Sparkle Star Shader Materials for DS



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use. Also okay to use for other projects, commercial or free.

Info: These aren’t strictly Christmas materials, as they cover other holidays too, but Christmas seems to inspire sparkly stuff from me. What can I say?

I made these a while back for a pair of wings (above) that used Poser procedural materials. There are probably DAZ Studio shaders for sale now that will do something similar, but it was easier for me to fall back on my reliable old Filter Forge.

There’s an “Add Ambient” preset to make the stars and sparkles glow more. Just simple materials. No Iray version, but they looked okay to me when I used the Uber Iray shader to convert them.

Again, while Poser can’t read the DS files, the seamless tiles can be used in the program like any other tiling material.

Previews inside…


A side-side-comparison of without/with ambient map:


Hitomi with Fabiana’s free Fairy wings:



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