutorials were lovely). She’s on dA: – and there are links to contact her at other sites.

        • Well, the dynamics thing seems to be mostly resolved, though I still have no idea why it flaked out.

          Already submitted a support ticket, so I’ll stick with the traditional channels. Since I rarely use G3F, I’m in no hurry. I mostly just wanted to get V4/Genesis 1/Genesis 2M clothing on her.

          • Well, it’s a good thing it resolved itself… but it’s sad it happens at all. I’m worried about future stability, what with all the coding-heavy additions to the program core, like DAZ Connect.

            I often wonder how difficult/time-consuming it could be to make decent M2/V2 clones for Genesis. Some of those old clothing models are still very nice.

            • The Mil3 clones work pretty well with Genesis, excepting the usual problem areas of skirts and shoes. I shouldn’t think it would be too hard to make Mil2 to Genesis clones.

              I don’t have much in the way of clothing for the Mil2 figures; more for the kids than the adults. Most of my V2/M2 buying came when they were being vaulted a few years back.

              • The question is the difference in the default pose (knees bent or not, stuff like that). Looks like trial and error will be involved to find out, so while not technically difficult, it can be time-consuming.

                Most of mine too, but there are also those RDNA SF/fantasy freebies, and those DAZ vaulted items are pretty unique – like the morphing boots or “morphing fantasy suits”. And as much as I’m not a huge fan of Poserworld – and not only because of their questionable business ethics, but also because of certain persistent issues in their modeling/UV mapping style – they do have some interesting M2/V2 items as well.

                • Yes, I never thought of that about the pose. I tried to do a Mil3 baby clone for HW’s Luna, but it was a disaster. I’m thinking I should just try a K4 clone instead.

                  PW did have some nice outfits for M2; I’d forgotten about that. I belonged there for a little while but didn’t renew for various reasons.

                  My support ticket for Wear Them All didn’t resolve to my satisfaction. I was told that if there wasn’t any poke-through with the clothing, then the modifiers wouldn’t work. Seemed iffy to me, since the store page doesn’t mention poke-through but eliminating the old glued-on clothing look. Also, that’s not how it worked with a similar G2F product that I bought (different vendor.) But whatever…the autofit clones are more important to me.

  2. Yes, I wasn’t really happy with the reply. I’m sure it works for others, but I wanted to find out why it wasn’t working for me.

    Thanks for the link to the Rendo product. It’s in my wishlist now.

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