REC Holiday Materials for DS


DOWNLOAD: DAZ Studio Presets || Textures (75K)

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use. You can also make freebies with them to share with others, as well as use them for commercial products.

Info: Big set of material presets for DAZ Studio (dsa format.) While the presets won’t work in Poser, the tiling materials can be applied in the program like any other tiling resource.

Most of the tiles are 1024 x 1024, though some are smaller, and are themed in colors of red, green, silver, and gold. (I added a few black colors as an afterthought, for those with inclinations toward Gothic Christmas styles.) Knits, denims, fleeces, leathers, quilts, flannels, satins, metals, velvets, netting, furs, sparkly stuff…and stuff I have no idea what it might be useful for, but it looked pretty and so I included it.

There are over 100 tiles plus corresponding bump maps (where applicable.) The materials were made using the Shader Baker base tiling preset, so it is possible to change the tiling ratios as well as the tiling angle. A few presets for this are included.

Re: the netting, I forgot to include a way to change colors. Just remove the diffuse image map and then change the diffuse color to whatever you’d like. Also, it may be necessary to alter the tiling ratio of the horizontal and vertical tiles to prevent vertical stretching of the image.

The reflection map presets are intended for use with small objects — buttons, buckles, jingle bells — rather than large ones, as they’re kind of busy looking.

The Shader Baker base preset is a little buggy with bump maps. Sometimes it affects the mesh in the same way displacement would (which shouldn’t happen) and it can also cause poke-through. I have no idea how to fix this, so I adjust accordingly whenever it happens.

Credits: I used a few non-Filter Forge resources that are all okay for commercial work: the Classic Santa Clip Art from, snowflake block from HG Design’s Holiday Brushes set, and plaids created in Tartan Maker.

For the image, that’s K4 Lexie wearing the Elvira texture, Velvet Hair, Gift Bag Ribbons (tag hidden), REC Glitter Nails, K4 Ballet, M4 Renaissance Ruffles, RDNA’s old freebie ornaments (scaled down to 15%), North Pole sign (don’t think it’s available any longer), and large gift box from a toon Christmas Scene set by Artemis (pretty sure it was a Rendo holiday freebie a while back.) The dress and skirt use the green velvet preset and one of the netting presets — for the ruffs, I had to scale the tiles at something like 24 x 24! The ornaments use one of the red glitter tiles and the gift bag ribbons uses the gold sparkle texture. Background from Pixabay.

Any questions, please let me know!

Previews inside…




Misc woven fabrics, shown with various adjustments to the tiling angle.




Fleece, plain and nubby-textured.


Fur. Displacement fur preset included (you can tone it down if necessary.)








Netting — the example shown on LittleDragon’s free stockings for V4 had the horizontal and vertical tile ratio adjusted for the vertical stretching of the pattern.


I have no idea, but they’re pretty!




Satin fabrics, with fake folds. Best for smaller things like shoe and hair bows.


Reflection maps, look best on small objects like buttons, buckles, or bells.


More sparkly stuff…


Sweatshirt fabric, plain and nubby.


Velvet or velour.


Plaid flannels.


Solid knits.


Striped knits.


10 thoughts on “REC Holiday Materials for DS

    • Yeah, the first attempt at Tree Dress didn’t turn out too bad, though it could stand some more fine-tuning. I probably could’ve used just the ruffles on a swimsuit, but the ballet outfit is cute and it was 80% off (if accidentally.)

      Took an hour to render, though. Occlusion and transparency maps, ugh.

      • You could try applying UberSurface on those surfaces and either upping the occlusion shading rate or turning occlusion off for them whatsoever. The “progressive” render option will also help.

        • I always forget about UberSurface. Sigh. And I haven’t heard of the “progressive” render option. Guess I better go peruse the render settings in DS4.8…

          • It’s just an on/off button. The magical thing about it is that it tells 3Delight to use its newer (and way better optimised) raytracer core. Outwardly it also won’t render in buckets but rather in the “iterative” sort of way, similar to what Iray in progress looks like.

            • Okay, I remember that now. Forgot it was called that. Everything is pixelated for a second or two before the image starts to slowly smooth out. I find it a lot slower, but helpful because I can tell right away what the shadows look like or if, despite my efforts, people and props are floating above the ground plane. 😛

              • The thing is that it’s not slower anymore (unless you’re only using very very simple setups like one ambient light w/o AO or any other raytraced effects), rather the other way around =)

                • Yeah…I think I was using it with my standard, basic test lights, which have ray-traced shadows but no occlusion.

  1. I visit you often. I thank you so much as you have helped me so much . I couldn’t do without such generosity . I am an animator and wish I could model a Russian Bubuskas head scarf that is long and covers her chest . I am so sick of all the sexified stuff on Daz .
    check out my website if you have time .
    links to vimeo etc

    • Thank you, Magda, for the comment! I’m glad to hear the resources have useful for you.

      I’m not too fond of the skimpwear, either, though I try to look on the bright side and realize it saves me money!

      I’ll check out your website too. 🙂

      I don’t think I’ve seen anything that could pass for a scarf like that. There is the 70s Head Scarf over at Renderosity, but it’s more fashion-related.

      There’s also this set by Smay, though the headscarf is probably a little too loose:

      A hijab might work, but most of the hijab props I’ve seen look more like head cowls than scarves.

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