Amusing myself with old stuff

I may have found a new use for those really old dinosaur figures from DAZ; the ones I got for free way back in 2007 when I first joined the Platinum Club.


It’s the Allosaurus. 🙂 As with the toy robot effort, it’s a bit too big so I should give it another try — though I did learn it’s possible to scale figures a lot smaller than I thought.

I also picked up the fox and wolf textures for Melody and Micah while they were on sale at RDNA. Melody looks pretty foxy (har har!) in the newly acquired Sky Commander outfit:


And I discovered that the jodhpur style is part of the boot fit morph. A little odd, but glad I got that figured out. Now I just have to get the Hiro3 version…


9 thoughts on “Amusing myself with old stuff

    • I was hunting around my props for something I could use as novelty earrings with a nerd-ish flavor. I don’t have much! I just remembered I have a DNA strand prop, and I do have lots of book props…

      But I would so wear dinosaur earrings. I have been in love with those big beasties since I was in third grade — eight years old when I checked out my first dino book from the library and just poured over those pictures. All terribly out of date by now, but still. Funny, how some interests stick with a person their whole lives long.

        • Well, some are probably best outgrown. Like, you know, crushes on baby singers or actors whose posters hang on your wall when you’re twelve. (I had Alexander the Great hanging on my wall, though.)

          I appear to have traded by Barbies for 3D. I fondly recall playing Star Trek with the Barbies — and the poofy-haired old one (50s? 60s?) was Chekov. 😛

          • I had Tina Turner on my wall at that age. Couldn’t seem to find a good Bon Jovi poster – I wanted the whole band, not only Jon.
            Chekov Barbie LOL I enacted stories with Barbies, yes, but as soon as I had Lego, I embraced it as a better customisable storytelling medium. And then when I had my first camera, I tried to make a photo comic. Didn’t really work, but I still have photos of those designs somewhere.
            So in my case, few things have changed =) Just… names and tools =)

    • I know!!

      Bad Daz! They managed to pry $30 more dollars out of me this month than I’d planned for.

      Annoyingly, I’d bought the newest Man Bun (Colin Hair) for $11 a couple days ago and now it’s on sale.

      • I agree, sales are a double-edged sword. I can’t count the times they’ve had me slapping my forehead after I’d already done my holiday shopping…

        • Yup, it’s happened to me a few times too. My consolation here is that DAZ doesn’t do these sales for non-Platinum Club member very often. Maybe once a year, if that?

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