Post-Christmas haul o’ hair props!

Spent the money I set aside for the Ali/Mankahoo sale — 50% off thru Dec 31 — and now I have a bunch of new hair models to play with:

Hr-096 Hr-124 Hr-129 Hr-133 Hr-142

I already had a curler set — one by PropsChick — but I like this one too and the price was right. The bun is a bit toony, and I can always use more cute toony hair props.

Working on some new freebie stuff, but just getting started. A girly-girl nerd sort of theme, I guess:




That’s some textures for Sickleyield’s Super Hoodie, Bossy Boots Version 2, the In Style skirt and sweater from DAZ, LittleDragon’s free stockings, and Uzilite’s free scarf. I’m hunting around for similar freebie versions of the In Style outfit, and I’ve started something with AprilYSH’s free Harper Beanie. Also working on a few poses.

It’s interesting, in a way, that Genesis 1 and 2 have numerous hoodie outfits, but there were very few for Generation 4. I’m thinking of doing something similarly girly for the hoodie from Luthbel’s Urban Survivors….a total thematic opposite from its zombie apocalypse origins. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Post-Christmas haul o’ hair props!

  1. It’s cute, but I prefer the everyday style of hoodie. Could be a generation thing; I doubt I’d have ever worn something like that even when I 30 years younger and 30 pounds lighter. 😛

    For V4 and M4, the most useful hoodie has been Sickleyield’s. I have a few minor quibbles with it, but it gets the job done more often than not and with a minimum of cursing on my end. It has reasonably functional open/close and hood up/down morphs. I have EvilInnocence’s hoodies for V4 and M4 too, but SY’s was more fun to texture.

    Re: Angela. I like those goofy expressions Ali shows on her. I don’t need another female figure, though, and I do try and stick with figures that have male/female counterparts. I’m still waiting for Star’s male companion. I guess RedSpark has had some family health issues, which of course are more important than creating a new toon guy.

    • I wouldn’t wear it either, so it’s not just generational… more like a question of practicality. A hood won’t keep you warm when your back is exposed like that =) But I guess it’s a fun thing to render when you live in a warm climate (that vendor is Chinese IIRC).

      Expressions are a big reason why I chose her. And her lack of native clothing will push me into being more creative – using dynamics more, at least. I kept waiting for Martin’s promise of every Gen4 dynamic in the DAZ store being updated for Genesis… never happened. But they can be used for any figure, just with the timeline.

      I also want to see if she converts well to DS4 weight-mapping – then it will be much easier to make conforming clothing for her. Poser-style rigging is too fussy.

      • Will you post about your Angela projects? I’d be interested in seeing what you do with her.

        I’ve never tried Gen4 dynamic clothing on Genesis. I assumed the autofit would mangle it.

        • Oh yes, whenever something interesting is done, it will pop up on one of my blogs =) Basically, I chronicle everything I do apart from the most boring/ugly stuff which forms the beginning of every project. I’m just sl0000000000w (the DAZ guys are fast as compared to me). I still have unfinished scenes that were first set up in DS2…
          With dynamics on figures the clothing wasn’t designed for, you won’t use the ‘fit to’ option, so autofit won’t be called. You just do it the “Poser way” – in Poser, dynamics are non-rigged props, so you start with your figure in the zero pose in frame 0, then you scrub the timeline to somewhere like frame 30 and pose the figure. Then you run the dynamic sim, and it’s the sim that will calculate collisions for each frame and gradually move the cloth along with the figure, to match the pose. It’s actually much easier than it sounds =)

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