Post-Christmas haul o’ hair props!

Spent the money I set aside for the Ali/Mankahoo sale — 50% off thru Dec 31 — and now I have a bunch of new hair models to play with:

Hr-096 Hr-124 Hr-129 Hr-133 Hr-142

I already had a curler set — one by PropsChick — but I like this one too and the price was right. The bun is a bit toony, and I can always use more cute toony hair props.

Working on some new freebie stuff, but just getting started. A girly-girl nerd sort of theme, I guess:




That’s some textures for Sickleyield’s Super Hoodie, Bossy Boots Version 2, the In Style skirt and sweater from DAZ, LittleDragon’s free stockings, and Uzilite’s free scarf. I’m hunting around for similar freebie versions of the In Style outfit, and I’ve started something with AprilYSH’s free Harper Beanie. Also working on a few poses.

It’s interesting, in a way, that Genesis 1 and 2 have numerous hoodie outfits, but there were very few for Generation 4. I’m thinking of doing something similarly girly for the hoodie from Luthbel’s Urban Survivors….a total thematic opposite from its zombie apocalypse origins. 🙂


Glam Camping



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Teardrop Camper  (( A pink Cadillac and some yard flamingos would also be spiffy! ))

Info: Kitsch-style Glam Camping — or “Glamping” — inspired by the tropical holiday stuff from earlier this year. A small set of textures, with mix-n-match partial materials for the interior and seat cushions. The new textures are only for the exterior hull, wood interior, seat cushions, and chrome. The rest of the textures are the prop defaults.

Reflection values added to the interior materials and windows; you can remove that if you prefer.

Included are Poser materials in mc6 format, which may need some adjustments, and in dsa format for DAZ Studio with blank pz2’s for use in the Poser runtime.

Non-postworked previews inside….

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Monsters in My Cupboard Poses

(( you could add Squee too! ))


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Monsters in My Cupboard, Gothic Christmas Ornaments, and Three Broken Bulbs.

Info: A small set of tree decorating poses for the little monster figure, as well as festive materials (dsa and mc6) for the cupboard. (Blank pz2 files are included for DS3 users.)

The poses are for the base figure. Randomizing the little monster shape will require minor adjustments, as the resulting random critter may be larger or smaller than the default. The ornament prop positioned to the figure’s hand may also need adjusting.

Important! Apply the pose(s) to the figure(s) BEFORE the “Random Monster” preset. Otherwise, the pose will reset the figure to its default shape.

The tail and wings don’t have separate movement bones for posing — they can only be moved from within the morph dials — and so I had to include these settings, whereas I usually only include the translation and rotation values. Since the Poser Format Exporter doesn’t allow me to select what morph parameters I want saved, I figured I might as well just merge both pose and expression in a single preset.

Single poses

To move a single figure and its associated prop, parent the prop to the figure first. To move the figure group and its prop, it’s easiest to parent everything to a null (Poser, DS3) or group (DS4.) In DAZ Studio, scaling the null/group will also scale everything included with it.

Note for Poser users: the tiling ratio for the first four cupboard material presets will need to be added — the DS presets are 6H:2V; my converter doesn’t translate this. The bump map settings for the last two may need to be adjusted, as well as the tiling ratio for it — 6H:4V, with a -0.10 Horizontal Offset.

Wow. A lot of instructions for such a little pose set! More previews inside…

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Still working on this little pose set

A few poses for the monsters from Monsters in My Cupboard, who also want to get into the tree decorating action. They can even team up with Squee for all sorts of decorating mayhem and cuteness.


I’ve been distracted because we have a sick kitty and have had to take her to the vet. There’s been x-rays and shots…she’s not happy. My cats are 15 years old; when they get sick at this age, it’s very worrisome. Patches seems to be doing better; at least she’s eating a little now.

Aside of the not eating, she’s acting normal, so we’re not sure what’s going on.

And since she now smells funny, after visiting the vet, her sister hates her and there are dramatic episodes of hissing and growling. Ugh.

But for old lady kitties, they still get into plenty of trouble. The husband actually had to put up a temporary fence around the Christmas tree this year. The not-sick kitty, Snickers, besieged the fence this morning. She’d dragged the offensive thing halfway down the hall before the husband rolled out of bed to put an end to that nonsense.

For cats, I guess there’s no such thing as being too old for juvenile delinquency…

A cute V4 limited time freebie for Poser users

It’s in this month’s issue of DS Creative Magazine, so it’s something y’all might miss — and it’s available only through the end of the month. The link wasn’t working when I tried to download her — maybe it’s been fixed by now — so if you have trouble with the download, just copy the link from the promo image and open it in a new window.

v4cr-candy cayne

There actually aren’t any DS materials for this one, ha! But I took her for a test drive on Priscilla, and I’m kinda liking the pink make-up.


Oh, and there are bonus textures for the bikini bra and boys shorts from V4 Basic Wear.

Edited to add: She’s by 3DSublimeProductions and requires A4 and V4 Morphs++ for the included character morph.