Black Friday blahs

I was expecting to spend a little more that $2.48 for Black Friday, but there wasn’t anything today that said BUY ME RIGHT NOW!! Still, I did pick up a ball cap for Star and a new pair of toe shoes for V4.

Headware_Star Mixies Baseball Cap Shoes_LLF-Toe Shoes V4

Unrelated to any (very modest) budget wrecking, I’m thinking about how I could kit-bash something like this:


That is just…freakin’ adorable. I have EvilInnocence’s free Layer Dress, but I don’t think it’s quite fluffy enough for use with a netting fabric material. Maybe I can do something with the free set of M4 Renaissance Neck Ruffles layered over another outfit:

layer_dress_for_v4_v4 102560

I have plenty of witch hats, though I suspect trying to add any “EZ Pose” garland to one of them would be a study in frustration.

Edited to add: I just picked up Kids 4 Ballet because it was 80% off. That should help!


12 thoughts on “Black Friday blahs

    • I didn’t know Sixus had their own store, though I’ve seen their products at Renderosity. Those are very cute; I especially like the toon bat. I kind of want it now…

      I don’t mind shopping at vendor’s personal stores, even knowing there’s a chance the store will disappear and so will the downloads/purchases. The creator gets a larger cut of the profits, which is always good!

      I buy most of ali’s hair props from his store, and every December he runs a store-wide sale at his site. Last year the percentage was 50% off, a big change from the 35% off of years past. I’m putting a little aside for that sale this year.

      The only store I’m not crazy about buying from is MEC4D’s store. She has really nice sets, but her licensing is a bit off-putting and downloads expire after a short time. But I still shop there because she does good work and the sale prices are usually too good to pass up.

      • I think that vendors as established as Sixus1 are here to stay =) I have forwarded you the newsletter just in case. There’s a load of very diverse stuff in the store, from cute to creepy; and outside the items that are specifically marked as ‘Poser 9 and up’ only in the product description (there aren’t many), it works fine in DS. There’s even some DS4 versions.
        Yes, I buy Ali’s stuff at his own store, too.
        Cath has changed her licensing back for the most recent (still ongoing) sale – ‘hobby’ licence is okay for commercial work again (I could forward you that newsletter where she says it if you don’t have it). As for downloads, yup they do expire, but if you need to re-download something, you just send her an email and she resets them.

        • I now back up and save installers from small stores, after learning the hard way why it’s important. I lost a few Mil3 character sets after ArtCollaborations closed their old store. I also failed to save the installers from the old 9mbi site, though I still have the outfits. Lost the M4 Morphs for XD3 from EvilInnocence’s old site too.

          So yeah, I’ve been careless in the past. But I now back up my content folders!

          Thanks for the forwarded Sixus flyer and for letting me know you sent it, as I had to fish it out of the junk mail folder. (SquirrelMail is a bit unreliable when it comes to sorting “good” and “bad” email.) I may not make use of the coupon this time around, but I’m going to sign up for the newsletter.

          I thought I’d signed up for the MEC4D newsletter too, but maybe I’m just imagining I did. Would you mind forward that one to me? I’d like to have it on hand, should the need arise. I’m glad she changed the licensing, as the non-commercial restriction use was my main concern.

          Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure the downloads from Xurge’s site expire after a while. I save the download info emails, but I’ve never gone back to see if any of them are still active.

    • My patience is tragically limited, I have to admit. EZ Pose is usually helpful for me to get the prop posing started in the right direction, but I almost always give up after a while. Or I just settle for something that looks okay from one angle. Sometimes perfection is just not worth the trouble.

      • Everyone’s patience is non-existent when compared to that of MattyManx’s =)
        I find EZpose okay for dragon tails or other stuff that’s just “dangling there”; I can never get any meaningful starting positions with it when trying to wrap anything around other stuff. =(

    • That dress would work pretty well with a solid green color and some tree bulbs added — probably not so much for anything patterned like tulle, though. I checked the UV maps on it some time back for the Cinco de Mayo project I had going, and the maps are a little peculiar.

      I just picked up the K4 Ballet outfit and between that and the ruffs, I should be able to cobble something together. We’ll see!

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