Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dusk


DOWNLOAD: DS4 || Poser

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dusk Casuals

Info: Just a few holiday items from me this year, as I continue to feel a lack of inspiration.

I made these textures last year…and then forgot about them. Rediscovery comes just in time for Dusk to experience one of the most time-honored traditions of the holiday season: the ugly Christmas sweater. (He missed out on the dancing reindeer, after all.) Files are DUF and MC6.

I made two other textures for the top and one each for the jeans and shoes. Preview inside…


A little more subdued…


7 thoughts on “Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dusk

  1. I actually think the dragon design is kinda cute =) Thanks a lot for sharing!
    The next year is the Monkey year (Chinese “Zodiac”), our shops are already full of various monkey-themed designs and toys. Is it anyhow a thing over there?

    • It does seem to be a good sort, as dragons go. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I laughed when I saw the Ugly Christmas Sweaters for G3M over at Renderosity this morning. Those dinosaur sweaters though? I’d totally wear something like that!

      Chinese New Years merchandise is probably more a thing in the bigger urban areas than rural ones. And Russians do live a lot closer to China than Americans. I have seen a little of the Year of the XX, and maybe there’s more than I’ve noticed as I don’t go shopping in actual stores very much these days.

      • I’m actually now trying to calculate the distance to China from Moscow =D I guess Google Maps can do it, but it’s one of those services I never learnt to use.
        Do you happen to know if we have any DS/Poser monkeys outside DAZ gorillas?

        • I know Moscow is more eastern European, but I was thinking Russia in general. Guilty of assuming Mongolia shares some cultural affinities with China. My bad!

          Though, come to think of it, we Americans should share some cultural ties with Russia since it’s just a short distance away from Alaska. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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