Genesis 3 Male

I downloaded the Starter Essentials for the G3M early this morning — about 3AM; I was up watching Rocky on Netflix. 😛 I picked up the head morphs a short while ago and took him for a test drive. The G2M autofit works pretty well, aside of some crotch distortion (fixed in PSP.)


First impression? He looks really young.

I autofitted Horror Survivors – Marius G2M to him, along with Basic Hair G2M. Just dialed a few extra facial features in. There are no separate Iray/3Delight materials for the base materials; he loads for 3Delight. I rendered him in 3DL, DS 4.8. There’s an Iray render setting included, the same one that came with the G3F base.

The included content is nice: a new hair prop and basic wear. Both of those have separate 3DL and Iray materials.

I availed myself of the Gen4 content sale, since I picked up the new head morphs, and also bought Beautiful Bends V4, M4 Dynamic Jeans, Women’s Dynamic Jeans and Top, and Windwhistle Road V4. I almost bought Stratton Elite M4, as that’s the only elite skin for M4 I don’t have yet — I have his companion, Katie Elite — but I wanted Beautiful Bends V4 more.

Also, and maybe it’s just me, but I thought the sale message to Poser users seemed a little…odd. It was like, “Congratulations! Buy something you can’t use in your new Poser and you can buy some old content real cheap!”


10 thoughts on “Genesis 3 Male

  1. I continue to think Daz is dumping the Poser users. Which is fine with me; the 4th gen characters and Genesis 1 generally meet my needs, and they tend to be cheap. (Yes, I did buy too much in today’s sale.)

    • I, too, have never had any trouble finding stuff to buy during sales like that!

      Like I said, maybe it’s just me and there wasn’t anything a little weird about that sale header. I’m not sure DAZ is deliberately dumping Poser users as much as trying to persuade them to use DAZ Studio and DAZ content, by any means.

      But they must be doing well enough not to care about losing a bunch of customers, because a lot of Poser users aren’t going to make that switch.

      Did you upgrade to the new version yet?

  2. Are there any estimates about the size of Daz’s market versus Poser’s? I realize it’d be tough to measure, and I doubt either company shares the number of their users. Hmm. Though Daz might, since their numbers would be inflated by downloaders who quickly decide 3d isn’t for them.

    • I’ve never personally seen any numbers like that discussed, though I recall some PAs commenting how selling 200 – 300 products on release day/week is considered a big success. To me, this indicates it’s a pretty small market all around.

      OTOH, if you look at downloads for free stuff, those can run into the thousands…the older stuff even in the tens of thousands range.

      I would think there is a significant turnover of customers; this is an expensive hobby and getting more expensive all the time.

  3. I haven’t upgraded yet. I suspect I’ll bravely resist the temptation until a day two before the 30% off period ends, and then I’ll crumble. People seem happy with the new version so far–the promo video looks great, imho.

    The expense is painful. I keep thinking they’re fighting piracy the wrong way–make the product cheap so piracy won’t be so tempting. But I confess I’m much better at criticizing capitalism than figuring out how to exploit it. 🙂

    • Have you succumbed to the temptation yet?

      I’d think making programs less expensive would curtail some of the piracy, if not all of it. In my experience, though, these folks even steal free stuff. E-hoarding!

      • E-hoarding indeed! I can’t fault sellers for being afraid to commit to cheaper prices. Selling digital stuff is just tricky. I think part of it is you have to resign yourself to a lot of piracy—I try to think of that as the equivalent of library copies.

        Re upgrading, I’ve been strong so far, partly because I’ve bought so much little stuff that I can’t justify the big expense.

        Though I have a couple more days to go (the 30th is the end of the discount period) before I can claim victory.

        And if I do make it through this period, I’ll probably succumb to their very next sale. Sigh.

        • Was wondering, since I got an email reminder from Smith Micro. 🙂

          I love libraries! At least they legit buy copies of books. True, it would be lovely if authors got some piddling royalty for each lend, but libraries were never set up for that.

          And I remember a considerable outrage when a few folks suggested used book sellers should pay some piddling percentage to the original author. That was some years back, though. I have no idea if anyone still agitates for such things, as I’ve been out of the writer/reader loop for a while.

          • Europe has a system for paying authors for library copies. I try not to think about that. Or about the fact that a big used bookseller like Amazon could set up a system to pay authors. Ah, well. Now to think about things that make me thankful!

            • Europe does a lot of things more sensibly than the US, but it is what it is.

              Agree about Amazon. I was writing for Avon way back when Amazon was just a place that sold books, and remember very well when they made the change to sell used books right beside new books. Much outrage among fellow authors on our email loop then. Suggestions to Amazon that they at least wait a couple weeks post publication before putting up used book sales went unheeded.

              My love affair with Amazon died at that time, sad to say. I still buy from there, but I don’t have the love for them that some indie and self-published authors do.

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