Glam Camping



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Teardrop Camper  (( A pink Cadillac and some yard flamingos would also be spiffy! ))

Info: Kitsch-style Glam Camping — or “Glamping” — inspired by the tropical holiday stuff from earlier this year. A small set of textures, with mix-n-match partial materials for the interior and seat cushions. The new textures are only for the exterior hull, wood interior, seat cushions, and chrome. The rest of the textures are the prop defaults.

Reflection values added to the interior materials and windows; you can remove that if you prefer.

Included are Poser materials in mc6 format, which may need some adjustments, and in dsa format for DAZ Studio with blank pz2’s for use in the Poser runtime.

Non-postworked previews inside….

pink with white trim, white wood, and pink/white striped cushions
decorations, pink trim, natural wood, and pink leaves cushions — text says Vacation Station
white with pink trim, pink wood, and pink gingham cushions
partial materials to mix woods and fabrics

For making extra matching curtains, pillows, tablecloths, etc. Click to view full size and save.

pink-gingham pink-stripe

The pink color I used as a base is 255, 165, 195. Maybe you’ll need some matching plastic or vases or fingernails…or something.



6 thoughts on “Glam Camping

  1. Too too cute Michelle! And so very appropriate for downunder Xmas renders. It’s not as hot here in NZ as Aussie at the mo but it was warm enough for me and the dog to go for a swim just now.

    • It is unseasonably warm here in Wisconsin — no white Christmas for us again this year, boo! — but not warm enough for swimming. Grass is still green though…

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