I think my DS has gremlins

And periodically, the little beasties like to mess with me.

Today, DS4 can read the Century Nightgown material files and the dynamic cloth plugin works as it should (mostly; still having sporadic trouble with the cuffs on some poses.)


The only thing I did differently this time was not use a sub-d V4 or the old armpit fixes by Corvas. When the dress behaved itself and draped properly, I tried it a second time with a sub-d V4 and the armpit fixes — and again everything draped properly.

I’m pretty sure subdivision has no bearing whatsoever on the dynamic clothing plugin, but it apparently appeased the gremlins…

I should use (and buy) more dynamic clothing. I almost picked up this set today while it was on sale — I like that it’s for both the G2M and G2F — but bought this outfit instead. It’s coat weather in Wisconsin now, not shorts weather. (Even if this isn’t in the least relevant for 3D people.)

Speaking of beasties, I had a couple of does peeking in my office window this morning, to check me out. Startled me, because deer don’t usually come so close to the house. One was quite curious, and stayed by the window for a minute or so before wandering off to chew on the neighbor’s bushes. Pretty animals, in spite of some unauthorized feasting on our butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, and beans.


11 thoughts on “I think my DS has gremlins

  1. Aww does peeking in the window =)
    I have that dynamic set, it’s very cool. As for the dufflecoat one, I’m tempted because Oskarsson does very pretty conformers… but does this set work welk on non-Belle shapes?

  2. Duffle coat works fine with other shapes, as far as I can tell. Tried it out on G2F Monsterina, V6, Olympia, and Genesis 1 Julie:

    I didn’t have any problem with poke-through, except for a small bit with G2F Monsterina, which was easily fixable with the included adjustment morphs.

    Deer have such beautiful eyes, and her curiosity was kinda adorable, with ears all perky. They shouldn’t be so close to houses, for their own safety, but we live near a state park and wildlife reserve. There’s always animals around. Mostly I don’t mind, except for when the raccoons are mating — sounds like someone being violently murdered in the backyard. 😕

    • Awesome, thank you very much for the renders!
      Mating raccoons, now this cracked me up =) Here in Moscow we generally think cats are bad enough in spring – I guess we just never had any experience with wild raccoons! LOL

        • OMG I found some videos on youtube… the funniest thing: some were filmed by Russians who keep raccoons as pets.
          I’m now happy I don’t have any raccoon breeders as neighbours. Our apartment blocks aren’t soundproof.

          • LOL!

            The first time that happened, the husband was up north fishing or something. I actually went outside with a flashlight to see if someone needed to be rescued (kinda dumb, I know.) Now I know better, though it’s still unnerving.

  3. As a veteran of Poser dynamics, I think it’s just the nature of the beast. Sometimes I have to just delete the item, reload it and it will work fine, then no problems for six months and then… glitch city. Sometimes it coincides with a windows update that goes badly. (It has happened to me twice) So beware of those, too.

    • I never considered it might be Windows update-related, on top of just fussy dynamic performance. There was a recent Nvidia update that, initially, resulted in something very strange with a render — everything was transparent. This cleared up when I closed DS and opened it again.

      So maybe it was a glitch. I haven’t had time to do much rendering. I love the idea of dynamics, but they’re a bit of a pain to work with at times. I can see why people tend to stick to conforming clothes.

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